"Seymour Krelborn?" asked Sam.

The small, meek flourist assistant looked up through his glasses at the Winchesters.

"Yes?" the man all but stuttered.

"Nerd alert," Dean whispered to his brother.

Sam gave Dean a look that Dean ignored.

"That's quite an interesting plant you've got there," Dean indicated to the Audrey II.

"Oh, yes, yes. A lot of people like it," he mumbled in reply, he seemed distracted by the blonde that came flouncing past them at that moment. Seymour Krelborn wasn't the only one who was distracted, Sam cleared his throat at this brother.

"Where did it come from?" Sam asked, trying to score some information.

"Where di –" Seymour looked away from the blonde and back to the Winchesters. "Sorry, what is it you wanted?"

"Oh Seymour, look at all these customers," the blonde interrupted. She looked up at Dean and Sam with a broad smile on her face. "Here to see the Audrey II, maybe you'd like to take some flowers home with you?"

"There's something I'd like to take home with me, it's not flowers though," Dean smirked at the blonde who giggled in return.

Sam rolled his eyes and made his way over towards the plant to study it instead of listening to his brothers terrible flirting. The venus fly trap look alike plant was nearly as tall as the ceiling. It was big and green and people with large, old looking cameras were taking photos of it.

"Cute, huh?" Dean asked coming up beside Sam while looking at the blonde.

"She looks like Donna Reed."

Dean smirked, turning around to look at the plant

The sound of a large, old motorbike came roaring down the street outside the shop. Dean instinctively looked up and out of the window at his precious Impala. The motorbike came precariously close to his Impala and Dean started to move to the front of the shop to check on his car.

He was cut off by the blonde, Audrey he'd found out, rushing out of the shop to meet the man on the motorbike. The Winchesters exited the shop after her.

"Woman!" The man on the bike yelled. "I told you to be out here on the street when I came! You made me stop my car!"

"I'm sorry!" the blonde yelled.

"You're sorry what?"

"I'm sorry, Doctor. Doctor! I'm sorry Doctor!"

"Not yet you ain't! Get on the bike. Hurry up, hurry up!"

The blonde got on the bike awkwardly in her leopard print dress. Before she was even on safely the man on the bike drove off quickly.

He turned the bike around at the top of the street and came speeding back down the street.

Then, the unthinkable thing happened. A part of the bike contacted with the side of the Impala as he went speeding away, leaving a large scratch.

Dean ran over to the side of the Impala, he watched as the man on the bike speed away laughing loudly. He reached for his gun.

"Dean! What are you doing?"

"He scratched my car!"

"So you're just going to shot him in the middle of a busy street?"


"Dean! Calm down, its just a person – an innocent person."

"I don't know Sammy, he looks like plant food to me," Dean grumbled but put his gun away.