Nonexistent Mourning

by tovanell

-AU- An assassination attempt on ten year old Gaara is successful, and Temari and Kankurou mourn for the brother they never really had.

Here's how it worked:

When it became clear that Gaara couldn't control the powers of Shukaku and grew a little more unstable every day, the experiment was called off and the Kazekage called for his assassination.

It started out a B-rank assassination mission – after, what can a six year old who doesn't have control over his powers do against an experienced chuunin or jounin? – but after that first attempt with the boy's uncle, Gaara suddenly gained more and more control over the sand, and became more and more deadly and unstable.

(The theory is that after the incident with his uncle and his emotional breakdown, Gaara gave in to the will of the Shukaku and became more in sync with the demon. The Kazekage wished they had found out about this earlier and used it to their advantage. But it was too late now.)

The ongoing mission turned into an A-rank and Suna began to lose many good shinobi.

The thing about the assassination mission was that it had to be carried out by Suna shinobi, in Sunagakure. Gaara was Suna's jinchuuriki and should be dealt with by Suna and only Suna. Calling for ninja of other Hidden Villages would reveal weakness and could be used against them. Plus, there was utter humiliation in the fact that they cannot deal with their own problem and had to ask other Villages for help.

-Gaara was Suna's problem, theirs and only theirs-

Unfortunately, this meant that it was impossible to kill Gaara. They were in the desert, and Gaara controlled the sands with ruthless efficiency. The Kazekage wasn't willing to lose his best shinobi - the extremely talented ones or the ones with precious Kekkai Genkai, especially since they don't have many shinobi in the first place – and had to settle for simple good shinobi (but not good enough) who got crushed by sand in seconds, maybe minutes if they were lucky. Gaara has also gained quite a reputation, and most feared him enough to turn down the mission when given it.

Gaara's weapon is the sand, but sand is still earth nevertheless. Suna shinobi have Wind or Earth affinity, but wind and earth techniques will not work against the sand, and there was not one Lighting user in the village.

The Kazekage realized this, and by Gaara's tenth birthday, he has ordered fewer attempts – once every two or three months or so - given the futility of it all.

Yet Gaara is still such a glaring problem, one that must be eliminated, soon. Even if it was mean sucking up their pride and asking for help.

The final strike came one day only a few weeks after Gaara's tenth birthday.

Maybe it was because someone or something provoked him. Maybe it was because the marketplace was so crowded and loud, too crowded and loud for Gaara. Or maybe it was because it was a full moon the night before, and Shukaku was more bloodthirsty than usual.

Whatever the reason was, Gaara had snapped at the Suna bazaar and went on a killing spree right in the middle of it.

The damage: Eighteen civilians dead, nine because of Gaara, the rest trampled to death by the masses of people running from the bazaar, away from the monster, fearing for their lives. Five shinobi dead, crushed to death by the sand when they had attempted to restrain Gaara. More than forty civilians injured from the panic and chaos.

The village was in an uproar. Angry civilians gathered in front of the Kazekage's dome, demanding that he do something, and finish off the demon once and for all. Angry shinobi, not daring to be so direct, did their jobs passive aggressively and half-assed-ly. The Council hid themselves in the meeting room, discussing over what the hell to do.

Amid the tense arguments and accusations and just plain bickering and bitching, one council member stood up, asked for them all to put aside their pride, and just called for help from another Hidden Village. It's a troubling move, and he doesn't like it himself, but desperate times calls for desperate measures, and Gaara needed to be killed before either he or villagers angered by his actions destroy the village.

There was intense and violent opposition, of course. It was a hard choice: death by Gaara, or death by possible-invading-village-who-knew-how-weak-they-were?

The debate dragged on for the rest of the week, and by then, the mob outside was gone (except for a few hard-pressed ones, who were taken care of), but discontentment still ran high.

In the end, everyone was all just tired and desperate.

After they took vote and the meeting ended, the Kazekage went up to his office, and wrote a mission request to Kumogakure, the Village Hidden in the Clouds. They were, after all, in the Land of Lighting, and bound to have a few experienced Lightning users.

(Although he finally sunk low enough to ask for help, he still refused to do it outright and so directly. He wrote the request anonymously, making it appear like a random stranger who just wanted a certain redheaded boy dead. He sent the request anonymously as well, by foot carried by a chuunin disguised as a civilian.)

He wasn't at all happy, but it was for the good of the village.

Like always.

A/N: Love the Sand Sibs. Love writing as well. So here we are.

In the series, Gaara shows up, and he's seemingly unbeatable. Yet genin Rock Lee and Sasuke Uchiha are still able to crack that armor of his. They're awesome and strong like that, but if you think about it, a Leaf ninja like Kakashi could probably kill Gaara, if their genins are like that. So I think that while Gaara did win against every one of those assassins his father sent, they weren't that high-level. If Suna really wanted Gaara really dead, they would have found a way. In this fic, they did and they succeed. Then, sibling angst.

First fic. Constructive criticism welcome. I fail at tenses, but I aim to improve that.