"Evil is a point of view."

By Isabelle

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Rating: M

Summary: Vampires don't get obsessed with pictures left on their graves; pictures of lovely brunettes and chubby baby boys. Vampires are soulless and evil. He didn't know their names, but he knew they were special. She must've been special to him, and that thought alone haunted him. All he knew was that he wanted her for himself, even if he had to kill her to get her. Chuck/Blair.

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No matter how long we exist, we have our memories. Points in time which time itself cannot erase. Suffering may distort my backward glances, but even to suffering, some memories will yield nothing of their beauty or their splendor. Rather they remain as hard as gems."

Anne Rice

Life, it seemed, had a different plan. She woke with a heaviness around her and was astonished to find a large belly staring up at her. She yelped and with great difficulty she rolled out of the bed and waddled to the mirror and let out a scream when she saw herself.

There she was, young and beautiful and very much pregnant. She felt she was having a heart attack but then she realized she didn't have any health conditions.

Was it a dream? How long could dreams be? She didn't get to ponder this much when Chuck barged into the room his eyes wide.

"Are you OK? Is it time?"

She stood there staring at him, mouth agape. There he was, young and beautiful and fresh in the morning light. His tie was at hand and he was clearly getting ready for work.

"Chuck –" she whispered and then went to him, holding him close, feeling his heartbeat against her.

He held her tightly. "What's wrong?" he asked, still startled by her scream.

"I'm fine, I'm fine, Oh god…" she held him closer. He was warm and alive, she was shaking and terrified.

He sat her down on the bed and still held her.

She was shaking, shaking from the inside out. All these memories and accounts she could tell of an entire life led. They were burning against her retina and against her skin. She remembered being old and tired, she remembered moments and entire lifetimes. She remembered jokes and tears. These things couldn't have been made up. Could they? Yet this felt just as real. Chuck's warm body against her, her growing son inside of her, the wood under her feet. It felt real.

"I think I had the longest most horrible dream… I remember every detail. I… you died and I was a widow and Brenton didn't know you and Oh god!"

"Shhh… it was a dream," he whispered to her.

"You don't understand, I remember everything. I remember you died and you were a vampire and then you just left and I lived a whole life without you – oh god!" she was hysterical and she knew it but it had been so real, she could still smell things.

"It was a dream, it's all," he assured her, kissing her head. "Maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't go."

Her ears perked up. "Go where?"

He stared at her as if she'd lost her mind. "To L.A… you've been telling me to go when I didn't think it was right to."

"L.A?" she whispered and on cue his phone started ringing.

"It's probably Rogers with the estimates of the damage," he said as he reached for his phone.

"The damage?" she asked him, still confused.

"From… the earthquake… Blair are you OK?" he asked concerned, picking up the call as he took in her pale face. "Rogers?"

"Oh god…" she realized. "She told me not to let you go." And it all clicked into place. Chuck dying, Chuck coming back as a vampire, the witch and that spell, her long life and now the last memory of the strange woman she didn't recognize who made her drink something. Her hands shook as she suddenly reached out, grabbed his phone and threw it across the room, destroying his new Iphone.

He stood there, mouth opened at the pieces on the floor. "Have you –"

"Yes, I've lost my mind and I also think I'm in labor so you're not getting on any plane," she snapped as Dorota came in with two piles of freshly pressed shirts for Chuck.

"Miss Blair which for Mr. Chuck's trip?" the maid asked, completely unaware of what had happened.

"None!" Blair cried, standing up and grabbing her robe. "Mr. Chuck is not going anywhere other than the hospital, I think I'm in labor!"

Dorota dropped the shirts and Chuck calmly walked to Blair, grabbing her shoulders. "Blair –"

"I'm sure," she nodded, holding on to his arms. "I'm sure just please come to the hospital with me."

"Of course," he nodded. "But –"

"It's hormones," she nodded as he raised a brow at. "I'm nervous about my dream and I'm – I'm in PAIN! Yes! Pain!" she cried, clutching her stomach as his eyes widened.

Dorota had already grabbed her overnight bags and had called Arthur to pull the limo to the front.

Chuck stared at her oddly, knowing full well she was hiding something. "Please don't leave for L.A…" she begged him, grabbing his face. "I have this horrible, horrible feeling… I want you there when Brenton is born, I want you to be part of our lives. Of my life. Please don't leave."

He nodded, holding her close to him and nodded. "I won't go, I'll stay. Fred can go for me, I can work from here or the hospital."

"Yes, please, just don't get on the plane, promise me you won't," she insisted, grabbing on to his collar.

"I promise," he smiled. "Now are you really in labor or is this a grand scheme to get me to stay?"

She bit her lip. "I'm not in labor now… but I will be soon."

He let out a small laugh. "You gave poor Dorota a heart attack."

His words made her laugh as she pulled him to bed, her belly bumping against him as Brenton kicked inside of her.

"Your son is kicking again, as he always does when you're around." She smiled. Chuck placed his hand on her belly and kissed her.

She pulled back and beamed at him. "You realize what this means, right?" she asked happily. The darkness that had sought her since the moment Chuck had died was suddenly disappearing in the mists of possibility.

"What?" he asked amused, tucking a stay curl behind her ear.

"This means that anything is possible. Anything. We can have more children, visit Spain together, I can prevent some of Serena's stupid mistakes – Oh and Humphrey is alive!" At that she frowned.

Chuck's brows furrowed, amused. "You killed Dan in your dreams?"

"Oh no, your sire did," she explained, kissing him deeply. "Did I mention that the vampire sex was hot?"

This perked his interest. "Really? You must tell me about this dream later."

"Yes, later. I haven't had proper hot sex in decades," she moaned against him, both oblivious when Dorota yelped at finding them in a compromising position but realizing there was no trip to the hospital just now. So she grumbled and closed the door behind her.

"Decades? I made you cum five times after the opera last night –" he protested.

"I can't remember, show me again," she smirked popping the buttons of his shirt. A slow smirk formed on his face.

"You should have these dreams more often," he murmured as she latched on to his neck, biting him.

"Trust me, once is enough," she smiled coyly as she lay back in bed and pretty soon she was remembering quite accurately not only what it was like to make love with Chuck but what it was to have a sex drive in general. Pretty soon those memories were more like distant dreams. Details began to fade and a life once lived began anew.

A few days later Brenton Bass was born. He was healthy and so was his mother. His father was the first to hold him.

Down in the streets of New York where a peddling woman holds up an old empty cup of coffee she tells the pedestrians "A penny, a penny. Give us a penny for our thoughts." Every once in a while someone does. Some regret it, some definitely do not.

The End.

AN: I'm very excited to have finished this, had a lot of stuff going on in my RL especially up in the end of this so I'm very thankful for those of you who stuck it through. I appreciate all of your support and I encourage you to keep believing in Chuck/Blair, they are a wonderful love story and though bumps will come and go love pieces everything together despite things often feeling as if permanently broken. Plus, it's fiction! Both in the show and here please enjoy the ride and remember to always keep it fun and entertaining and not so serious, we have real life for that! Thank you all once more!