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The Restoration of Two Fragile Hearts

Chapter Six

Burying her fingers in his dark hair as he pleasured her, her body literally falling apart with every single touch, JJ's eyes closed as the passion built in ever increasing waves. "Aaron...Aaron...," she chanted, moving mindlessly against him, her body searching valiantly for that absolute high. Her release found her quickly, the pleasure suffusing every nerve in her body, and her soft scream echoed in the still bedroom as she finally relaxed against the mattress.

His warm body rose to cover hers as his lips found hers easily, swallowing those final moans that escaped as she fought for breath. Her body collapsed completely against the soft mattress, she finally felt herself floating back to reality, completely secure in his strong, muscled arms. Nuzzling her nose against his neck, JJ inhaled deeply as she let herself revel in the afterglow. "Thank you," she whispered as she felt his body tense when her hands passed over his sweaty back.

"My pleasure," Aaron chuckled roughly against her ear, his hands sliding down her sides to cup her against him, their bodies molding together perfectly.

"Not yet," JJ smiled knowingly, shifting against him to cradle his body between her legs, "But very soon."

"JJ...we don't have to..." Hotch faltered as he felt her hand slide between them to unbutton his slacks, his eyes searching hers for any signs of hesitation, of doubt. But all he saw reflected in her sparkling gaze was passion mixed with something he could only describe as trust.

"I want to," JJ whispered, kissing the strong column of his neck, slipping her lips over the stubble covering his jaw line. "Make love to me," she urged against his ear, nipping at his lobe as she kept her hands focused on removing that final barrier between her and the man she so desperately wanted.

"God, yes," Hotch groaned readily, lifting his hips away from her as she shoved his pants over his hips. Moments later, poised above her, he stared deeply into her eyes, the faint light from the hallway illuminating her glistening face. "I love you," he whispered hoarsely, those three simple words perfect for this exact moment. "I think I've been in love with you for years. And if you aren't ready, we can wait, JJ."

"We're both ready," JJ shook her head, her arms holding him close, refusing to let him pull away. Sliding her fingers across the muscled plain of his back, his shoulders rolling underneath her touch, she added, "We've been ready, we just refused to see it. I love you, too."

Sealing his lips to hers, Hotch groaned loudly as he sank into her, her snug walls engulfing him. Never releasing her mouth, their tongues mated as his body pumped into hers, their rhythm settling into perfection. Grunting as he felt her legs curl around his hips, coaxing him deeper into her body, Hotch rested his forehead against hers. "Love you," he panted, his energy riding high. "Love you so much," he growled against her neck as her soft body welcomed his.

"Yes, yes, yes," JJ keened, her hips lifting for each well placed stroke of his. "Let go, Aaron," she begged, tightening her grip on his shoulders as her body craved the release she knew it could find with his.

His body shook with the force of his orgasm, his back bowing as he exploded within her, throwing her over the edge. Roughly calling out her name as one hand gripped her thigh, crushing her against him, he felt her convulse around him, her moans telling him that she'd found satisfaction again as well. Finding her lips with his own, he kissed her gently before rolling off her and pulling her against him, tucking her tightly to his side.

Pressing a kiss to her shoulder blade as he leaned back against the stack of pillows, he whispered, "That was incredible."

"Mmmm," JJ nodded, relaxing against him as she closed her eyes, allowing herself to enjoy the tingling feeling still lingering. Sighing, her breath fluttering against his sweaty skin, she murmured, "Better than incredible."

Sliding his hand over her body, he smiled as she moaned appreciatively. "You know, I meant what I said, JJ," he whispered against her neck, letting his fingers memorize the gentle curves of her hips, intrigued by every single inch of her amazing body. "I love you."

"I know," JJ nodded, turning in his arms to cuddle against his chest, sinking closer, searching for his warmth, "I love you, too."

Long minutes passed, their bodies wrapped in each other, fingers softly searching for new frontiers, new memories as they relaxed into the peaceful night. "I'm going to want Henry to call me Daddy," Hotch finally said softly into the still air, stroking the line of her back, feeling his smile grow in the darkness, "because I want to be his father. You okay with that?"

"I think Henry and I are very lucky that you and Jack want to be a part of our family," JJ said happily, twining her fingers with his as she turned her face upward, unable to stop the smile from flooding her lips as she felt her heart leap. In that moment, she no longer regretted any of the past year, knowing that, for her and her son, they had received the best gift of all. Her son would have a father that was worthy of the title Daddy, and she would have a man that would never hurt her, never make her doubt her worth. A man that honestly loved them both for who they were. A man that she truly loved for who he was…her friend…her protector…her love.

"I think we've been a family for months, JJ. I think we were both just too scared to call ourselves what we were," Hotch murmured, brushing her temple with a tender kiss, lingering against her skin.

"I'm not scared anymore," JJ whispered contentedly as he pulled her ever so closer, entirely wrapped up in his much stronger arms.

"Neither am I, JJ. Neither am I," Hotch replied softly as he silently thanked God for the restoration of two fragile hearts.