Disclaimer: All characters belong to Rick Riordan, god of writing, and the first phrase to Owl City.

Summary: Trust me, genius; I'll meet you there, wherever you are.

Playlist: I'll meet you there — Owl City (Lovely *-*)

Note: After "I make a dangerous promise" (The Titan's Curse)

Claim: Percy/Annabeth.

Thanks to KissWithAFist for beta this... For you, genius :)

I'll meet you there

«You could be anywhere... I'll meet you there»

You sit in front of the beach, you've just save Bessie, the baby monster, and you still can't save her. Annabeth. She is lost, somewhere, and you feel like you must find her. You feel it and you know it. Even your mom told you that.

You look at the waves and the sea foam, and silently you make a promise. Not to the gods. You make it to her, because you owe her that.

I'll meet you there, wherever you are, I'll find you and save you. Trust me, genius, I'll meet you there.

Hope u like it ;)