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She knew it. How did she know it? It was flowing through her blood. Her heart pumped like it was loosing its time, like it knew the end was near.

It didn't make much sense to Lily, but she could feel it in her bones. She didn't have much longer. Every time she looked at her baby…

Oh Harry! She rushed to him and squeezed him tight. He laughed and showed her the toy snitch he caught. He wouldn't know.

If he was left to Petunia, he would know nothing but abuse. He wouldn't know love. He wouldn't know joy. That was what made Tom Riddle into the beast and monster. She wouldn't let that happen to Harry. He would stay with one of the Marauders, but if she and James were doomed to die, they might be as well. Not to mention, the furry little problem ruled out Remus. Sirius, as strong a man as could be, wouldn't be stable, when James was gone. Wormtail… something about him didn't strike her well. He wouldn't look at Harry anymore. He barely ever did. He was always scared, but she supposed, everyone must be scared at this point.

No Marauders, not Petunia, who then? Dumbledore was alright, but he had a regime to run, a school to keep, and a war to win. He wouldn't have enough time for Harry, and he was far to concerned about the greater good to care about her son's good.

She needed to sort things out. Dumbledore would probably make him stay with a blood relation anyway. But that only left Petunia. She needed to call her up anyway. She knew that her sister would say what she always did, but it at least gave her satisfaction to know she had made an effort.

"Stop calling me! You're a freak, and Vernon won't allow me to talk to freaks! I wouldn't try, even if he did! You always took after those awful Addamses!"

Wait that was it! The Addamses! She knew they were dark, but it was a different kind of dark. They were blood relations! They were her mother's cousins or something like that. They had been to three family reunions. To be quite honest, she had enjoyed them. She, of course, was a bit fearless and laughed in the face of danger, but they had fun. A rather morbid type of fun, but they would accept Harry and care for him as one of their own. Nothing meant more to them than family.

They weren't afraid of magic either. They had a bit of their own; it just was a different kind of magic. They got it in gifts. Fester, such a strange boy, now she supposed he must be a man, he could light things on fire with a look. When she found that out, was the last time she had seen any of the Addams family. Her mother had insisted that they go to the reunions, in early childhood, but Petunia had gotten them out of it as part of the deal. Lily would learn to be a witch, but they wouldn't have to go see the "family" any more.

Lily had been a little heart broken herself; she had liked it there. She fit in almost. That was where she first showed off her powers. It all began with how she floated, when Gomez pushed her of the tower, and they loved how she could make the flower bloom and wither and bloom once more. Everyone had congratulated her, and Gomez's nana (no telling whether she was his mother or grandmother proceeded by an exponential amount of greats) had given her a locket. Inside was a lock of deep red hair and an ancient photo. Nana, as she was called by everyone, had said "She was the last". Now that Lily looked back on it, she understood what she had meant. She had always thought she was muggleborn, but maybe not. Maybe the rest were the odd ones. She could trust them; they were kind in their stranger than strange way.

She would talk to James about it. He already knew about her premonitions.

He had agreed, though it took some explaining. They also did some conspiring. Dumbledore would never let his weapon go to a dark place such as that, but what he would never understand was that this type of darkness wasn't truly evil.

Dearest Cousin Gomez,

You may not remember me; after all, it was years ago. But I am your cousin Lily Potter, formerly Evans. You may remember one family reunion you pushed me off the tower, but I floated. Well that was how I found out, so I guess I should thank you. I'm a witch. I went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and learnt so much. My life has been a dream. I fell in love, with my amazing husband, James Potter. Well, you probably don't want to hear about that. The point is that war among the magics has shaken our world. As I can recall, the family seemed to be rather a space between the worlds. So you may already know of the trouble with Voldemort. I must before any other correspondence ask you to swear on the family graves, that you do not side with him. I'm sorry that I cannot ask you these things in person, but circumstances outside of my control withhold me from doing so. Please tie your finished response with this black ribbon, when you are finished. I trust you to your honesty, for death knows no liars. How is the family? I tell you the truth that I have missed you and have only been kept from all of you by my sister's vendetta against all which defies her sense of normality. Kindly respond in the swiftest fashion.

Your cousin,

Lilietta Gwyn Evans Potter

Lily tied the ribbon around the parchment, and watched as the letter disappeared from her sight. It was really an ingenious piece of charm work, if she did say so herself. It was a portkey which would only transport the paper and ink it was tied around. Even poison ink would be to chemically complex to be carried by it. It also only transported from one member of a family to another of that family. Her blood was on the satin fabric. Gomez would have a message appear in his hand right about now. To be honest with herself, she didn't think he would be at all surprised.

"Lily, my love, are you sure we can trust them?" James came up behind where she stood. He wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on her hair. He was so much taller than she. She wondered how tall their son would become. Would she be able to watch him grow from the next journey?

"Yes, my beloved, we can trust them. They value nothing more than family, and cannot lie, when swearing upon their glorious dead." James shook his head a little. He loved her more than anything in the world, but she did sometimes strike him as odd.

"Will they see us as glorious?" He asked her grimly. He was tired, and he could feel in his bones that he had very little time left. He came to accept it. He had had a good life, a full life.

"You will always be my glory." She turned to him a look in her eyes. Emerald daggers pierced him. She reached for him, pulling his head down. He didn't think coherently past that point.

"My word, what's this?" Gomez Addams asked calmly. A note had just appeared in his hand. He was alone in his office, the fire was dying down in the late night. The darkness outside lured him, so walked out onto the balcony where his wife rocked their daughter in her arms. The child didn't cry, but she wouldn't sleep either. Not that they minded really, but his wife was singing her a sweet lullaby.

Follow Sweet Children I'll Show Thee the Way through All the Pain and the Sorrows, Weep Not Poor Children for Life Is This Way Murdering Beauty and Passions, Hush Now Dear Children It Must Be This Way to Weary Of Life and Deceptions, Rest Now My Children for Soon we'll away into the Calm and the Quiet, Come Little Children I'll take Thee Away, Into a Land Of Enchantment, Come Little Children The Time's Come To Play Here In My Garden Of Shadows.

"Cara Mia, your voice is beauty and death." He rubbed his cold hand along her jaw.

"Mon Chere, you are what give my voice its pain." Wednesday's small hand reached at the letter's ribbon. She felt it and the blood magic therein. She made a soft cooing noise. Gomez and Morticia looked down. "What is it, Mon Chere?" Morticia asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I shall see." He opened the missive, and read it aloud. "I must respond, it sounds as though she is in a speck of trouble." He entered his office and flipped the parchment over to answer.

Dearest cousin Lily,

Of course, I remember you. One cannot forget blood, at least not an Addams, and an Addams you are. It matters not how long it has been or what your sister has done. It does upset me to hear of her betrayal. She may yet be welcomed back, but until her repentance, we must leave her to her own evil devices. Speaking of evil, I must immediately tell you that we most ardently disagree with said Riddle. I swear upon the glorious dead that none of us have, are, or ever would side with the beast. He is gross excuse for evil. We know of the war, but besides a few monetary contributions, we have been told, quite frankly, I might add to keep out of the fight. Your world, as you put it, seems to remember the name of Addams. What, dear cousin, might I help you with? I congratulate you on being a witch; you're the first in the family for years. The rest of us are apparently squibs, although I prefer resting magics. I too have found love in my marriage to Morticia. I cannot tell you how much I love her. We now have two children: Pugsley and Wednesday. Pugsley is two years old and Wednesday just thirteen months. We are living in the family home in Ireland. We tried America for a while, but we wanted to bring our children closer to their roots.

Your cousin,

Gomez Fatalius Addams

Dearest Cousin,

I'm afraid that on my becoming a witch my sister turned far from me. Since she has refused me as family and is married to an abusive but wealthy enough husband. They have one incredibly spoiled child. My point in telling you of them is to portray my dilemma. I have a lovely son, Harry James Potter. Unfortunately I know in my bones that my husband and I shall join the glorious dead in less than a year. My son, however, has a destiny in this world. He is already very powerful. I have no one else to ask you are the only family left. He is one year and a few months old. He won't remember us; he needs to know joy. He needs to know that normal is awful and that love is the key to his power. I beg you, please! When we pass, take in our boy. Raise him as an Addams in all but name. I beg of you! Please!

Your desperate cousin,


Dearest Cousin,

Of course, we will take in the child. We will raise him as our own. He will know of you, and of magic, and of family. He shall be an Addams in all but name. This is why I ask you to take one under your name. I ask only one favor in return. Let a marriage contract be signed between us, that Harry and Wednesday may be wed. My daughter shall need a husband that will care for her, that will love her. Harry, my wife, sees shall be her beloved. She felt it in the letter. Wednesday shall be the key to his love, magic and strength. Here are the papers to be signed.

Your cousin,


"James, a marriage contract? Really, can we seal his fate more than the prophesy did?" Lily looked up at her husband. She couldn't imagine that her son would be told who he would love. She couldn't see it in the stars or in his palm, but maybe, just maybe Morticia was right.

"Darling, it's the only way. He will learn of love, and they will learn to love each other. She can be what he lives for."

"He already has the world to die for. Maybe this is right. I suppose we don't have much of a choice do we?" James took the quill from her slackened grip. He took a deep breath and signed all the papers which they had read through no less than ten times. It was a plan, Dumbledore would leave Harry with the Dursleys, and unbeknownst to him, the Addams family would show up that day and free him from them. Everything was taken care of. Now they just had a few days left with their son. They took lots of pictures and gave them to the Addamses. They wrote nearly a whole notebook full of letters, telling him how they loved him, and what he would have to do in the future. They told him the prophesy and all the research they had done. They told him of the Marauders and the Fidelius Charm. They told him nearly everything, and finally sent the locked journal to the Addamses. He would open it when ever he wanted to. It only needed a drop of his blood. Blood spilt, as theirs would be.

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