In the beginning, before the existence of life, before hearts could breath and eyes could hold souls. There was only the Sun and the Moon, a simplicity of the warmth of light and cool glow of the dark. Time was immeasurable but for these two gods suspended in empty space, eternity was theirs.

And with only each other, they loved as one. That was until the great Sun did not. In his wake and out of nothing he created life. A sphere of soil and water, this is his earth and all his children on it. His eyes now fall on his creation taking his grace from the Moon. Leaving her alone without the warmth that had for so long anchored her, comforted her and balanced the only existence they had known.

Cloaked in stars and black dust she watched from afar, the Great Sun spreading his seed upon his creation in currencies un-suspended to imagination. She saw creatures fly in the water as in the sky, walk on legs or slither on bellies. But what seemed to be his most cherished prize were the children who wore his warmth upon their faces. These humans danced on legs, spoke through smiles and felt their hearts through eyes unclouded. Their birth shared the birth of the Moon's grief and envy.

She could no longer accept the loneliness without the Sun nor be apart of his kin, so with empty hands she will'ed a creation of her own. She had no seed to plant, but with dust and stars and shadows she made a beautiful white sphere of her own. Made of soft sand which twinkled like starlight in her grace, but no creatures or children came from it. She waited and waited for a sprout of life to come but it did not.

Until the day came where she pulled her own body apart planting it into the sand, seeds of gore and flesh to fertilizing it. Hollows sprouted from the cold glittering surface there after and she forever known as La Luna Madre.

"Each part of her body helped create different parts of our world you see today, the wind be her breath, the trees - are the bones from her hands, the plants and flowers are the very silk of her hair and skin. But from the deepest part of her heart came the hollows we call Luna, the ones that carry the wombs of her children and balance the savagery from the flesh born hollows of the first birthed generation."

A veil of silence settled for a moment as Aizen came to a pause in his tale. And his audience, save for one, carry a modest expression of familiarity and an odd subtle gleam of comfort. Ichigo looks away from the Lord on at the table, shutting his eyes, clenching them hard and fisting his hands over his knees under the table.

"I'm not an idiot Aizen, whatever you think I am - I'm not. Whatever your looking for wont be found barking up my tree. So I suggest leaving me alone and send me the fuck back home. Cus right now your wasting time preaching to a non believer."

"Your're being very crass Ichigo" Aizen said as he stands from his seat, "Believe in whatever soothes you for now, but the facts remain. You were born from the bosom of the Luna Madre but during the War of Souls were you -"

"Enough!" Ichigo shouts and all but jumps out of his seat in a rage "You're the fool to think I want to even listen to the absolute shit that comes from your mouth. After what you did at Seireitei - I promise I'll gut you and this Luna bullshit myself." He said with fierce vigor but even with the sudden fit of adrenalin the sweat on his brow lends a lacking pursuit. The men opposite of the table do not take kindly to Ichigo's threats and with threaded instincts force an anvil of spiritual pressure on the boy. Ichigo collapse like heavy ash with heat and pain on his shoulders. He feels Szayel's hands supporting him but white noise fills his ears.

Aizen cuts the attack off the boy, splitting the pressure away from his body.

"Mis Reyes," Aizen says to both Stark and Grimmjow "please be calm, Kings mustn't fret over small and empty wailing. Although he threatens so close too Lunas you must remember he is one as well."

Grimmjow rushes out of his seat "Not yet he isn't" he says hotly over his should and leaves. With nothing further to say and knowing Ichigo would not cooperate to the simple task of listening Aizen ends this meeting. Having Szayel and Tesla to tend to Ichigo while dismissing the others.

The journey back to Ichigo's healing quarters proves his body its weakness, his head buzzed, eyes filled with haze and his ears rung like hellish french church bells. The disorientation of his senses was laying waste to a thin line of patience he had and is lying sickly in his belly. The sluggishness he had felt when he woke has returned and no lighter then the last. Although slow he can reform his senses and acclimate his position upon a bed he is on now.

Tesla is alone with Ichigo, and flutters around the room preparing a small dish of tea with a small meal. Silently but with a soft weary smile he goes to Ichigo. He knows he is awake buy the stirring of the body and the change of breath. So he calls out to Ichigo, who sits upright with little struggle accepting a tray pushed into his arms. Its odd and irritating to have another stranger as his keeper, Ichigo thinks.

"Your strangely quiet for all the mess that has happened, no more heated words?" Whith utter disdain Ichigo looked at the bedside companion and replied.

"Where's the other babysitter?"

"If you mean Szayel, he has a few things that need his attention. My name is Tesla and I am seeing that your settled in for the evening." Ichigo took notice of the time along with the plate on his hands, the hot tea in a handeless cup, steamed vegetables sided with warm bread and a small paired utensil set. "Eat Ichigo"

"Why won't Aizen let me go." He said eyes cast down.

"Because we are not your enemy. I know you don't understand now but you will, and when you come into your natural body you will know. That we are trying to save our people. To save you." Tesla said pulling his lips into a thin lined smile, and the same weary kindness in his eyes.

"Your all crazy, disgusting hollows that only know to kill and eat souls, what do you have worth in saving? Whatever it is I will not be apart of it. I'm warning you know - the longer you keep me here - the more I will fight against you." Ichigo threatened with hateful eyes.

"You will come to realize that you are not a prisoner. And even if you would rather see me "gutted" I refuse to treat another Luna like trash so for now eat. Please" Tesla speaks and looks to Ichigo like a worried mother fussing with a stubborn and arrogant child.

"I'm not hungry"

"I cannot let you -"

"Please! Its the only thing I ask right now, I can't eat - it will only make me vomit. You'd understand if you were kidnapped away from your home and family. This is all making me sick inside."

Without a word Tesla took the tray away, what Ichigo read as pity was really a kindness Tesla is holding in his heart in understanding of the situation and the none the less terrible realities this new Luna must face. This kindness also made him blind to the missing pair of utensils on the tray he is placing on the opposite side of the room. Ichgo's spiritual pressure being condensed to nothing made him invisible to be felt, and bare feet made him soundless. The cuff of an arm around his neck choking him was the only indication to Tesla that Ichigo moved a all. He squeezed hard and Tesla's body went into a panic.

"I'm sorry but I wont stay here" And with all the strength he could muster, stabbed a fork into the low side of Tesla's chest, slipping past ribs and into a lung. Ichigo dropped the body to the floor and ran.

Tesla on the floor, wrapped his arms around his belly which is softly rounded under the large and long white coat. Tears from his eyes and blood out his mouth he cried and crawled to the door. "No no nonnono, mi bebe - mi bebe!" The screams were dull but high pitched from the choking and stabbed lunged made his pleas a gurgle of sounds. Fear rung hard in his heart. He crawled for the door - for the hall. Time felt stretched but hope felt far, but La Madre Luna watched over his soul and he could hear a fevered stomping coming to him in the hall. Szayel could smell the blood and feel the pain of the other Luna, he ran hard and dropped fast to his side.

"Tesla!" Szayel gathered him into his arms, ripping the coat open and careful of the wound.

"Please, the baby! Mi Rey quiero mi Rey!" Tesla coughed, but Szayel shushed him. Forming a ball of amethyst like crystals from his hand and into the stabbed flesh. Without warning he pulled the bloodied fork from his chest and added more crystals, in a rush he took out a small glass screened tablet and scanned Tesla's pregnant belly.

"It's ok, the baby - esta bien, tranquilo Tesla - tranquilo."

"Please I need him" Tesla pleaded, and with the unborn child unharmed and the wounds of the mother to be under control Szayel let out a thunderous cry. The siren of a Luna echos to the farthest and closest to the flesh born hollows, the Kings of the blood sand. His call need not go far, for within a moments time large bodies sprouted out of a sonido and no longer were they alone.


From the crowd of few men, came one long and lean snatching and cradling the weak Luna in his arms "What the fuck happened! Who did this?!" his voice hard and loud as though a battle cry.

"Mi Rey! I'm so sorry, perdóname - por favor perdóname." Tesla said crying into his King and lover's chest.

"Nnoitra," Szayel called to him "He and the baby are fine, but I need to take him to the medicine room now to fully repair his lung and he needs you. You know how weak we Luna are during a pregnancy he needs you now." In responds Nnoitra whispers words and licks Tesla's bloody face with his long tongue in comfort. He then looks out to Szayel.

"This was that little bitch doings? That fuck'n niño Lord Aizen had brought to us, I want him at my feet dead." Said Nnoitra standing tall with his Luna in his arms.

"Brother" Another called out to him. Grimmjow, standing there next to him, seething with disgust and anger of his own but places a warm hand on Nnoitra shoulder. "I will hunt him down and tear his skin from his soul."

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