Chapter 7

The two women stood in the middle of the reeking swamp: greenish mud dripping from their hair.

"Was it really necessary for them to drop us in the sludge?" Athar asked her bedraggled friend. Q glared at her.

"Was it really necessary for them to strand us without power on this mud-ball for two whole months?" Q shot back.

"This is not punishment; this is torture!" Athar wailed.

"Who be you?" a strange voice suddenly queried from behind them. The two women slowly turned around. There, on the shore, stood a funny, small green being. He was dressed in cheap home-made clothes and he had funny, pointed ears.

"We are the supreme beings Q and Athar," Q loftily replied. "Where are we?"

"On Dagobah you be, yeah," the being said.

"Well, we will be living on this mud infested-fermenting pool for two months," Athar said.

The being grinned and the women suddenly knew they were facing a master opponent. Their punishment was better thought-out than they had at first believed.

"We neighbours be, yes!" Yoda smiled.

The women wept.

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