Words Spoken in Anger

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Author's Note: Happy Birthday Lia. I hope you like the story that was inspired by your wonderful plot bunny.

Relaxing on the veranda of his spacious home on a warm July afternoon with a cup of coffee in his hands, Jefferson Tracy glanced out towards the river that led to a hidden cove that he knew his adventurous children loved to visit every time they had the chance. He couldn't really blame them since it boasted and area covered by tropical trees that provided cooling shade and rocks to climb on or dive off of, while at the same time offering the most crystal clear water that a person would ever want to swim in.

Standing there thinking about the cove, he suddenly realized how long it had been since he had really did anything with his children. He couldn't remember the last time he actually took a day off just to have fun with them. Ever since his Lucille had died, he had immersed himself into work so much so that he wouldn't be surprised if Alan thought of Scott as his daddy now, especially since his oldest was basically the one who had been raising his siblings as of late. "Well, things are about to change," he thought to himself as he took a sip of the scalding hot brew. It was time that he became a father again.

Turning around to see his two youngest sons bounding outside onto the veranda, Jeff leaned down to scoop up Alan who had raised his arms in the universal 'pick me up' gesture, begging to be held. What are you two little rascals up to?" Jeff queried knowing that Gordon and Alan were affectionately known by their brothers as the terrible two.

"Nothing Daddy, we just comed in to see what you was doing." Alan answered sweetly as he leaned in to give his father a big hug.

"Well Sprout, I'm glad you did. I was thinking that maybe we should all go on a picnic today down by the cove. Would you boys like that?" Jeff asked as he mussed his youngest son's light blond hair.

"You really mean it Daddy, you really want to spend some time with us?" Gordon asked in awe. He couldn't remember the last time they had done something together as a family. All he knew was that his dad always had work to do every time he had tried to get his father to do something with him.

"Yes Gordy. I really mean it." Jefferson replied, feeling guilty that Gordon even had to ask such a question. It was proof of how much he had missed over the past year with his boys.

"You meaned all of us Daddy, even Scotty and Virgie and John?" Alan inquired as he looked at his father with expressive sky-blue eyes.

"Yes Allie, I mean all of us." Jeff answered his four year old with a smile as he placed a hand around Gordon's shoulder and led his boys back inside the house. "Now why don't you two go inform your brothers that we're having a family picnic while I have Onaha prepare a picnic basket for us." Jeff told his boys as he patted their bottoms lightly and sent them off.

Watching as the boys climbed the stairwell, Jeff couldn't help but smile. Yes, they were rambunctious and could be little terrors at times, but he truly didn't know what he would do without them.

Once he had made sure that Alan had safely made it up the stairs with Gordon, Jeff rounded the corner and entered the kitchen where Onaha was in the process of pulling an apple pie from the oven. Walking over and sniffing the air, he relished in the sweet smell of apples and cinnamon.

"Mr. Tracy, is there something I can do for you?" the Malaysian woman asked as she placed the pot holders back where they belonged in her tidy kitchen.

"Yes Onaha. I was hoping that you could prepare a picnic lunch for me and the boys. It's been a little while since we've had a family outing and I want to spend some time with them." Jeff answered as he grabbed a knife and prepared to slice into the hot pie.

"Oh no you don't Mr. Tracy, that pie is for dessert later tonight. You'll just have to wait like everyone else." Onaha chided as she shook her finger at her boss.

"Sorry Onaha, it won't happen again." Jeff stated contritely, feeling like a little kid who had been caught with his finger in the pie. But his housekeeper made the best pies in the world and he just couldn't resist, especially when it was hot apple pie.

"Go get yourself ready for the picnic Mr. Tracy. I'll have everything packed that you need for the picnic by the time you get back." Onaha encouraged as she shooed the eldest Tracy from her kitchen.

Thanks Onaha, you're a treasure." Jefferson responded with a smile as he started jogging towards the stairs to change from his business suit into some more casual attire.


Lying on his bed dressed in khaki shorts and a Hawaiian style shirt, Scott Tracy looked through the book his father gave him on aviation. His biggest dream was to one day be a pilot and he was determined to make it happen. Sure he thought about becoming an astronaut like his father, but he couldn't picture himself only flying into space every so often. No, he wanted to cruise the open skies as often as his heart desired. Turning to the next page in the magazine, he marveled at the jet he saw on the page. If he worked hard enough, he would learn to fly that thing some day. Firmly entranced as he read the statistics of the flight vehicle, he was surprised when his bedroom door was suddenly flung open and two small blurs came running across the room and dived upon his bed.

"Scotty, Scotty, guess what? We's going on a picnic." Alan shouted as he jumped into his brother's arms, Scott barely catching him in time to keep their heads from colliding painfully.

"What are you talking about Sprout?" Scott asked as he looked from his youngest sibling to his copper haired one.

"A picnic. Didn't you hear me Scotty?" Alan inquired with a childish pout.

"Yeah, I heard you Allie, but …"

"Alan's right Scotty. Daddy's home and he said we're all going on a family picnic down by the cove. He told me and Allie to let you, Johnny and Virgil know." Gordon explained as he cut off his oldest brother's statement.

"Wow, Dad actually wants to do something as a family, awesome!" Fourteen year old Scott thought, knowing how much time his father spent on business matters lately. The last time they had really done anything together as a family was on that skiing trip when his mom…Scott shook the negative thought from his mind, not wanting to dampen his brothers spirits.

"I guess you two squirts better go tell John and Virgil to get ready then." Scott informed his siblings as he guided his brothers out of his room.

"I'm not a squirt." Gordon grumbled as he glared at his older brother. He was eight years old now.

"Sorry fishface, I'll make sure not to call you that name again." Scott chuckled before going back into his room to get his swimming trunks. It had been a rainy morning, but the sun was out now and it should be warm enough to go swimming at the cove. As he changed into his trunks, he couldn't help but smile when he heard Alan and Gordon telling his other two siblings about the picnic. He could imagine the surprised looks that must be on their faces and knew he was right when he heard one of them whoop loudly in excitement.

Coming out of his room a few minutes later, he plowed into his platinum haired brother. "Oh sorry John, didn't see you standing there." He apologized as he grabbled John by the arms to keep him from falling.

"Is it true Scott? Is dad really taking us on a picnic?" John asked. Too afraid to hope it could be true. He had missed his father so much over the past few months since the only time he really got to see his Dad was when he was being tucked into bed by his old man.

"That's what I hear Johnny." Scott answered with a bright smile. "So you better go get changed into your swimming trunks before father has a chance to change his mind."

John's aqua-blue eyes shone with excitement as he took of jogging down the hallway to his room. Finally, they were once again going to spend some time together as a family, something he thought would never happen again with they way his dad spent all of his time at work, away from him and his brothers. Changing into his own swim trunks, he could hear his father whistling a tune as he walked by his door. "Daddy's finally back to himself." He thought with a smile as he looked at the picture of his mom sitting on the dresser.

A few moments later, he heard a knock upon his door.

"John, you ready to go?" Jefferson asked as he started gathering his boys together. He already had his two youngest children standing beside him and just had to make sure that the other three were ready too.

"Yes father, I'll be out in a minute." John answered as he slipped on a pair of shoes to make the trek down to the cove.

"We'll be waiting for you downstairs." Jeff informed his second to the oldest son as he made his way down the hallway to Virgil's room to hear a melodious sound coming from his room.

Standing outside Virgil's door, Jefferson took a few minutes to listen to his son singing as he got himself ready. "Ah Lucy, his voice is just as sweet as I remember yours being." He whispered with a sigh as he glanced up towards the heavens. He was thankful that at least one of his sons had inherited his wife's love of music.

"Daddy, you wants me to go in and get Virgie?" Alan asked as he opulled on hi father's shirt to get his attention, wondering why his father hadn't knocked upon the door yet.

"No Baby, I'll get him." Jefferson answered as he rapped his knuckleslightly on the door. And called out to his middle child. "Virgil, are you ready yet?"

"Yes Father, I'm coming." Virgil replied as just before he opened the door, dressed in his favorite swimming trunks and a white button up shirt, which he left unbuttoned.

"Okay, let's get Scott and we'll be on our way." Jefferson stated as he watched John coming out his door also. He couldn't wait to spend some quality time with his boys and catch up on everything he had missed in their lives over the past six months or so.