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America sat in his chair, leaning over the table. He had been about to take a drink of his beer. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. He stared at his son, Wisconsin.

"That's not possible." America finally told Wisconsin, he took a gulp of the beer Wisconsin had provided when America came to visit his home. America leaned back into the chair that his famous bomber jacket with the number 50 was resting on the back. Wisconsin ran his fingers through his messy, wild looking, light blonde hair. Wisconsin had a pale complexion and a rather serious expression on his face that usually held cockiness and mischief.

"Think about it. Think how similar they are about things. Their love ice hockey, what kind of sport is that? Or that weird thing that they like, with the stones and broom…what's it called?" Wisconsin paused as he searched for the word. "Curling. What the hell is that all about? There is no way that's an American sport. It's even less of a sport than hockey. They like snow and winter too much." Wisconsin said to America.

"It gets cold at their house, it's normal for them to find something to do during winter." America said as he defended winter activities, even though he agreed with Wisconsin about hockey and curling being weird, those weren't something a hero should play.

"They have that weird invisibility thing. They are there one minute then gone the next." Wisconsin said as he crossed his arms and shook his head, making his wild hair seem even wilder. America frowned at Wisconsin's last statement.

"There are other states with that weird power. They should really teach it to the rest of us though." America said the last part mostly to himself.

He didn't want to believe what Wisconsin was saying to be true. He couldn't believe any of his children would do such a thing. But on the other hand, it wouldn't be the first time some of them had done such a thing. He liked to believe all his children had grown to have un-wavering patriotism since the Civil War, but…..

"But think about Canada, think about those two. They are so similar to him it's scary. They are always talking to him, heck, they had him over to their house last week." Wisconsin told America. America's frown deepened, he honestly didn't like the idea at all.

But…it sort of made sense. When he compared the twins to Canada, he could definitely see some traits they shared. Traits he didn't share with them. America shook his head to clear his thoughts. The beer Wisconsin gave him wasn't helping his thought process. They were loyal and patriotic….right?

"I'm telling, it's pretty clear that they are Canadian-wanna-be's, they want to join Canada and become one of his provinces." Wisconsin leaned in forward, his face so serious it was like he wasn't the same state he was normally. "The state of Minnesota wants to join Canada." America took a swig of the beer.

"There's no way Mattie would take them away from me. And there's no way the Minnesotan twins would leave me." America defended both his brother and children. But he still had a frown on his face. The twins were loyal to him, they fought for him during wars, came up with great inventions and ideas. They helped with whatever needed to be done. They here heroes, just like him. All his children were heroes. He had a very Heroic family….if you don't count England and Canada. Canada was quiet and disappeared too often to be a hero, he was more of a damsel in distress, and England isn't hero material. He did some bad stuff in his past, plus it's always a British guy that's a villain in the movies.

"They haven't given an inkling they wanted to be part of Canada." America said, not wanting to believe Wisconsin for the umpteenth time. But Wisconsin was still making sense to America.

"Well I think Paul is what preventing them from becoming part of Canada." Wisconsin said about the Minnesotan twin, St. Paul. "But I think Minna is the one pressuring him. She's the aggressive one." He talked about the twin, Minneapolis. America shook his head and set down his empty beer bottle next to the others.

"But why would she want to become part of Canada?" asked America. He looks so sad at the thought that one of his babies would want to leave him. Wisconsin almost felt guilty for telling him Minna wanting to join Canada.

"Well, maybe she's feeling a bit neglected?" Wisconsin suggested, carefully observing America. America looked at him with a surprised look. "You haven't been up here much lately. Much less visit their house recently." America frowned and opened he mouth, but Wisconsin interrupted. "I know, I know, there are disasters going on all over the place."

"I'm the Hero; I need to be at those places, especially the ones that involve my babies." America said, he didn't notice the face Wisconsin made at being called a baby. He needed America to focus back on Minna before he starts talking about being the Hero.

"How can you stop Minna from finally pressuring Paul into joining Canada?" asked Wisconsin as he leaned towards America. If America hadn't consumed so many beers, he would have thought his son Wisconsin might have looked a little too eager about this answer. America thought about this for a moment. Then broke into his famous smile and laughed.

"I know! She just needs to see how being part of the USA is totally awesome! And what better person to show her than the heroic dad!" America laughed after his said his solution. Wisconsin's face developed a wicked smiled on his face. He looked like the proper Wisconsin with that smile. He shook his head to get rid of that smile. He just needed the finished touch on this little project.

"You better hurry." Wisconsin said as he to America. America stopped laughing and looked down at his son with a puzzled expression. "I was talking to Minna the other day; she said the word 'Eh'."

America left Wisconsin's house to go visit his daughter quickly, he almost left his jacket behind.

Wisconsin let the devious smile break out on his face once again. He was pleased with his plan, which that bitch Minneapolis keeps interfering with him pursuing her twin, St. Paul. Hopefully, she'll have her hands full with dad trying to keep her part of the USA, and she won't notice that Wisconsin plans to have his way with Paul. Wisconsin turned almost giddy with thoughts of his sweet, shy St. Paul. If anyone had seen him at that moment, they would have been scared by the creepy face Wisconsin was making.

The state of Minnesota and Wisconsin have a huge love/hate thing going on, they will take any chance to fight, unless it involves other states, then they back each other.

St. Paul and Minneapolis are also called the twin cities.

And when I say the Minnesota Twins in this chapter, I'm not referring to their baseball team.

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