"Bella Swan, get your ass up!"

I think I'm dreaming and if I'm not he's a dead man.

"Bella, the cold water is in the bucket..."

My eyes shoot open and now I'm sure he's a dead man.

"Alright, I've given you fair warning."

"Edward I swear on everything Holy, if you don't shut up, I'm gonna..."

"Greaaaat you're up." he says after opening the door to my bedroom.

I groan and lay back down and throw my arm over my eyes, "Remind me to tell dad to change the lock on the house."

"Right, cause he wouldn't give me a key. Scoot over."

I do as he demands.

I take my arm away from my face and look over at him. He's perfect. Hair that goes every which way, which I secretly think he does so girls want to fix it aka run their fingers through it, green eyes that won't let you look away unless you're really practiced in doing so,
and a body that no high school senior should have.

Edward Cullen is my best friend.

We met the first day of first grade when he helped me up after I fell over nothing. We have rarely spent time apart since then. "Attached at the hip" I believe is the term most everyone uses when referring to us. We're fine with that term because it's the truth, you almost never see one without the other.

Today is our first day of our last year of high school.

It's a special day, a sad day, a happy day.

"Are you ready for the year that's supposed to change our lives?" he asks with a slight smirk.

"I dont want to change our lives Edward, I like them just how they are."

"Everything changes, Swan"

He wasn't kidding.

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