Words Spoken in Anger Ch. 9

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Previously: "And what do ya know, it looks as though your family has just arrived," Jason informed his patient with a broad smile. "Why don't I go meet them and inform them of your condition to give you a few minutes to get your thoughts together and then I'll bring them up to see you."

Sitting nervously in his room as he waited for the doctor to return with his family, Scott, chewed on his bottom lip as he contemplated about what he would say to them. How was he supposed to talk to somebody he didn't know, couldn't remember? What would they expect of him? Would they just want him to act like everything was okay? Hell, he didn't even know if he had brothers or sisters or not and that thought scared him more than anything. As a teen himself, he could imagine how bad it would hurt to know he'd been forgotten and he just didn't want to put others through that experience.

Fiddling with the blanket that covered his lower half as his fears built about the upcoming reunion with his family, Scott almost wished he could just walk out of the door to his room and never turn back. At least then he wouldn't have to worry about disappointing a father didn't know. And what about his mother? Jason hadn't mentioned her when he told him about being the eldest son of Jefferson Tracy. Surely she would be severely disappointed to find out the child she gave birth too had no memory of her and everything she had gone through for him. Sighing as too many thoughts assailed his head at once, he just wanted to go back to sleep and pretend that everything was okay. Startling as the door to his room opened instead, he sighed in relief to see a nurse entering the room.

"Hey there sweetie, I just need to check the circulation in your leg and to change your IV," Nurse Krystle Hollingsworth informed her patient with a smile as she walked into the room carrying an IV bag with a clear liquid inside it. Of course, she couldn't help but notice the pale look on the teen's face upon her arrival. "You look a little upset Scott, is there something wrong?"

"No, I'm okay," Scott answered, his cobalt blue eyes watching as the nurse changed his IV bag with efficiency before turning her attention to his right leg. Blushing a crimson red as the nurse flipped the blanket off of his right leg to reveal a little more of himself than he wanted her to see due to the short hospital gown he was wearing, he rearranged the blanket where his modesty was protected.

"Aw, sweetheart. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Just try to relax while I examine your leg," Krystle informed the young teen as she checked for swelling of the upper thigh before walking to the bottom of the bed and checking Scott's toes to make sure they weren't discolored from swelling. "I have two teenaged sons of my own so you have nothing I haven't already seen dozens of times."

"They're not me," Scott mumbled barely above a whisper as he hung his head to keep from looking at the nurse.

Finishing up with her examination quickly to alleviate the teen's embarrassment, Krystle reached out to pull the blanket back over Scott's leg and then tucked it back in around the blushing teen. "Is there anything I can get for you before I leave, hon?"

"No ma'am, I'm good," the fourteen year old answered right away. He desperately wanted a few minutes of alone time to pull himself together again before the doctor returned with his family.


Walking over to the nurse's desk and inquiring as to where Jefferson Tracy was located in the waiting room, Dr. Jason Daniels nodded his head in thanks and then walked over to meet the man who sat with his eyes fixed upon his children, holding what looked to be a boy of about four or five years old with three others surrounding him. Observing the small family unit as he walked, he was amazed to note the differences between the boys. One was a brunette, his hair much like the color of Scott's only more of a chestnut color, two blondes, and one with hair the color of copper. Observing the faces of each male, young and old alike, it amazed him to see the different range of emotions that each one held in the depths of their eyes, except the youngest who was currently asleep, laying against his father's chest.

"Mr. Tracy, my name is Jason Daniel's and I am one of the doctor's who treated your son when he was first brought in," the young doctor informed the father as he approached the billionaire, his hand held out in greeting.

Gently handing his snoozing youngest off to John who sat on his right, Jeff pushed himself to his feet and reached out to shake the doctor's offered hand before turning imploring eyes towards the man. "How is he Dr. Daniels, how's my son?"

"That's what I would like to talk to you about if you will please follow me," the doctor stated with a soft and comforting tone so as not to scare the boys who were watching him with eyes wide as saucers. "We'll talk in my office."

"Please, tell me he isn't, Scotty didn't…" Jefferson pleaded, his voice trailing off as he visibly began to shake at the possibility of having lost his oldest while in route to the hospital.

"No, No, I'm sorry . I didn't mean to scare you. Your son is alive Mr. Tracy. I just think we should talk about his condition in private,' Dr. Jason Daniels informed the angst filled father. He had received word from security that some photographers had been prowling around the hospital grounds and he wanted to keep the Tracy family from being any more stressed than they already were.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Jeff reached down to take Alan back into his arms and then motioned for the other three to stand and come with them also. He needed his children with him right now as much as they needed him. Placing his free hand around Gordon's shoulders in support, he trailed the doctor to his office knowing that John and Virgil would automatically follow behind.

Upon arriving at his office moments later, Dr. Daniels informed his secretary not to disturb him unless it was an emergency and then ushered the Tracy family behind closed doors where he began to speak.

"Mr. Tracy, when Scott was brought in by helicopter, his condition was considered to be very serious, if not critical at the time. He was suffering from severe head trauma, possible spinal injury, a broken leg, multiple contusions to his face and torso. Due to severity of some of previously mentioned injuries, we were also concerned about possible brain swelling and paralysis.

"Oh god, Scotty," whispered John, his face paling considerably upon hearing the injuries. He knew things were going to be bad from having witnessed Scott's fall, but he never dreamt just how bad it would be. "It's all my fault. If only I had gotten to Scooter…"

"No John, if anyone is to blame for what's happened, it's me. So you can stop that line of thinking right now," Jeff told his second born son as he reached out to palm his neck comfortingly and give it a light squeeze. "Scott would have never taken off if I hadn't scolded him the way I did when Alan fell and got hurt."

"But Dad…"

"No buts John. You know Scott wouldn't want you to blame yourself for what happened, and I don't want you to either," Jefferson reinforced as he stared into the moist aqua-blue eyes of his child before pulling him into a one armed hug.

"Okay," the twelve year old whispered into his father's shoulder with a slight sob before pulling himself together for the sake of his younger brothers. He didn't want them to see just how upset he was.

"Is there anything more we need to know before seeing Scotty?" Jefferson inquired as he turned his attention back to the doctor.

"Yes there is," the doctor answered somberly, hating to deliver more bad news as he gazed at the small family sitting on the sofa across from him. "Due to the head trauma he suffered, Scott had developed a case of what is termed retrograde amnesia."

"But, but doesn't that mean that Scooter won't remember things from before the accident, that he won't remember us? Virgil questioned hesitantly as he sucked in trembling bottom lip. At only ten years of age, he was already interested in a possible career in the medical field.

"Yes, that's correct," Jason answered sadly, surprised that the young child was so knowledgeable in the area.

"But I don't want Scooter to forget me," Gordon cried as he threw himself into Virgil's arms and sobbed upon hearing the news. "Please Virgil, make Scotty remember. I don't want him to forget us."

"Come 'ere Gordy," John voiced softly as he opened his arms to the heartbroken eight year old to offer the comfort that he knew his father couldn't since Alan was beginning to fidget, the baby of the family picking up on the distress in the room,

"Dr. Daniels, when can we see Scott?" Jefferson asked as tears formed in his own eyes. It was killing him to see his children so distraught about their big brother. Don't get him wrong, he knew it would be hard on the boys to see their brother, but he secretly prayed that the sight of them would jog Scotty's memory.

"Mr. Tracy, I'm not sure that the younger children should witness…"

"Please, you don't know my boys. They're very close," Jeff beseeched on his children's behalf. "They won't be able to rest peacefully until they see Scott with their own eyes."

"Okay, I will allow it, this time," Jason agreed, if only to give the younger children piece of mind. "But I must caution you that if Scott or the children become too upset by the visit, then the younger children will have to leave."

"I understand," Jefferson replied, as he rose to his feet with Alan cradled securely in his arms. "I'll do my best to make sure he remains calm."

"I'm sure you will," Jason replied as he stood up from behind his desk and walked over to the door, praying that he was doing the right thing, not only for the small family before him, but for his patient also.