Holy shit, alright! First off I just want to say I'm very very very very VERY! sorry! Truly I am! I know it's taken me a long time to get Child of the Stars up and running, but there are reasons for it. I won't go into major details, but it involves not only serious writer's block but also losing a long time friendship.

Someone I thought of as a sister got pregnant by a guy who didn't treat her well and I said something that she took as offense and well, we don't talk anymore. And I suppose because of that, I wasn't in the mood to write anything about pregnancy or babies. But things are getting a bit better now and I've started working on Child of the Stars.

So again I apologize for taking a god damn YEAR to get this going. I know you have all been anxiously waiting! So I've posted the story and it's there for your enjoyment! Thank you for your patience! You guys are the best readers ever!