Hello, I kind of made a new fic. It's already on dA, I know... I had some problems with uploading things on this site. Well here's the story lol.

Some Dim/Mimi, set before the wedding. It might not look like it atm, but it's related to the game. Things are suppose to be unclear for it is a mystery fic lol.

Many thanks to Dark Marx Soul, my dA son, for editing this, since I'm still french-canadian lol.

Chapter 1

The Odd Couple

The villagers stared at each others for a long time, while the magician and his companion were still smiling. This couple was really odd, too much even. Especially the young girl ― she looked completely insane. And with these long curly fluorescent pigtails, these bloody eyes... She did look cute, sure, but you couldn't trust people by their appearances. And with this man, she looked too innocent. And all of their story was fishy! A couple of travelling illusionists that stopped here, at such a remote place as Thershull Town? What could they want here? The cows? This place was nothing more than a village of farmers, far away from all civilization ― no need to say that most people here had no idea what the world from outside looked like. The next village was probably at around two weeks from here, by foot.

― "But, chief, they are magicians. They must be able to travel quickly!" said the cooper to the mayor, to which he grumbled.

― "And what says that they are really magicians, huh?" asked the blacksmith as he went next to the leader, who sighed.

― "They look fishy I say!" shouted a big redhead, the most fat and rich farmer of the village. "We have to get rid of them!"

― "It'll be more fishy if they don't get back home!" replied coldly the mayor, irritated by his villagers. "We know nothing from them, maybe they are just staying for today! We have nothing to hide!" he whispered as he stared at each of them, like to tell them to shut up about their secret ― though it was obvious that no one could tell about it to strangers. "If they want to stay here... they will have to pay..."

The men looked at the magician and his assistant, smiling as always. They knew perfectly well that these two could hear them. The black haired mage laughed, which made the fat redhead angry.

― "You're not welcomed here!" he yelled as he try to punch them, but the chief held him back.

― "Do not worry, my dear people, we shall stay here only for the time needed!" answered the magician while raising his hands with black and white gloves.

― "You had all the time you needed here, thank you enough!" spitted the fatty, furious, to which the magician, dressed with large black and white clothes with strange patterns and some purple spots here and there, laughed dryly.

― "The sky might always be orange by here, but it's getting quite darker, don't you think so?" he asked as he placed a strand of hair between his nose and his golden eye, surrounded by an oddly shaped, black mask. His other eye was almost hidden behind a white mask, with a little black hole that let him look through it. The mayor stared at him, while a woman ran near him, asking him to let them sleep here, for this night only, but he made her shut up with a little gesture of the hand.

― "Remove your masks."

― "I beg your pardon?" asked the magician, leaning his head on his left, surprised by such request.

― "You're suspicious, remove your masks and you'll be able to stay here." replied the mayor. The young green haired girl, dressed in the same colours as her colleague, looked at him, unsure. The magician sighed and removed his masks, and she did the same. There was nothing special under them ― the second eye of the young man was golden too. At least, they listened...

― "You have to excuse us, dear mayor, but―"

― "It's your job, I know. You can put them back on." And so they did. "You'll sleep at the inn. We don't have a lot of tourists, so..."

― "You have only one room." finished the magician for him. The young girl looked shocked. Interesting... He thought they were lovers.

― "Yeah, well I meant that we have only a small sized bed." The young man laughed while the young girl looked irritated by this situation. The magician looked at her, smiling.

― "You wanted the whole floor for you, maybe?" he asked, teasing.

― "If Mister wants some fresh air because I'm taking all the place, he'll have to sleep outside!" she replied while crossing her arms. He rolled his eyes ― well, the villagers guessed that the other eye was following the first one...

A wolf howl surprised everybody, and they all went back to their houses. Only the mayor, some strong men and the two magicians were still outside. The couple looked around, confused by the situation.

― "Our wolves are ferocious." explained the mayor before turning around. "Come, I own the inn. Follow me." He walked on the long road of the village, until he reached a white building that looked almost rich, next to the others houses. He looked behind him, making sure that the couple was following him, and saw the young man leaning over the girl, whispering something in her ear. She laughed quietly and the mayor knew that they were making fun of him and the village. They must be some rich kids that fainted when they saw dung! They're going to spend quite the bad night, that's for sure!

... Especially if they tried to get outside, eh he he...!

The mayor gave them a key and went in the room behind, taking a beer, letting the two illusionists find their room. After all, they only had to go upstairs and try one of the two doors ― he had forgot which room was already taken ― and lock themselves there. Lock... He forgot to lock the front door... before the wolves try and get in... He went near the door but stopped, as he heard some steps upstairs. The young girl was clacking her heels on the floor, then some muted steps went near her and then, nothing. Strange, they didn't even talk? Humph... He locked the door then snapped his fingers. A young boy came out of under the stairs and went near his father, his face all black with dirt.

― "What were you doing there... w'anyway, go spy on the two up there, okay?" asked the mayor as he pointed the stairs, to which the kid nodded before rushing under them. There was a little hole, big enough to let him enter in, and he got in a black small room, with some light at the very top of the ladder. He reached the second floor and laid down, looking through a crack on the wall. From there, he could see in the magicians' room, without being seen. From there, he could almost see everything and hear all they could say...

― "I don't like this place..." whined the girl, head on the pillow, holding her legs. She had removed her mask, unlike the man who had however removed his tops. The two removed their boots, which was always better for sleeping. The magician floated to the window, which he opened and to put his head outside, looking at the horizon. The young boy gasped as he realized something : he floated?

― "Where will you sleep, Dimentio?" asked the young girl to the guy, who didn't answer. She turned her head and looked at him, still waiting for an answer. "You can't...."

― "I'm staying here, don't worry. It will be too suspicious for them if I were to go away. No need for us... you to get kicked out, now." The young boy frowned : what did they mean by that? Where could he sleep if it wasn't here? There was a loud howling, freezing the young kid and making the magician closed the window.

― "These wolves are strange..." whined the green haired girl, that put her head back on the pillow.

― "I couldn't agree more with you, Mimi. We might be "fishy" for them, but these creatures aren't better." replied the Dimentio as he crossed his arms, still floating around. "We'll have to check this out this week..."

― "You think they will let us stay here tomorrow?" asked the young Mimi, worried, and the magician laughed quietly.

― "Even if the mayor doesn't let us sleep here, we can still be around!"

― "And where will I sleep, huh?" asked the young girl, a little irritated.

― "Don't worry, I'll let you in..." he sighed. She shrugged and turned around in the bed, then raised up.

― "But what are you going to do now?"

― "What do you mean?" asked the Dimentio, stopping in his flight. She hesitated a moment, then went near the edge of the bed, leaving him some space.

― "You're there, floating, but you have to sleep!" she frowned.

― "I have no intention of sleeping tonight, maybe tomorrow. I―"

― "But you have to be in shape for tomorrow! You can't just float here!" she insisted.

― "I'm not going to float here all night, I―"

― "Dimentio!" she cut with a sharp voice.

― "Shh, Mimi, not too loud!" he whispered, trying to avoid getting the mayor's attention on them.

― "Dimentio!" she almost shouted, and he sighed.

― "What?" he asked, after a while. Mimi frowned and closed her eyes.

― "Here!" she pointed next to here, and he raised his hands.

― "You were just yelling at me because you wanted the bed!" he replied, a little loud.

― "Here!" she yelled, with a scared expression. After a few moments, Dimentio smiled.

― "You're not going to have nightmares―"

― "Dimentio!" she yelled with all her might, making the kid's ears bleed. He whined a little, out of pain, getting a headache. How could that "Dimentio" stand that chick? She looked awful! She looked so snob and haughty, disgusted by anything that wasn't regal and was probably thinking that things had more value if you have to pay a lot for them! Oh no, he didn't like her at all, this girl... He hoped for her that she didn't have friends, which was probably the case, since she was stuck with this guy!

... and he didn't look better than her...

The man with black hair sighed, giving up, then went on the bed. The young girl took the chance to grip his arm, not letting him go.

― "Let me at least go under the sheets!" he cried, but the girl didn't answer, her face still showing some fear. He rolled his eyes, then turned his head around to stare at the wall, where the kid was. The boy rolled on his side, away from the crack, as his eyes met with the golden ones. He panted, thinking that the mage had saw him, but... that was impossible... nobody could see him from there... He rolled back in front of the crack; the magician was now looking at the girl.

― "For a small bed, it's pretty big."

― "Shut up." replied Mimi and the magician laughed, to then be quiet, letting her sleep.

The young boy guessed that there was nothing more to see. He went back down to the room where his father was sleeping, next to his beer. He shook him to make him wake up.

― "Huh, what, what's going on Johnny?" asked the mayor, still half-asleep.

― "They are sleeping now." replied the kid, a little coldly.

― "They? Who?" asked the father, confused.

― "The magicians." replied the kid dryly. The oldest gasped as he remembered what happened today, then leaned toward his son.

― "Go ahead, tell me..."