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"Hey! Hey knock it off! Lian!"

"No way! Not til victory's mine!"


"Get her, Iris!"

"Don't worryJaishesnomatchfortheworldsfastestgirl!"


"Jai! Iris!"




Wally West, a.k.a. the Flash (formerly Kid), and Roy Harper, a.k.a. Arsenal (formerly Speedy) had just broken up a fight going on between Lian Harper and Wally's twins, Iris and Jai West, at the kids table. This year, they were having Thanksgiving at the West house, and it appeared that battle consisting of paper ammunition, rubber bands, and anything else the kids could get their hands on.

Lian was wearing a feathers and a headband, while Iris had on a cowboy hat and Jai had a bandana wrapped around his mouth.

"What the heck are you doi-is that cranberry sauce?" Wally asked, eyeing the slashes of red on his niece's face.

"It's war paint." Lian proudly stated.

"We're just playing cowboys and Indians, dad." Jai told his dad.

"It IS Thanksgiving." Iris reminded them.

"Uh, they didn't have cowboys at the first Thanksgiving." Roy told his daughter.

"So, they prob'ly had cowboys at SOME Thanksgiving." Lian stated back. She rolled her eyes at her dad's lack of imagination.

"Hmm, good point."

"What have I told you about using your powers when company's here?" Wally reminded his children.

"Well we wanted to be Indians but Lian wouldn't let us." Jai blamed.

"That's 'cuz MY daddy is an 'fficial member of the Tachini tribe, so that makes Me a real Indian." Lian said.

"We prefer 'Native American', Lian." Roy joked.


"Well enough. You kids have an unfair advantage against Lian, so-"

"Unfair advantage? What's that supposed to mean?" Roy cut Wally off.

"That Iris and Jai could get the better hand of Lian, no offense." Wally further explained.

"Didn't look like that from where I was standing, Kid Flash." Roy spat out of the last two words like they were toxic.

"I'm just trying to be polite, Speedy." Wally shot back.

"You think my daughter can't win just because she doesn't have superpowers, West?" Roy calmly/angrily asked.

"Well…" Wally trailed off.

Something inside Harper snapped as he sat down next to his daughter.

"Lian. Hand me that would you?" He pointed to a bowl of cranberry sauce on the table. Wally watched in horror as his former teammate donned similar "war paint" and fashioned another headband with feathers.

"Roy, Roy what are-"


The rubber band hit him right in the head.

"WAR." Roy declared.

"Oh come on, Harper, you're not really-"


The paper dart hit Wally in the eye.

"That's 'Arsenal' to you, Uncle Wally." Lian said.

All Wests looked like they wanted blood.

"…Gimme the hat, Iris."

Linda West had finally managed to get home from her work at the station in time for dinner to start.

"Okay Wally, sorry I'm late but-what the?"

Linda just stood there and watched in horror as her husband and one of his best friends had started firing rubber bands and paper darts at one another. Even more horrifying, Roy and his daughter managed to get the upper hand.

"HA! Direct hit!" Roy cheered as he managed to knock off Wally's cowboy hat with a paper dart fired from a straw.

"Good one, daddy!"

"Come on dad! Get on your A game already!" Iris ordered her dad.


"Ow! Lian, that hurt!" Jai cried after he got hit on the arm with a rubber band.

"All's fair in love and war!" Lian countered.

"I've taught you well." Roy said with pride at the daughter he sired with an international assassin.

"I don't what gets me mad." Linda said as the veins throbbed in her head. "The fact that my husband is acting like a child, or the fact that my family is losing."