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'' Satine!'' Obi Wan shouted in complete shock. There stood Satine dressed in pink camouflage print head to toe and carrying a giant pink camouflage print backpack to match.

'' Obi!'' Satine shouted throwing her arms around her former boyfriend. Obi Wan gently pushed her away, Satine was the last person he expected to see.

'' What are you doing here!'' Obi Wan asked still completely shocked.

'' Well when you weren't in your quarters I started asking around to see where you went off to and someone told me you would be camping so I flew here walked a few miles and now here I am now.'' Satine ended with a smile but, her smile quickly when she noticed Asajj's presence.

'' What is she doing here?'' Satine asked frowning. Before Obi Wan could answer Anakin and Ahsoka finally caught up.

'' Were saved!'' Ahsoka said running toward the group.

'' Satine please tell me you know how to get out of here.'' Anakin said while trying to catch his breath. Satine looked at the pair with a confused expresion.

'' Am I missing something?'' Satine asked Obi Wan

'' Well I guess I should start from the beginning.'' Obi Wan said with a sigh then continued.

'' We all got tired of camping after only one day because of all of our previous misfortunes so we decided to head back home but Anakin decided to be navigator only to find out he was reading the map upside down.'' Everyone glared at Anakin .

'' It wasn't my fault! Obi Wan was the one who let me..'' Anakin said trying to defend himself but was quickly cut off by his master.

'' Any way as I was saying. We then realized we were lost and things have been down hill since then. So we were glad you found us hoping you'd know how to get out of here.'' Satine glared at Obi Wan as he finished.

'' And of course were also glad to see you.'' Obi Wan quickly added Satine smiled satisfied. Asajj rolled her pale blue eyes.

'' Give me a break.'' Asajj said under her breath . Satine narrowed her eyes.

'' And why is she here again .'' Satine said crossing her arms across her chest.

'' She was spying on us but, she hurt her ankle in the process and realized she was also lost too so we let her tag along.'' Anakin answered .

'' Except now both my ankles are sprained.'' Asajj grumbled. Satine ignored her and quickly turned to Anakin.

'' Would you mind carrying my backpack? I'm so tired and could really use a break.'' Satine said with a fake sweet smile .

'' Fine.'' Anakin grumbled. Satine dropped the light looking backpack that turned out not to be so light into Anakin's hand. Anakin quickly fell on the ground from the unexpected weight.''

'' Whats in this thing rocks!'' Anakin said getting up off the ground.

'' Actually I have a camera, sunscreen, hairdryer, radio, microwave, holo player, some of my wardrobe, some folding chairs, a mini oven, a toaster, forks, spoons, knives, magazines, and a lot of other things I can't remember at the moment.'' Satine grinned while everyone else starred with their mouths hanging open.

Everyone except for Asajj who was fuming with anger. For some reason she couldn't explain she hated Satine but it was somehow different from hate. Jealousy possibly, But why? What did she have that Asajj didn't? Maybe a handsome jedi to lean on.

Asajj quickly shook her head with disgust no way did she just think that thought. She was so tired she wasn't thinking clearly thats all. Still she wanted to somehow wipe that stupid grin off the duchesses face.

Thats when a brilliant idea came to her. She smiled slyly.

'' I think we better head back to the cave we found.'' Obi Wan said noticing it was getting dark.

'' but I can't walk.'' Asajj said gesturing toward her two swollen ankles.

'' Would you be able to lean against someone or something to help you walk?'' Obi Wan asked.

'' I don't think so.'' Asajj said trying to sound helpless as she could. She wasn't the best at playing damsel in distress.

'' I guess I'll have to carry you back then.'' Obi Wan said as gently lifted Asajj into his arms and began walking . Asajj's plan was working great Satine was walking behind fuming just as she planned. To make her more angry she even wrapped her long pale arms around the charming jedi's neck.

Asajj happy that her plan had worked was also feeling dizzy and light headed . Asajj became alarmed at this new emotion. Was she becoming ill? Obi Wan smiled gently at her, The feeling quickly came back . Why did she feel this way around her blasted enemy

While Asajj struggled with her emotions Satine was plotting her on sinister plan.

'' I'll get you for this bog witch, this is war .'' Satine said smiling evilly.

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