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Wednesday Addams felt the pain in her chest and, for the first time in her life, tears form behind her eyes. She felt as though her entire existence was suffocating, crying out for air, but it could not find it. The laughs of her cousin faded in her ears.

"Wednesday..." The grey light around her cousin's face dwindled away to purple then all within sight was darkness. Wednesday Addams for the first time in her life showed weakness as she fell to the ground unconscious.

"Gomez Addams! How could you do this to our daughter?" Morticia screamed at the tops of her lungs as she cracked a lethal looking black whip. Gomez was shackled to the wall of their personal torture chamber. "Did you know this could happen? How could she be so affected?" Morticia launched herself at her bound husband. "Oh Mon Chere, ce n'est pas possible! How terrible!" Soon enough the two comforted one another to go back and see about their daughter.
Odd things had always happened in the Addams family, but this was uncalled for. Harry, their son in all but name, had disappeared, and Wednesday lay helpless shivering in her bed. Morticia and Gomez had known that Harry and Wednesday were destined for one another and that Harry was Wednesday's strength, but to see their daughter, when that strength was removed, was too much for them. The child trembled under her quilts in a cold sweat. Never had she looked so small as she did now. Never before did she actually appear to be a scared five year old. Wednesday was lost. She would not speak to anyone. Her eyes searched, turning in their sockets hopelessly, never stopping on anything. She would not eat, nor could she sleep without tossing and turning in the night.
Inside the child's head, she did not think in words but feelings. Never had she been so wounded or so weak. She needed him, she felt so alone. Her soul was empty, without him there. He had always been there for as long as she could remember. She had always felt his strength in the back of her mind, although she had never realized it before. Now her safety was gone. She was unstable and lost in the dark cold space. Before there had always been some light to her mind, and the thoughts that she had appeared dark on the light pages of her consciousness, but now it was all wrong. There was no light to think by. Everything was darkness. Everything was hidden.

Harry was lost in a completely different way, he thought of nothing, but magic. He lived magic and breathed magic. He studied out of the book of Merlin and thought of nothing else. That room of study never grew dark. The grey sky in the window was always grey and the storm clouds never vanished. He was in another world, a timeless world. He needed nothing. He had no want for food, bed or fire. He proceeded to work time out of mind, Wednesday out of mind. He read from many of the tomes that lined the wall. He performed great magic, without wand or aid. Harry grew, not in stature, but in power and thought.

He had no thought of the world he had left behind. It was less than memory, less than a dream. He continued in his timeless world for what could have been an eternity. It was the only world he acknowledged. His only need was to learn more about this gift he had been given. He consumed the books around him. Magic flowed through him like blood and he breathed it out into the air around him. Harry was changing and growing into someone completely different.

Gomez and Morticia were frantic with worry over their ward and their daughter. They asked the other children all sorts of questions, and Gomez hired one of the cousins, who was a researcher to sort all of the information until they had something to go on. Private investigators were crawling through the Mansion combing each hair on the "polar bear" rug. As far as anyone could tell Harry had been in the library, when he had been swept right out of the world, and at that exact moment Wednesday had lost her strength.

Morticia had spent much time by her daughter's side but could not communicate with the girl. Her eyes darted back and forth as she shivered in her own cold sweat. Eventually they called on one of the cousins. Mairwen Lovegood, mother of Luna, was an unspeakable. She specialized in mind magic and experimentation.

"Mairwen, how good of you to come at such short notice. We have no idea what to do about Wednesday. Harry disappeared and she has become unresponsive. We have made her comfortable as possible, but she will not eat and has precious little sleep. Come, I will show you to her room." Morticia walked much faster than she ever normally would. She led the curvy pale woman around every dark corner. She glowed and brought some light to the dark house. Morticia, was not fond of such light, but she could only hope that she would shed some light on Wednesday's mind. Finally they came upon her daughter's room.

But Wednesday Addams was not in her room, she was lost in the depths of her mind. The moment Harry left her world his power, which had been lighting her mind since the contract was signed, left with him. She fell into herself. All light of sanity, all of the brightness, which kept her going, disappeared. In her bed lay only the shell of a body, which once was hers. Now she was running. She was running through the darkness. She ran through the storm with no light to see by. She felt the cold rain blast through her black cotton gown, and her hair fell from its braids as she ran from nowhere to nowhere. She did not understand whether she was running away from something or to someone. She only ran.

Mairwen Lovegood, sat on the edge of the little girl's bed. She picked up the child of darkness, and held the little head to her chest and rocked her. "Morticia, I must go into your daughter's mind. It is the only way to understand anything. It may hurt her, but it must be done." The child whimpered from the large woman's lap, and the mother stood in the shadows. Her hand rested upon her mouth as she did not know any other option.

"Go ahead, and Mairwen, tell her that her father and I want her back. We love her." Mairwen responded with a knowing nod. She knew she would be just as worried if something happened to her Luna. The Addams parents had done something all too dangerous by signing that contract linking two infants. Should one die the other would die, should one leave this realm the other would be lost if not permanently insane. Plus, Harry was a very powerful wizard by any standard. Wednesday was a genius and a prodigy, but her strength of mind was not to be confused with magical power. Now without Harry even her mind had lost its strength.

Mairwen closed her eyes and let out a gasp as she entered into the mind of Wednesday Addams. Never had she experienced such darkness. It was frozen, wet, and bitter inside this mind. There was absolutely no light to see by. She could hear the wind screech, like a banshee's screams, as it tore into her. Mairwen felt as though she was walking on rain-wet asphalt. Her skin was the only light available. She was very glad now that her co-worker had made that mistake with a freckle removing charm. She heard quick footsteps running toward her, and turned just as a tiny child collided with her knees. The child clung to her, but as she leaned down to pick up the girl, Wednesday got smaller. Wednesday was reverting, shrinking from the scared child she was into a screaming baby. Mairwen held her to her chest, but had no understanding of this mind. She had been in many minds, but this was only a half mind, and the rotten half at that. There was so much that was missing. There should be a voice somewhere. There should at least be some light by which to see, but Mairwen, she was the only light there, and she could only see herself and the crying babe, who was shrinking still. Soon she would be embryonic.

"Wednesday! Wednesday, look at me!" Mairwen did not know how this would help, but she had to try. The baby draped in black, looked up at the woman, and ceased her cries for a moment. The child grew as she looked at the light of Mairwen. She looked to be about two years old on Mairwen's hip, when Mairwen spoke again. "Wednesday, speak, tell me what you need." The child shook her head and was about to cry again. "Wednesday, if you tell me what you need I can help you get it." The child pointed to Mairwen. The woman was completely confused, but then she thought about how dark this mind was. She was the only light. Mairwen cast a light spell that shed light in the immediate vicinity. The child grew to the point that Mairwen had to put her down. She looked to be about five years old again. "Wednesday, will you speak to me now?" Wednesday nodded but shook her head immediately afterwards. "Wednesday, what happened to make you like this?" Shadows played across the light that Mairwen provided. Three grey shadows swirled together to form a specter of a small boy. Mairwen recognized him soon enough to be little Harry, but what she didn't understand was how the shadow Harry was giving off some sort of light that enlightened the entire mind of Wednesday. For a moment Mairwen could look around her and see, and little Wednesday grew more now. She looked to be a young adult, she reached forward and hugged Mairwen. She spoke softly into the witch's ear.

"I am pathetic. Harry gave light to my mind. It was his light that I depended on, that I still depend on. He came to be apart of me, when my parents signed that contract. It was his power that gave me power. His strength was raw light that penetrated my darkness and gave me the ability to function to learn and to live. He has left my world and I cannot last without him. I have no power. I am only able to tell you this because I am feeding off of your light like a parasite. I will only function as long as someone is providing light to my mind." The young woman that was Wednesday Addams stepped back from Mairwen. "I know what needs to be done, but it will require much from you, kind Mairwen. I do not know how much."

"What are you thinking, Wednesday?" Mairwen was not sure of what she meant, but she had to help.

"This is what I have in mind..."

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