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Author's Note: I was already on the Eva/Proctor bandwagon before episode 1X03, so the ending whipped me into a shipper frenzy. I am aware that the events of episode 1X04 contradict this story, but I decided I liked it too much to change it, so here it is! Hope you enjoy. :)

The Naked Truth,
Chapter Three:

She stared at him, momentarily stunned into speechlessness.

"I know should have told you right away, instead of playing games, but--"

"We didn't have sex," she repeated, cutting him off.

"No, we didn't," he confirmed.

"But I'm... naked!"

"Yes, I am quite aware of that," he replied. "Nonetheless, nothing happened. Well," he added after a short pause, "maybe not nothing, but nothing that involved either one of us being naked. Had I known about naked part, though, we might be having a very different conversation right now."

"I don't understand... Why didn't we? I mean, I may not remember much about last night, but what I do remember was pretty damn good, so why--"

"You were drunk."

"I wasn't that drunk," she said stubbornly. "I'm Cuban."

"So you kept saying last night, though I'm not sure your claim of above-average tolerance to alcohol has any merit, all things considered; you were definitely very drunk. I'd say the fact that you didn't remember anything this morning pretty much proves that."

"There was nothing to remember," she countered, not sure why she was arguing at this point. When she'd first seen Proctor in the doorway, she'd been fairly horrified, yet now she was upset that nothing had happened. What was wrong with her?

"That's not the point." He paused for a few moments, a pensive expression on his face. "Look, at this point in my life, sex is about more than just having another warm body in my bed. I need a connection beyond just the physical one."

"What does that mean, exactly?" she asked, frowning.

"I'm not saying I don't do casual on occasion – I do – but I'm just not interested in casual here. If you and I are ever going to go down this road, I want it to be because we both want it, not because we had one-too-many drinks."

"I thought you were all about living life to the fullest," she challenged.

"Does living to the fullest have to mean hopping from bed to bed, just because the opportunity presents itself?"

"Of course not," she replied, sighing. "I'm just confused, I guess. You certainly seemed willing enough, from what I can remember, so what happened to make you change your mind at the last minute?"

"Simple: I realized I liked you too much."

"Wow," she said, arching a eyebrow at him, "I have to admit, that's not one I've heard before."

"Perhaps I should explain a bit more," he allowed, a hint of a smile on his face. "In the short time we've known each other, you've made quite an impression on me. You're an outstanding doctor, one who not only takes care of her patients, but also cares about them; you manage to balance friendship and mentorship with your colleagues, knowing when to support them and when to challenge them; you definitely have an... interesting... sense of humor--"

"Don't forget about my killer body," she interrupted, grinning at him.

"That certainly doesn't hurt," he agreed, eyes lingering appreciatively over her form. "But the point is, I think there's the potential for something more than a quick fling here, and I didn't want one drunken encounter to prevent us from exploring that possibility, no matter how mind-blowing the sex might have been."

"Might have been?" she queried in a mock-hurt voice.

"All right, would have been," he allowed, rolling his eyes at her.

She considered what he'd said, saw the truth of it; this could be something more than just sex, not that she really did casual all that much in the first place. "Okay," she finally said. "I get it. But there is one more thing..."

"And what might that be?"

"I'm not drunk now," she pointed out as she reached for him again, "so how about we start exploring those possibilities?"

He didn't try to get away this time; in fact, he came quite willingly...