DISCLAIMER: I don't own Criminal Minds… Probably never will. THOUGH I WISH I DID.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: this is my first criminal minds fan fiction. Might just be a one shot. Let me know if you want more ! This is just little drabble that appeared in my head the other night and wouldn't leave. :D

For as long as Spencer Reid could remember, he had hidden behind his statistics. They were true and solid. Rarely changing, unlike life around him. People lied, numbers didn't. They couldn't hurt him, in fact, they protected him.

His mother had told him in one of her more lucid moments once to hang onto the gift he had been given. That it would one day come in handy, save his life, maybe hers. How true she was (about his life, not hers). Using statistics, he could find an unsub. Puzzles and riddles? No problem.

But he knew there would come a day when his numbers wouldn't save him. That the odds would run out. Until then, he kept his mind on the numbers, kept a book in his hands, and kept hoping that one day, his mom's luck would renew itself.