Code Geass: Power of the Emperor

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Code Geass Revolution Zero: Prologue

Lelouch died. He knew it was a fact.

The blade had entered swiftly, piercing his heart in one smooth motion. He bled out within a minute. Through his dimming vision, he could hear Nunnally crying. Joy filled his heart though it twinged with regret. It was selfish of him to make her witness his death but he had to end the chapter and close the book. She had to know that it was all for her sake, He had waged war against the world just for her happiness and for the era of peace that was to come. Knowing this fact, she would live on so his sacrifice wouldn't go to waste.

The shadows under his eyes grew darker as he felt death approach. He was so tired of all the scheming, the lies, the mask, and the deaths. He simply wanted to rest. Yes, a long nap sounded nice. It had been a while since he had proper rest due to Zero Requiem. He almost considered it a special ability to sleep for only three hours a day and still retain most of his sanity, although the last part was debatable.

He drifted off, listening to the sound of grinding cogs.

... Grinding cogs? Lelouch's eyes snapped open in disbelief. His stomach took a plunge when he realized where he was. It was the World of C, the collective human consciousness. It made sense in an odd way, this was basically the afterlife, the spirit of those deceased are merged together into one great mass. Instead of wondering why he was here, Lelouch was wondering why he still retained his ability to think. His soul should have merged together with the billions of countless other souls, identity forgotten.

A mechanically altered voice, and surprisingly familiar voice called out to him. He turned around and his amethyst eyes widened in surprise, before him stood a perfect copy of Zero. "Who are you? Why are you here?" Instantly, his mind thought of five different possibilities. It could be Suzuka, who died sometime down the line, apparently time is relative here. It could be himself, the alter-ego he created to combat the world.

Zero let out a booming laughter and clapped his hands together in a disturbingly familiar way. "Impressive, you came up with five different possibilities in a mere instant."

"No way! Mao!"

Zero's outfit crumbled into white sparks of lights, revealing Mao with his geass active. He gave Lelouch an insane grin. "Why are you so worried? I'm not here to hurt you. Yes, I know I hurt tried killing your dear sister and toyed with Shirley. Actually I'm here on official duty and can you stop thinking so fast? It's annoying to answer all those questions racing through your head."

Lelouch glared and thought even faster just to spite Mao.

Mao rubbed his temple to alleviate the slight migraine. "I'm here on official business, the World of C has chosen me to be their representative.

Lelouch was confused. "Representative?"

Now it was Mao's turn to grin. "Yes, that's right. With my unique geass, I can read the will of the Gods!There is no one better than me to express their will! Do you know how lucky you are Lelouch? You have saved the Gods from death! It is only natural that they would want to reward you."

Lelouch growled in his throat. He didn't want any reward. His death was repentance for all the sins he had committed. All those who trusted him and loved him, he had led them to their death.

Euphie, Shirley... The two biggest mistakes and regrets of his life.

His ultimate Sin. Could there truly be a chance for redemption?

Mao laughed, "This is why the Gods have decided to reward you. You have created the future for them, now it's time for you to enjoy the past. Really Lelouch, this time enjoy your life. Someone else will take up the Mantle of Zero and lead the world to peace. You are not bound by fate to do anything at all, this time, relish your life."

Lelouch was flabbergasted. Past? Does this mean he could go back to a time when everyone he cared for was still alive? Countless emotions burst forth from within Lelouch. The prospect of a second chance was to great to comprehend!

The enormous planet above began to glow red, the giant red symbol of the geass appeared. Looking upon him was the eye of God. It was the wish of the collective consciousness of mankind, their wish, their Geass.

Lelouch started disintegration into particles, slipping through time to the past.

Right before he fully vanished, he heard Mao laugh at him. "This time around. Don't die a virgin Lulu-kun."

Lelouch flushed and opened his mouth for a quick retort but the tugging sensation jerked him away before he could speak.

Images of past events flashed by as he rushed through a massless expanse of space, drawing closer and closer to the white light.

Lelouch felt his body trembling, vision shaking. Time travel hurts. There was a nasty dry taste in his mouth and it sounded like someone was doing a tap dance skit inside the side of his skull. If he didn't know any better, he would say he was hungover.

It happened only once before. The day he thought Nunnally died from the FLEIJA warhead, he immediately flew his Gawain to the nearest liquor store and stole all the alcohol he could carry. After returning to the base, he drunk himself silly in the cockpit and woke up only to find that the Black Knights unveiled his Geass and wanted to kill him.

Somehow through his drunken stupor, he pulled of his Zero act quite convincingly and wished they would put a bullet through his head so the pounding would go away. It was just his luck for that little bastard Rolo to get in the way. After the headache was gone, he was pissed off and there was no way to relieve stress other than to take it out on the Emperor.

He had to be honest, it felt good ruining the plan that took over forty years to come to fruition. Of course, it didn't help at all that he found out his mother who he adored was in the cahoots with his old man. Still he placed his bet on the future, not the past.

The headache seem to have alleviated somewhat the the roaring in his ears trickled down to the sound of chirping birds. He fumbled around groggily, trying to figure out where he was. Lelouch blinked at the sight of his clock.

Yes. His clock, the one that he had been using for the past four years at Ashford Academy. Everything was the same, the walls and the ornate designs/decoration hadn't changed in the slightest. Lelouch flipped open his cellphone and took note of the time and date. It was a month before the Shinjuku incident occurred, before he met C.C. He swept his shaggy black hair out of his eyes to get a better look at himself.

A pair of glowing Geass eyes looked back at him. He flinched and averted his gaze, he still had his geass! Apparently, the geass was not a physical ability but rather a power that manifested itself through the soul. When C.C entered the contract with him, she did nothing more than to use her code to unlock the deepest wish in his heart. His desire for power, not having lived a single moment of his life before he met her. And now that power followed his soul back into time.

Lelouch glared at the mirror, staring at his reflection and the geass. He was Zero! The 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannia Empire, Conquerer of the World! He can control the geass! Through sheer will power, he pushed back the geass into the recess of his soul. The red light faded away from his eyes to reveal his normal royal purple irises. He knew it was possible. The Former Emperor had done it s why couldn't he?

With the geass out of the way, Lelouch could study his appearance in detail. He traced the image reflected in the mirror in disbelief. Something was wrong here. His hair was never so long and untamed, nor his knuckles rough and scarred. Lelouch was looking at a stranger. It was his body alright but so vastly different physically! Lelouch opened and clenched his hands closed, watching his muscles ripple.

Yes. Muscles.

He had an athlete's body, not an ounce of fat on him. Every contour of his body was defined and he could see the individual muscles connecting and working together in harmony. He had also grown a few inches taller than he originally was, making him top 6 feet. However there was one major difference, there was a angry red scar running across his throat in the impression of a crude Geass Code, not unlike the one C.C had on her forehead.

Lelouch kicked aside the empty bottle of wine and pulled on his pants, determined to find answers. The door opened and he heard a voice he thought he never hear again.

"Really Onii-san, what did I tell you about drinking so early in the morning again."

He gapped, unable to say anything. He tried speaking but something prevented him from uttering a single word at the sight of the miracle before him.

He collapse to the floor and watched as Nunnally walk over to the still spinning wine bottle, pick it up, and discard it into the trash bin.

Nunally planted both hands on her hip and looked down at his stunned visage. "I'm here to make sure you're not going to skip class again Onii-san!"

As he looked into her light amethyst eyes, he could only nod in response.

Just exactly what in the world was going on...

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