Stupid Cupid

Chapter 1

Buffy Summers was not happy to be leaving New York. She had friends, a boyfriend… She was happy living on the east coast and now her mom's job was transferring them to a placed called Sunnydale, California. She didn't even really like the sun and they were basically moving to the beach capital. She sighed to herself as she watched her mom pulling up to the "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign. She hated it already here but she knew it wouldn't help to make her mom feel worse about this…

As they pulled up to their new home, Joyce Summers turned to her daughter and smiled. "Here we are honey, what do you think?"

"It's swell mom" she looked up sadly. It really didn't look so bad; it was two stories which was a step up from the apartment they had shared. This was going to take a lot of adjusting but she knew she needed to try.

"Why don't you explore the town? It might help if you meet some people before you start school tomorrow" Joyce nudged her out of the car, knowing she would never make the decision on her own.

"Yea alright, I'll be back in awhile" and with that she made her way into town.

Distracted by a dress she saw in a window, she didn't realize anyone was in her path until she rammed into the hard body.

"Oh god, I'm so sor-" she was cut off as she looked into the ice blue eyes that seemed to look through her rather than at her.

"No harm love, though you might look first next time" he teased.

She felt like she couldn't breathe when he spoke. Not only was he gorgeous but he had a sexy British accent as well? Life was good; he was making her forget why she hated it here to begin with.

"I-I'm Buffy. Buffy Summers. I just moved to town today" she was surprised she could speak with his intense gaze on her.

"Name's William Pratt, but my friends call me Spike" he grinned at her, making her legs feel like mush.

"Nice to meet you, er, Spike. Well I should be going. I wanted to look around town a little bit before I have to be home"

"Right then. Well if you'd like a tour, I would be happy to show you around… I need to kill time before I can head home anyway…" Man, his smile was really affecting her. In lieu of talking, Buffy just nodded and placed her hand on his arm as a sign to go.

Their first stop was the coffee shop, Spike claiming that she never tasted anything as good as this before. After the first sip, she knew he was right and smiled appreciatively. She was a huge caffeine addict so she knew more often than not, she would find herself here drinking coffee and writing in her journal.

Their next stop was The Bronze. He explained that it was the local hangout and was open most nights. He told her of the poetry readings and even open mic nights with Karaoke. She smiled at this as she always loved Karaoke Sunday in New York.

"So Spike, how long have you lived here?" she questioned, finally finding her voice.

"Oh, my parents moved here when I was eight… we used to live in London" He gave a sheepish grin as he figured she probably already knew was from England.

"That must have been very exciting living in another country. I've always wanted to visit England" Her room was filled with travel brochures from faraway places she always dreamed of going to.

"Yes well- London lost it's thrill after awhile. It is nice to visit my Grandad and Granmum though. Their house is quite posh" he rambled, losing himself in the memory of his family.

Buffy stared at him, relishing in how cute he looked right now lost in his thoughts. His face took on a softer side, it almost seemed like a different person from the cocky and arrogant Spike he was trying to project. It was nice, sure he was hot, but she couldn't seriously consider dating him if that's all he was. Was she seriously debating whether to date him or not? Things were fresh with breaking up with Ford and Spike hadn't even expressed that kind of interest in her anyway. Stupid Girl.

Shaking her head, she tried to kick those thoughts loose from her head. "I-I have to go" she said suddenly, moving away from the confused boy.

"Right ok, I guess I'll see you tomorrow for school?" He was trying to act cool but really he was disappointed she was leaving. He liked talking to her but he would just have to try harder at school.