The powder blue horizon is flowing steady, leaking over the edge of the earth chasing the sun of a cliff. Behind it charcoal and grey ashy clouds muddle the sky and it is this, the first sunset to meet a rip in it's mouth wide and show a Garganta. The black tattered hole is thick against the evening glow of Karakura. It's humming a black noise that fills the high air with a heavy bass and the sky goes still. From the black curtains of the Garganta bodies wrapped in white and black clothing step into the dusk of the human world. Espada and Arrancars stand together eyes trailing under their feet at the soft cityscape below.

"Cuál era?"

"Un niño - named Kurosaki"

The two Espada glancing toward one another gave a curt nod. Stark's calm, solemn faced and bland posture promises his uninterested attention. Awhile Lilynette is standing beside him unusually quite, observing her surroundings hands tucked neatly behind her back.

Grimmjow holds a much opposite attitude. A splicing grin split his jaw; his eyes are wide and excited, his fracciõn beside him is buzzing with equal vigor for the hunt and the kill. He turns looking at them in approval sharing the heat and fever to accompany them upon a new fight. Grimmjow takes his right hand out of his hakama pocket and points below re-facing Stark.

"Un niño?" He laughs "Raise your reiatsu boys, draw out every damn shinigami there is. Ya c'ming Stark?"

"No, I think we will keep the Garganta company in the mean time" Said Stark slouching back with loose arms crossing his chest.

Grimmjow just pressed another wide grin as an answer, his fracciõn sonido below to the streets of Karakura spreading afar. Thick pulsing energy rippling the air cradles the earth, he is the last to join them below but he is waiting. Searching for worthy game, the niño may not be worth his time and the niño is a mandatory catch but he is determined for a go hunt. The niño can wait.

The sudden thundering of reiatsu pulled every on duty shinigami in the living world to the rooftops and skies. Some scattering in confusion and panic while others like Ikkaku and Renji enjoy the rush. They quickly meet with individual arrancar of their own and so on it went, as the Espada's fracciõn took on these shinigami.

Ichigo is alongside Rukia chasing out to join the others, the pulsing violence of energy around them is setting Ichigo on the edge. Teeth grinding and his eyes are stressed because this reiatsu is familiar.

"Rukia, it's the same reiatsu from before. Their back – the hollows" He says not sparing her a side-glance as they are both running as fast as they can.

"I know, I already got Rangiku to call backup and to release the blockers on their bankai. We just need to hold them off." She says so in eerie confidence.

The sensation of the battles around Karakura is chaotic, energies are just pulling left and right and Ichigo is struggling to keep up with tracing Hisugaya, Renji or Ikkaku. As he is running his legs hit hard against the payment, sword heavy on his back, following Rukia aimlessly. That's until a thick hail of reiatsu collides in their path forcing them to skid to a stop. Both Rukia and Ichigo immediately take on the defensive and pull out their zanpakuto. Before them standing above the streets is an Aranccar. Somewhat small in size and a bulbous mask on his head half wrapped in a light teal fabric.

"S'bout about damn time" He said raising his arms up in relief a wide grin pressing out through his mouth unraveling a sharp-toothed smile. "Every'body else has already started, was starting to think no shinigamis were left" Unsheathing his sword, with no hesitation began to attack.

"Ichigo!" Is shouted by Rukia as she takes on the aranccar with a released zanpakuto. They collide blade to blade and make quick work attacking each other. This hollow is cocky and underestimates the abilities of a shinigami of Rukia's frame and is caught in an ice attack despite his acclaimed aerial advantage. Incased in a frozen casket from above, he falls to the ground dead and in pieces. While re sheathing her sword she turns back to Ichigo who is still ready in defense but the stress in his face wiped off.

"That was over pretty quick" Bits of surprise come out with his words.

"Yeah, a little to quick though. This hollow wasn't like the two from before."

"Hm – lets get going Rukia. I feel like the others haven't gotten as lucky as us." Turning on his heels Ichigo starts to lead down the street nearest the closet arrancar fight. But not a few steps into a sprint do the two shinigami feel a brutal force of reiatsu.

"The hell is this, Di Roy's killers still around?"

Both Ichigo and Rukia pale at the sight in front of them, this new arrancar who is standing in the middle of the street glaring and grinning at them.

"I'm Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, the Sexto Espada and I want to know which one of you fucks is the strongest." His voice is wicked and deep, eyes wild and hungry, his reiatsu chaotic and loud. The sonido is too quick and unregistered by Ichigo until Grimmjow is clear over the spread of road, which had been separating them. "Knew it wasn't you"

Everything is quiet and all Ichigo can comprehend is the large arm impaling a soft and small chest. The bone mangling and breaking inside goes unheard; the blood raining to the ground is silent. The meek choking sound is all that can reach his ears.


Grimmjow yanks his right arm out of Rukia's chest in annoyance while the body slides right of onto the ground. A thick blade comes to his left and it collides with his forearm bluntly taking no damage. With a raging force of energy he sends Ichigo flying across the pavement crashing into a cement wall. Setting his hands back into his pockets he watches the shinigami pick himself up out off the rubble.

"Tch' your not giv'n me much reason to kill you Shinigami" Plastering grin grew through his hollow mask and he stuck out his left hand again pointing to Ichigo now standing and glaring harshly. "Now c'mon and show me your bankai, before I stick a whole in you like I did that other one"

"Shut your damn mouth you bastard. Bankai!" A spark of surprise burst through Grimmjows face. He could feel this new power drastically change as his opponent cast his bankai and submerged himself in a cloud of black incandescent reiatsu. Grimmjow anticipates an attack and isn't left waiting as Ichigo erupts from the dark fog blade first. The shinigami is charging furiously at the espada yet only one blade is drawn between the two. Fighting is sporadic throughout the street up until they both shift into midair. Ichigo maintains his melee attacks with great force and agility and his espada opponent meets him blow for blow. A quick flash step behind Grimmjow gives Ichigo an edge to strike. A hard kick from above has him crashing to the is not impressed

"Psh, Is that all you can do Shinigami. Increase your speed? Ya disappointment me - ."

"Getsuga Tenshou!"

From the ground the attack blossomed black and at high speed slamming onto Grimmjow dead on. His forearms rise up blocking his face; skin is torn and eaten up. A single grotesque vertical laceration decorats the center of his chest. Blood cascading the sides of his forehead and face, this is happiest he's been in days and he smiles.

"Did that end your disappointment - Arrancar?"

"Tch' that technique wasn't in Ulquiorra's report"

"Glad I can surprise you, not that – that report will help you any." Ichigo is saying with a smile of his own.

"Hahaha! Wipe that fuck'n look off your face Shinigami cuz' now I find ya worth killing!" A tight grip of his right hand takes the handle of his sword. In one swift motion he is charging down on Ichigo. Both can be heard yelling and gasping with each clash of metal. At a standstill with their zanpakuto Ichigo is visibly struggling to maintain Grimmjow's weight behind his sword as the blades grind on each other.

"Hahaha What's your name shinigami?" He asks intensely staring down at Ichigo whom is gritting his teeth in frustration, eyebrows arched and knitted with blood and sweat.

"Ichigo – Ichigo Kurosaki" He gasps out and suddenly the force that was upon him is gone. His eyes scatter quickly, his body finding its balance from the wild shift in weight.

Standing a few yards ahead stands Grimmjow, utter surprise paints his face. Its replaced with a slow lined smile.

"¡Ay que suerte!" He shouts sheathing his sword hands in pockets. His posture calm and relaxed. "So your him eh? El niño que estaba buscando, looks like my hunt is over. HA!"

"I'm what? What the hell are you talking about Arrancar!"

"It's Grimmjow niño, 'nd ya better put up a better fight then this 'cuz I'm taking you home with me." He sonidos and Ichigo loses sight of him, Grimmjow is mear inches away.

And Ichigo fights for his life.