Chapter 12

Spike found them about to enter the store room and quickly tore into Buffy. "Where the HELL do you think you're going Buffy?" he spat.

She turned looked at him disinterested. "Angel and I were just going to… talk" he had no right talking to her after the show he just put on.

"Yea. Talk." Angel grinned, the suggestion in his tone apparent. Pulling Buffy closer, he made lewd gestures behind her.

"You know damn well you weren't going to talk and I will not allow this to happen"

"You won't allow this? What, are you my father? And since when do you care anyway? I saw how cozy you were getting with Tara up there" she was not going to let him get off easy, she knew he was trying to make her jealous but not entirely sure why.

"I care, you daft bint because I care about what happens to you. Because I-" he stopped himself before going too far. He didn't want to admit his love like this and especially since he didn't know how she felt about him. He wanted to believe her display of jealousy meant she loved him too but he wouldn't get his hopes up… she had to say it.

"Because you care? Is that the only reason, because I don't really believe that" No one noticed Angel leaving the scene chuckling to himself. He really liked messing with Spike.

"Yes that's all" he lied. "And why did you get so worked up about Tara anyway? It's not like we're together or something. What do you want from me? To never even look at another girl? I won't do it." He was completely bluffing but he had to nudge her to get the information he needed.

"I guess I feel possessive of you, I don't like the idea of other girls being with you… Ikindofloveyou… " she sped quickly through the last part hoping he wouldn't notice.

"Sorry, didn't quite catch that last part, Pet." He wasn't going to let her get out of this one so easy if she said what he thought she did.

"I said…" she took a deep breath. "I love you…" She waited for him to make fun of her or get sarcastic but she did not expect him to take her into his arms and she really didn't expect him to kiss her… but he did. It started sweet and soft turning more passionate as they unleashed all the feelings they had held inside for each other.

"Buffy…" he moaned into her mouth. He couldn't believe everything had been so easy. He would tell her. Everything could be perfect now and he would take care of her forever. She was his. He could cry for how happy he was right now.

Buffy was overwhelmed by how much she was feeling. She had told Spike she loved him and he didn't get freaked out or run away. If he'd have her, she would make life so good for him. She would never stray, never lie. She would love him and him alone for always. She hoped he felt the same… she didn't want to look a fool again.

She pulled back from their embrace and looked up at him. "What now?" she looked almost frightened; like she thought he was going to reveal this was all some sort of sick joke.

"Well Love, what I figure is I love you and I'm not letting you go for anything. How does that sound to you?" He smiled softly and cupped her face.

"I love you too, Spike" no more needed to be said as he kissed her again on the cheek and led them back to the table.

He could see the confusion on everyone's face as they walked over. They had disappeared after all for nearly fifteen minutes after Angel came back. From the look on the two's faces though, there was no question as to what happened.

Dawn was the first to rush over, hugging them both. When she released them, she smacked Spike on the back of the head. "See, Big Brother… I told you it wasn't a big deal…. Bonehead"

"Hey! Watch it, Bit" he laughed going to sit with the group.

Buffy sighed contently as she sat in Spike's lap. Her life in Sunnydale started out bumpy but she knew with Spike by her side, everything was blue skies from now on.

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