Vampire Witches

Chapter 1


Okay so basically this is a story about 6 witches who were turned into vampires. They live with their mates and everyone but Bella has a mate. What happens when they meet some new vampires when they move to Forks? This is my third fanfic but I'm probably going to delete my first because it got no reviews. My other story is 'Isabella Marie Swan Volturi'. I hope you like this one and please review.

"Guys hurry up this ritual ain't gonna start itself!" my family was taking forever to get ready. I mean how hard can it be to put on a simple black dress –or suit in angel's case –tie their hair in a bun, grab their pendant, candles and gems then walk down the stairs. Me, Kiera and Angel had been ready for half an hour and grabbed everything else needed for the full moon ritual. Kiera and Angel were pretty much our mom and dad. Kiera was the high priestess and coven leader but had taken on the motherly role toward us and Angel had just followed her lead. The humans think we were all adopted by them. Technically we were but we are well over old enough to go our own way but we feel safer and happier in a coven. Plus we were more than that, we were family.

Everyone finally got down the stairs ready with their stuff. Well the vampire witches anyway. Lewis, Demetri and Mason were discussing which Xbox game to play. Zoey and Jess, the fire twins, were bickering about goddess knows what, Ashley was watching them, rolling her eyes and there Kiera and Angel were in each others arms laughing at their 'children'. Our family were strange where vampire covens were concerned. Me, Ashley, Jess, Zoey, Kiera and Angel were the only witches known that had been changed to vampires. There was Ashley who controlled water and was mates with Mason who she met in Alaska; he was a vampire who couldn't remember his human life. Then there was Ashley's biological brother, Angel. He had been changed by Kiera when she found him being tortured and nearly killed by a vampire. He had a gift from earth to communicate with animals. He was mates with Kiera, obviously. She was the oldest out of all of us and had been changed by the Volturi in the 17 hundreds. They changed her when they found out she knew what they were and they didn't want to kill her because of her 'abilities'. She can change shape into any animal but she prefers a panther and wolf (yeah I know that I am obsessed with panthers at the minute because I did use that in the last story) they let her go after her newborn years.

Well Kiera, Angel and Ashley –who was changed by Angel because they were all each other had –had been staying in Europe when they met the twins and their mates. The twins Zoey and Jess had been captured by the Volturi when they heard that they were witches. They made a huge mistake though. When we're just witches we need to use spells and chants to call the elements but as soon as the Volturi changed them they –like the rest of us –could call upon them at will. They threatened the Volturi that they would burn the entire castle down. When they left Demetri and Lewis –who had been cousins in their human life –left with them. Finally there was me. Isabella Marie Swan Forrest, Bella for short. Kiera found me close to death after being attacked by another vampire, James. Kiera killed him and had no choice but to change me. I can control air and am the only one in my family without a mate. I don't mind most of the time but it can sometimes be rather lonely. The guys that were only vampires had gifts too. It was different to our kind; they had nothing to do with the elements. Demetri was a tracker, Lewis could change use telepathy at will and Mason could freeze things. The only thing he couldn't freeze was time but he could freeze people and objects but only one at a time.