I had finished a cleansing ritual of the clearing where our war had ended and took a deep breath as I rose from my place in the centre. I had found myself alone several time in the weeks that followed trying to find the answers to so many of the questions I held within myself; what now? Who would take over policing our world? Is it really time that humans discovered the reality of supernatural creatures? Why had i been so uniquely marked by the Gods and Goddess'? It was an endless string of questions and as of yet there were no answers made available to me... well until today that is. Once my ritual was finished and I stood there was a magnificent light and stood before me were the Gods and Goddess' of old. Not all of them of course after all, even I didn't know how many of them there actually were but enough that I was blindsighted by the beauty and power that eminated from them. I immeditely fell back to my knees and looked up at; Zeus, Hera, Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Hades, Persephone, Poesidon, Hecate and Epona.

"Stand my witch daugher. You have done well and have earned the right to be our equal, you need never bow to us. You are the daughter of the Gods and Goddess'." Hecate's voice was as beautiful as I remembered and tears shone in her eyes; tears of pride but i was still so confused about everything. Before I could say anything -not that I even knew what to say - Zeus stood forward and commanded my attention.

"You have questions as is to be understood, so much has has happened to you in your long - and yet also short -life. You have earned the answers to your questions but first you must understand that each of us gave you a gift, one you have thanked us for by completing the quest that you were born to do." Zeus was everything i'd ever imagined and more, he exuded power and made me miss the father i'd never met.

"Gifts? Quest? I don't understand." This time it was Hades -The God of the Underworld-who spoke to me with a smile on his otherwise stern face.

"You cannot remember us coming to you as your memory of the past was washed clean when you drank from the river Lethe. We came to you when you were in my realm after your previous life was over. You were given a choice; you could have continued to stay in the Underworld and enjoyed the pleasures it offered or you could return here before you'd had chance to come to terms with your previous death. We asked if you would complete a quest for us and in the mean-time find the mate that you yearned for. We needed you to bring about the balance of Good and Evil and again for us. By defeating the Volturi you have begun to complete that Quest. I gifted you with the power to see that which truly lay in people's souls; be it good or bad." I was shocked by his admission but didn't have chance to truly grasp the meaning of it when the others began to tell me what they had gifted me with.

"I gifted you with the ability to use compassion even to those who were enemies." Hera's voice was soft but she gazed at me, lovingly.

"My gift to you was that your arrow would never miss its mark, little sister." Artemis looked serious but her eyes also portrayed his love.

"I gave you the strength to fight the battles that came and went, along with the ability to lead your people in them." Athena did not look at me with love but she nodded to me with respect like the warrior she was.

"My gift was the ability to heal, both yourself and those around you, just with your presence alone." Apollo again looked upon me kindly and I blushed a little at the intensity of his gaze.

"I gave you the power of the Earth." Persephone did not speak to me like I was young -which to her i was -she spoke to me as though i knew her, and i suppose in a way, I did.

"I made it so your Family found you, for without them you would not have been strong enough to live after all the pain that had befallen you." Hecate smiled a mothers smile at me and the kindness of her voice casued tears to well in my eyes.

"Animals respond to your call and protect you because I willed it so." Epona gave me the same smile as Hecate had and this time the tears spilled over. Finally Zeus spoke again and the tears fell even harded when he called me his daughter.

"You are our Daughter. A Daughter of the Gods, made specifically to lead this land thorough the changes that are coming and to also bring about those changes. I gave you the power to lead in all ways. To be merciful, wise, just and powerful with your words. The other gifts you have were simply carried through your soul from your previous lives. Your soul is as ancient as the land itself and you were the most fit to fill this role and you have proven us right." It was at that point a nickering drew my attention to the woods behind me and I found the Pegasus that had carried me into battle and then disappeared once she was called.

"Our final gift to you is Pegasus, she has missed you and I do so hate to see my creatures sad." Epona smiled at the Pegasus who trotted over to me in merriment. I softly stroked her nose as i placed my head against hers and thought about what I could say, and then I realised that whatever I said would be right, Zeus himself gave me the power for them to be so.

"I cannot thank you enought and my heart rejoices knowing that I have been so blessed even with the tasks those blesses have cost me. I will also use them to the best of my abilities but I have to ask; what now?" It was Hecate who came to me and took my hands in hers as I faced her.

"Now you return to your family on Earth, knowing that your family extends even to Olympus and that whatever the future brings; you will never truly be alone. Bring the knowledge yo humans that there is more at work in this world than that which they know and trust in us to help control the chaos it may yet bring. Build your council; one where witches, vampires, shape-shifters, humans and werewolves along with all other manner of creatures that seek your aid are safe to seek you out and ask your help. Begin to change this world for the better. If you need us then call and we will respond. We will enever forget you my daughter, and forever we will watch over you." Then, as easily as they had appeared they disappeard, I shouted up to the sky, panic gripping me.

"Wait! How? What must I do?" They didn't return, instead a voice drifted to me on the breeze, a voice i recognized well.

Trust yourself, you we will not steer you wrong.

That was when I truly felt myself become completely whole and headed toward my destiny.

200 Years Later

The Golden dress i wore dragged lightly along the marble floor as I headed to the council room, there stood an envoy of each of the races. Carlisle had taken to leading the vampires, Jacob became the Alpha of the original Shape-Shifters, Kiera's grand-daughter was now the High Priestess of Witches and so many others had joined our council over the two centuries it had been built; Elves, Druids, Dryads, Fay, Humans, Shamans, Ghosts... any supernatural creature that had ever been heard of and some that hadn't had a seat with us, and me? I was the Goddess on Earth (or at least that's what the others called me) I spoke for the Gods and my life couldn't be more perfect because of it. Humans gradually did accept us, of course there was still issues now and then but that was to be expected, the Gods still visited me on occassion and spoke to me when they hadn't the need to fully materialize. We had built a huge Manor in Forks, in the clearing where the Volturi's reign ended and ours began. My family and I lived there at all times but other cretaures peferred to return home and only stay when there was cause but that was good. Life was good. Edward and I were in love as we had been since our wedding day and suffice to say; my life couldn't get any better. The world as a whole couldn't get much better. It was now a perfect mixture of the Ancient ways and the Modern.