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Summary: What happens when you cross Supernatural and Little Shop of Horrors? The Audrey II may be mean and green but the boys will make short work of him.

"So what's this place called again?" Dean asked as he and Sam shut the doors of the Impala that was parked on the side of the road.

"Mushnik Skid Row Florists" Sam answered reading the name of the store front.

It was a small shop that Sam probably couldn't walk through without breaking something. It seemed dirty to the brothers and made Dean notice that he didn't feel comfortable parking his baby on this street. It wasn't the most trustworthy looking street but Dean had to suck it up if he wanted to be professional about his 'job'.

The Winchesters walked into the store through the door and saw all the posters for their next hunt. Audrey II was positioned amidst people with cameras, banners labelled it as the Audrey II and other flowers arrangements that were for sale. The Audrey II looked like a venus fly trap on steroids. It was nearly touching the roof and took up more than half of the stores minimal size.

"Wouldn't want to be a fly near that thing, huh?" Dean nudged Sammy making mention of the abnormal plants resemblance to its fly eating counterpart. Sam shot Dean a look to shut up as a few people looked their way.

The man Sam had seen in the newspaper article was slouching behind the register watching as a tall blonde woman wrapped some roses for a customer. Sam knew his name to be Seymour Krelborn thanks to the newspaper he had skimmed two days ago while looking for a hunt and found the article.

Seymour Krelborn, skid row resident and florist assistant had made quite an unusual find at a wholesale flower shop district during an eclipse. His discovery had shot the formally run down flower shop to fame and riches.

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