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Chapter 2

America finally made his way to the Minnesota twins house. Losing the cops had been a little harder than he thought originally. He should have waited till the sun had at least been above the horizon, but this was a serious problem, he was going to lose his babies to what's-his-name…..It was too early to remember whatever was that guy's name.

He knock on their door. And waited, and waited some more. Than he started to pound on the door repeatedly, till the door finally gave way to his demands. The door broke and fell in towards the house. He stared at the doors remains for a moment before stepping into the house.

America had a plan, he was totally going to sneak into the twins' bed and snuggle up with them while they were sleeping. It was going to be adorable to see them sleeping again. Plus revenge for all those times when they were little and would sneak into his bed, and then wake him up when one of them shoved a foot into his face or kicked him. He had a lot of memories about all of his children sneaking into his bed when they were little and do the exact same thing. But the Minnesota twins had done that a little longer than the other states. Perhaps they were a bit needier of him because he had sent them away during the Civil War and wasn't able to see them for a long time. America took a step forward to start his plan when his foot caught on a piece of broken wood and tripped. Good thing for America, right as he was tripping, a gun shot blast echoed through the house. America automatically pressed his body against the floor. The bullet had barely missed America. It wouldn't have killed America, but it would have hurt and put him out of commission for a while. His boss would not have been happy.

"DAMNIT! I missed!", shouted a woman's voice. "You're lucky that turned out to be a warning shot! Keep yourself on the floor and I won't shoot you. I'll actually call the police to help you." America was trying to process the scene, but could only thinking of profanities at the moment.

"I already called the police.", said a male voice, a much calmer voice. "And it will be to arrest him. He would be safer then."

"Why do you always ruin my fun?", the female said.

America had finally realized who were the man and woman. "STOP! IT'S ME!"

"Who?" asked the two voices.

"AMERICA YOU BRATS!", shouted America. There was a pause.


Shortly after Minna put the gun away, the police showed up. Minna and Paul confirmed that everything was alright, and no. That was not the car involved in a high speed chase between Wisconsin and Minnesota. The twins might have been a bit more convincing about lying for America, if Minna didn't glare at him and Paul hadn't sighed. But the police left anyway, and now America was alone with two of his kids.

"If you're going to go on a high speed chase, do it in one of the Dakotas. Nobody lives there.", lectured Minna. She gave America a glance out of the corner of her. "So…Was it fun? I haven't gone on a run from the police since prohibition."

"It was a blast. It's so awesome that cars can go faster these days. It's a little tricky to go around corners that fast. And now you have to worry about helicopters, radios, and other stuff. But it's still basically the same today as it was then.", America said excitedly. He had forgotten that Minna was one of his kids to smuggle alcohol from Canada during the prohibition era.

Paul coughed lightly into his hand to disrupt their conversation. He was the reason why Minna didn't lead the police on chases anymore. He had this strange idea that they should follow the speed laws. Even though almost every state was born before there were speeding laws.

"Why are you here?", asked Paul. He pushed up his oval glasses that were constantly slipping down his face.

"And at such an ungodly hour too.", added Minna, and then she yawned.

"What? A father can't come see his kids?", said America.

"Not at this time of night.", said Minna, giving him a sleepy glare. Her adrenaline from when she though America was a robber was wearing off.

"I was excited.", America said. "I realized I hadn't seen you two in awhile." America smiled, he had just remembered his plan. "It is late. Let's head back to bed." The twins looked at each other, and then sighed. America's smile widened, it was going to be so cute to see them sleeping again. When they were babies, they use to curl up with each other in the most adorable way.

"Come on.", said Minna as she waved her hand for America to follow her. "We'll all go to bed." Paul and Minna led America through their house and up the stairs to go to the second level. America had the biggest grin on his face.

"Alright, you can sleep here.", said one of the twins. America looked towards where Minna was pointing. The door was opened, and inside was a bedroom. But it was clearly meant for guests by the lack of personal items around the room.

"What the hell?", America said as he turned towards his children.

"What?", asked Paul, he shared a confused look with Minna.

"I wanted to sleep with you guys.", said America.

"Huh?", said both twins. They were both looking at him with an expression mixing confusion and horror.

"I wanted to sleep in the same bed as you guys. Just like when you two were little and we would sleep in the same bed.", America explained as he pouted. It was cruel to make him sleep alone while they shared a bed. America didn't notice the twins were now sporting a look of horror on their faces.

"A-a-are you joking?", asked Paul. Minna seemed to only make a choking like sound.

"Nope, I want to sleep with you two.", said America happily. The twins looked at each other. "YES! I'll get my wish!", thought America. The Minnesota twins usually get that look when they cave in to him.

"That is so creepy.", Minna finally said. Both the twins took a step away from him. America stared at them. Apparently he was bit out dated on the Minnesota twins gestures. Then America realized what Minna said.

"No it's not! It's cute and adorable. How could you say that about your dad?", America said in horror to the twins.

"We're not sharing a bed with you. Go sleep in that room.", Paul told America.

"Not fair, you two sleep in the same bed, but you're going to make me sleep alone.", America said as he scowled at his two children. Minna and Paul were looking at America in complete disbelief. Paul was now making that choking sound.

"Did you hit your head? We haven't shared a bed since the 1860's.", Minna said slowly. America blinked. He guessed it had been awhile since he stayed with these twins.

America was sad that his children didn't share a bed anymore. Like all dads, he prefers to see his kids when they were cute and little, instead of the adults they were in reality. The Minnesota twins were over a century old.

"Well. Let's…"

"No.", both twins said in unison. Not even letting America finish his sentence. America frowned. They shouldn't interrupt him like that.

"Are you sure?", asked America. The twins just looked at him like he had grown another head.

"So creepy.", said Minna and Paul nodded his head in agreement. Both of them began to walk towards their own rooms that were across the hall from each other. "You stay in the guest room dad.", Minna told America. Then she added, "And I'm locking my door."

"Good idea.", said Paul. The twins went into their respective rooms and shut the doors. Clicking sounds could be heard from both doors. America looked at both doors for awhile. Then walked to his room.


Okay, the Minnesota twins are not the only twins America has for children. Virginia and West Virginia are twins. Same with North and South Dakota. The state of Michigan and the state of Washington are twins.

And I apologized to the Dakotas, I know there are people there….I'm sure….

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