Hello all! Been meaning to start on this since it's been buzzing around my head like crazy! And between the drama of life and trying to stay on top of the Dance of Fire and Ice Trilogy it's been rather difficult. Plus I had been debating whether to just make this a one-shot or an actual fic. So I decided on drabbles with a plot of sorts. Quick, short chapters and not as much of a mess! Woo!

So yes, this is a Star Trek:09/Harry Potter crossover. I come up with the weirdest shit I swear! Anyway! Please read and tell me what you think. I'll most likely be going by the plot of the original Star Trek series, just with the nuTrek cast! I will try my hardest to keep the characters as IC as I can (especially Spock), but can't make any promises. Either than that, this should be fun to do! So enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Star Trek or Harry Potter. They belong to J.J. Abrams, Gene Roddenberry and J.K Rowling

Warnings: Slash/yaoi (malexmale pairings), threesomes, OOC?, swearing, chaos and other stuff I'll probably list later

Pairings: Established Spock/Kirk, Sulu/Chekov, Scotty/Uhura, Future Spock/Harry/Kirk

1. Second Chance

Singing… he could hear singing. There was warmth and were those hands? Yes, warm hands were stroking his hair and the person was singing softly. The words were faint and he couldn't understand their meaning, but it was soothing and settled his torn spirit. Harry tried to open his eyes to see who was holding him, but he felt heavy yet not. It was a strange sensation of floating but his limbs were dead weight. Or perhaps he was just numb.

Poor little child, my precious little child

Who? Lips parted wishing to question who was cradling him so tenderly, like a mother would her young. But his throat felt dry and full of cotton balls. His mind was heavy, a fog consuming his thoughts. He just wanted to sleep, he needed sleep. He had earned it right? Harry thought so at least. After all, he had given everything he had to everyone and now he had nothing left. He was a shell, hollowed out by greedy hands, clawed talons that ripped his flesh and demanded more.

Yes little one, you have earned rest and much more

"Who?" he croaked finally able to pass words from his lips.

I have no name or proper title. You merely know me as Magic


How can I speak with you? I can talk to all my children should I wish it. Nothing is beyond my power.


I wish to speak with you because I have something to give you. A wonderful gift that you have deserved since the moment you were born.


Yes, you've suffered much Harry Potter, my precious child. You have struggle and fought for one so young, have sacrificed and lost more than one man should. You have only known grief and experienced very little happiness. So I shall give you happiness.


Yes, I shall give you happiness. I shall take you away from here and give you the life that you deserve, the life that you were never allowed to lead. This is my gift to you.

"Teddy… what about…?"

Your godson, Ted Lupin, will go with you. He needs you as much as you need him.

Harry shivered as he suddenly felt a stifling, yet soothing warmth encase him; as if he were cradled in the embrace of a wool blanket. He felt sudden vertigo and Harry briefly wondered if he was free falling for he could have sworn he heard wind rushing and whistling in his ears. He felt light, floating like a feather without any burdens. It felt amazing.

His blood pumped and drummed in his ears as the feeling escalated and when he thought that it would never end, the sensation ceased. It was as if he was crammed into a narrow space, perhaps clothing that fit a little too snug, a little too tight. He could feel his limbs, heavy with muscles, blood and bone. He heard his heart and lungs, felt every inch of his body working to keep him alive.

Goodbye Harry Potter, may you find the peace you've sought for so long.

Hours later, Harry Potter awoke to a strange and yet familiar room. And as he gazed out the window admiring buildings he had never seen before, structured and built in a style that could only suggest the future, Harry knew that his life was different now; it was truly a second chance.

Listened to the song Second Chance by Shinedown while writing this. Good song, look it up! And that's it for this. Should have the next drabble up soonish, when my brain isn't being stabbed by a hot iron poker (at least it feels that way). So enjoy! Review! Let me know what you think!