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Naruto goes into the room that he once shared with Yuna; he looks around the room as he sees all the photos of both of them in. Naruto walks over to the desk as he picks up one of the photos but this one. It was the day he had told her that he loved her but he had sang to her to show her how much he loves her.

He lightly puts the photo back on the desk as he wonders if it was really ok to come back here. He knows he has to take care of his angel but at the same time he doesn't know if he can handle seeing all of these photos.

The photos just reminds him of what he has lost and can never get back no matter how much he wants her back in his life. He keeps thinking of what she always wanted in her life and that was a daughter for her to take care of.

Naruto slowly walks out of the door and heads for his daughter room which he was glad that he had something that Yuna loved. He just wishes that he could have been here to see his angel being born into this world. He hates knowing that he wasn't here when she needed help but also thankful that Tsume was here for her when he wasn't.

When he gets to her door he opens as he sees his little angel sleeping which he just smiles because he was glad that she looks so happy when she is sleeping. He feels a tap on his shoulder as he looks around he sees Tsume in her nightgown which is a long silk blue nightglow.

"You need to come with me now so you can talk about how you're feeling Naruto and you can't say no to me. Yuna always wanted to help you with your feelings but you never let her but you're going let me and now.' She told him the last part in a feral tone of voice which he realizes he has to tell someone. If he doesn't then he will blow up from keeping everything locked inside of him for so many years.

Tsume starts to walk over to the living room as Naruto closes his daughter door quickly trying not to wake her up as he then fallows after Tsume. Tsume does know that she cares about him but she also knows that she wants to help him with everything he has locked up inside of him.

Tsume sits down as she looks at him which she was wondering what he's going to say when she tells him she has used her bloodlines. "Your daughter has used both of your bloodlines the fake bloodline and the 2st Hokage bloodline." That's when Naruto just shakes his head because he was someone that could use the 2st Hokage bloodline but not his brother Minato.

This cause both brother not to get along in the start of their lives but later on they started to care about each other but Naruto still thinks of Minato as only a half brother but Minato thinks of Naruto as a full brother.

"I was really hoping she would find out about them later in her life not so soon, does anyone else know about it? Because I'm not letting that fucking old fucking ass try to get his bloody hands on her." Tsume knows who Naruto was talking about which she would sooner kill him before letting him touch her granddaughter.

"Trust me Naru-kun I'm never going to let someone like that touch little Tifa no matter what, I would sooner kill him with my own hands first. She learned about them once she seen a rose dying and asked it to grow without knowing it would work." Tsume smiles at the last part as she thinks of the time when she sees the little girl keep asking the rose to get better and grow. She seen the little rose grow and start to become so shocked when it worked which Tsume then told Tifa about that bloodline.

"I wish I could be there to see her doing that which I just hope no one tries to hurt her or used her when she grows older." Tsume just looks at him as she pads the sit next to her on the couch telling him to see down.

Naruto sits down as she just rubs his arm trying to calm him down because she knows he's worried about his daughter and how she's going to grow up as someone with a bloodline. "Don't worry because no one will try to hurt her when you or I are around her." He smiles to her because she was always a caring mother and now a caring grandmother.

"Thank you for being there for her when I wasn't even here when her kaa needed me." Tsume just slaps him upside the head because she is really disappointed in him. When did he become this much of a pussy which is because she still remembers the strong Naruto that Yuna loved with all her heart.

"When did you become so much of a pussy Naruto? This wasn't you fault that you couldn't be here and stop blaming yourself for it, no one has blamed you for being gone and no one will because you didn't pick to be in jail or thought of as died." He looks at Tsume as he knows that she is right about him being like that because he doesn't know how else to deal with what going on.

"I guess your right about me acting like a fool now but that only way I know how to deal with these kinds of things." Tsume just keeps rubbing his arm which Naruto just looks at her. She's happy that he somewhat trying to get out of that shell that he hides in.

"Let the people around you help you then, we are here to help you so don't forget that but right now we both need to go to sleep." She stands up as she walks back to her room which Naruto walks back to his room as well.

He starts to sit on the bed as he closes his eyes as he thinks on what Tsume just told him. Maybe he really does need to let others help him but he has done everything on his own up till now. But he never had to raise a child by himself but now he knows he's going to need help.

Naruto starts to lie down on the bed as he realizes tomorrow going be a long day when he finds out what team he is being put on.

The next day as Tsume was now walking inside Naruto room as she stands next to the bed.

"Naruto wake up your brother wants you to be at the tower now." Naruto just opens his eyes as he hears Tsume talking but he just closes his eyes and goes back to sleep. That when he feels himself being kicked out of the bed and landing on the floor.

"I told you to get up now you lazy ass" He just smirks as he stands up and looks at her.

"You are really loud in the morning just like normal." That just makes Tsume look at him with a deadly glare causing Naruto to jump out the window and head to the Hokage tower. When he gets to the tower Minato looks at him funny.

"You don't even change your clothes when you come see me?" Minato asked him as Naruto just looks at him. "I know you don't have anything because it's all still at my house." Minato smirks.

"Why did you call me here now at this time you big fool." Minato just looks at him as he hears the doors open as Kurenai and her team comes in.

"This will be the team you will be on and head over to your old room that my place to get things." Naruto nods his head as he jumps out the window. "Why can't he use the door?" Kurenai just lets out a little giggle.

"Then it wouldn't be as fun then." Kurenai said as she feels a pull on her leg. When she looks down she sees her little two year old daughter which the only time her daughter is with her on duty is when she's only training her team. She would never bring her on a mission because it's too unsafe for her but she doesn't want her daughter to see the life of a shinobi.

"What is it angel?" Motoko just looks up at her kaa as she points to the window."That was Naruto but he also Tifa tou." Motoko smiles because she may see Tifa today then.


Naruto opens the door to his brother house but he was shocked that he doesn't lock things. He heads over to his old room but when he gets there he's shocked everything is the same as he left it.

He moves over to his dresser as he pulls out some new clothes to change into. "Now I only need a nice and long shower." When he starts to open the door to the bathroom and once he walks in he sees Kushina naked and wet. Kushina was now looking at him like she was seeing a ghost because Minato hadn't told her he was back and alive.

"YOU HENTAI EVEN FROM THE GRAVE YOU PEEK ON ME!' She starts throwing things that she can get a hold of as Naruto start yelling in pain. When she sees that it hurt that's when she starts to stop throwing things at him.

"What is that for? I'm not the one that trying kill someone here." Naruto just keeps looking at her as he has to say she does look better then the last time he seen her naked. "Why are you here?" But when she sees the clothes in his hand she understands now. "Now get out so I can get dressed or else you die" The last part made Naruto be scared of his life as he walks out and closes the door.

When he sees Kushina walk out of the bathroom she just stares at Naruto because she can't believe that he was still alive. "How are you still alive Naruto-kun and right here in front of me?" She asked him but Naruto fills her in causing her to be pissed that her husband didn't tell her this.

"Why is it that your brother forgets to tell me that your alive which is something he should of told me front the start? Sometimes he can really be a big fool and this is one of these times." Naruto can only agree to that but Kushina just hits him over the head. "That's for agreeing to make you a genin but it's good to see that Tifa has her tou back."

"Yea I'm glad that I still have at least her left in my life." She can tell what he was thinking of but he just looks at her. "How have you and Riza been since last time I seen you two?" She just smiles to him because she was glad that at least one person beside herself and Minato were nice to Riza.

Every hates her because of Kyuubi being sealed inside of her but she can relate to her daughter because kyuubi used be inside of her but now its inside her daughter but she wishes she can take it back. She doesn't know how the seal broken because she didn't die it was like the kyuubi was taken out of her body from some outside place.

"Two of us have both been fine but I truly wish the village would stop hating her because of what's sealed inside of her." Naruto looks at him because he understands. "Time for you take a shower and do what you have to do today." She walks passed him as he just heads in for a shower.

Once he was done and changes his clothes he heads over to the Hokage tower to meet up with team which he doesn't like the idea of this but he has no say in the matter. Naruto remembers something as he goes to the Inuzuka house to pick up his daughter.

If he was only going to be training with them today than he doesn't want to waste this time because he wants to use it to get closer to his daughter. He wants to be the father that she didn't have all these years but he wishes she was still alive to enjoy raising her with him.

She was his life, she was his reason to keep fighting and growing stronger in order to keep her safe. She was the solo reason for him to live and be happy but now she is gone but in her place is their daughter, she is their angel who needed him to be strong in order to keep her safe from people.

Once he picks her up he brings her with him to the Hokage Tower where he sees Kurenai and her team staring at him funny. Motoko runs over to her friend Tifa as they start to play with each other causing Kurenai and Naruto to giggle than look at each other.

Naruto is glad that his daughter had a friend already to play with; he didn't want her to be lonely and have no friends. He was shocked that Kurenai had a kid because he didn't see a ring so he either most be died or maybe the asshole didn't ask her to marry him.

"What are we going to do today Kurenai-sensei?" he asked her with a smirk which she just rolls her eyes because he didn't have to ask her that, he was far stronger than her as it is. Naruto just sits down and looks at her and her genin team that he will be part of for awhile.

"So big brother what's your true reason for making me a genin again?" He looks at his brother sharply but Minato just shakes his head because he knows this was going backfire. "There are many clan heads that are genins but with them is Sasuke Uchiha the younger brother to Itachi, we have reasons to believe people maybe after him or trying get him to join them." Naruto looks at his brother still because he had a feeling this wasn't just because of his mind.

"I see so that's the true reason, you want me to keep him safe from whoever these people maybe?" Minato nods his head again but Naruto just watches Tifa play before opening his mouth again.

"I guess its ok because I get to spent time with Tifa and not have to worry about going off to high risk missions." Minato smiles because he knows his brother maybe young but he can see that he will make one hell of a father to Tifa.

Naruto looks at Motoko who has black hair like her kaa but she has two solid green times but he moves his eyes to Kurenai. "You have a kid Kurenai-chan?" She nods her head because she may not like her tou she does love her little daughter.

"Yes that's Motoko my daughter but her tou left once he found out I was having a baby." Naruto makes a fist because what kind of lowlife does something like that; it just pisses him off when some asshole has the balls to do that.

"What kind of asshole does that?" Kurenai could see that he was getting mad but she just grabs his hand before he looks at him, her eyes slowly make the anger leave his body but Naruto is still staring at her beautiful red eyes.

"Anyway we have to go train, you should come so you can get used to the team." Naruto nods his head before they pick up their kids and walk out of the office with them but Minato just smiles at the scene.

When the team gets to the training grounds Naruto sits down once he puts Tifa on the ground, he wonders just how this team fights. He has seen many shinobis fight in the past but thing is everyone got their own way.

It's a way of for each person to fallow, their fighting ways and how the act all form this. Naruto just watches them train and wonders what he can learn from watching but he does notice Hinata's way to shy.

Kiba rushes into things but he was an Inuzuka that was something normal but the last one the bug user always thinking before doing things. Kurenai he wonders what kind of strengths she has in her but he will find out soon, once they do a mission or something like that.

"What do you think so far Naruto-kun?" He looks up at Kurenai but did she really want to know what he thinks about her team. "Hinata needs to learn how to stop being so shy, Kiba rushes in like any Inuzuka nothing can be done about that. Last one Shino I think his name is and he need stop thinking all the time before doing."

Kurenai looks at him because he hit their weak spots all in one try but she looks back at her team now and wonders how she can help them. This was her first team to train and she still had a lot to learn.

"I really don't know how fix that, I have been trying but nothing seems to work. This is my first team after all but I hope I can be a good sensei for them and not fail them when they need me the most." Naruto just stares at her because doing that for them is being a hell of a great sensei for them.

"I say it now just by the fact that you care shows that you will be a great and beautiful sensei to them." Kurenai smiles to him because she was glad someone said that to her. He looks back over to his daughter playing with Kurenai's daughter.

"If you want to help them try to work on the things they need the most, it may be harder to do this but in the end it will be worth all the hell." She nods her head even if he can't see her doing that, she looks at her team and hopes that she can be the sensei she has to for her team.

When her team finally gets done training Kurenai walks them over to Naruto before he looks at them. "Now that training is over how about we get something to eat?" Her team nods their heads to her and Naruto does the same.

Naruto leads to the place he always had eaten at when he was still living in the village. When the ramen cook and his daughter see him alive they just turn pale from seeing a ghost. "You don't have been that shocked to see me again."

"What would you like to eat Naru-kun?" Ayame asked but he just sits down at his normal sit before beginning to think what he wants to eat. Naruto just stares at the two of them because he had missed them; he missed eating roman with his love.

"A bear roman, I really missed this place." Ayame smiles before going to make his food, she had missed him but she knows by the look on his face that he's hiding he pain he's feeling right now.

"How are you holding up?" His eyes move to the voice, the roman chief has always been someone to help him when he needed help. "I'm doing ok I guess, it just painful knowing that she's gone."

"Do you want roman to Tifa-chan? You always come here with your grandmother." Tifa smile before nodding her head to him. He just laughs before taking his team's order and goes to work making their food.

"Did you come here a lot before what happened to you Naruto-kun?" He smiles then nods his head to her. "I had always come here almost every single day, Yuna always told me it's not good for my body and that I need stop eating it every day."

"She just wanted you to eat things that are better for your body; she cared a lot about you by how you talk about her." Naruto nods his head but he just closes his eyes, how could so much change in so little time.

He looks down at his little angel with a smile on his face; she seems so happy and carefree of the world around her like she should be. He rubs her head lightly causing the little girl to smile at him.

"Yes she always wanted to make sure I was ok, from body to mind making her the best lover I could had ever asked for." When ramen gets to them he slowly eats but his mind just won't stay off Yuna.

Kakashi walks inside the ramen stand and takes a sit beside Naruto causing him to just look over at him. "I didn't know you like eating ramen? I though you told me I always forced you to eat here." He smiles under his mask before placing his order but he looks at him than at Tifa.

"So you're going to get your daughter into loving ramen now to?" He nods his head to her causing him to laugh but pat him on the back. "Just hope Tsume doesn't kill you for dong that then." He pales before glaring at his old teammate.

"What kind have team do you have to train?" Kakashi just shakes his head at him. "I got one of the worst teams there is. But because Sasuke on my team he council force me to pass them and let them become genins."

"I take it the council are still pains in the ass aren't they?" Kakashi nods his head to him. "But they will not lay a hand on Tifa because if they do I'll kill them." Kakashi looks at his eyes and can see he means what he said.

"You don't have to worry about that you have everyone here to make sure they don't have a chance in hell of doing that Naruto." He smiles to Kakashi but his eyes still show worry in them. "It is nice to see you again Naruto after all this time of thinking you had been killed on a mission."

"It would have been nice of my brother to tell Kushina-chan I was alive so I didn't almost die by her today." Kakashi couldn't help but laugh after hearing that, he knows his sensei could be forgetful at times but to do that to his own brother.

He knows how Kushina can get when she's mad and boy that something he never wants to see. Tsume and Kushina were two people in this village you never wanted to get pissed at you because you know you're died once you do.

"I still remember when Kushina found out she having a baby but also when she giving birth, your brother almost got killed both times by her. It was so funny to watch sensei running away screaming he's going to die." Kakashi had wipe tear from his eye after imaging it again but he didn't realize Minato was now behind him.

"Reliving funny times Kakashi?" Kakashi slowly turns around with fear before he sees Minato looking at him with a hard stare. In seconds Kakashi disappears form everyone view making Minato laugh his ass off only to be hit on the head by his wife.

"Do you always have to scary poor Kakashi-kun like that?" Minato nods his head to her. "He's my student after all so I can scary him if I want to." Naruto hits him on the head this time causing him to just stare at his younger brother.

"How come you are here? Shouldn't' you be doing your job?" He just shrugs his shoulders to his younger brother before sitting down with his wife and ordering but the cook asked where Kakashi went. Naruto takes his bowl and eats it saying it's on Kakashi causing everyone to laugh.

"Why can't I come see how my long died brother is doing? Do you think I don't care or something bad evil like that?" He fakes being hurt making Naruto just glare at him. "You forget tell your beloved wife I was alive and for that I almost died again."

Minato looks at his wife who just smiling sweetly at him showing that he's doomed once he's alone with her. "You know I meant to tell her so she shouldn't react but I thought she would have been sleeping by time you got there."

"Nice try at trying to hide the fact you forget to tell me my dear husband." Minato just looks away trying to see a good place to run causing Kushina to grab him by the ear and drag him away before eating their ramen that Naruto happily eats for them.

"How can you eat so much like that?" He just shrugs his shoulders again before looking over see his brother still being dragged by the ear. "He never learns at all, I forget just how many times she dragged him away like that so far."

"You three seem to be close to each other, it's nice to see a family like that." He looks at Kurenai before he notices his daughter done eating her food. He puts her on his lap but she just tries playing with his hair causing him to laugh.

"We are close you could say even though he knows we don't share the same father thanks to a drunk mistaken my mother did. He still sees me as a brother he has to annoy the hell out of." Kurenai giggles but she picks her daughter up as well before telling her team its ok for them to leave.

'How about I walk you back to your place?" She nods her head to him. "Maybe there Tifa can play with my daughter if that ok with you?" He nods his head yes to her but he pays for both of them even though the cook says no it's on the house he still pays for it.

When the two of them walk to her house Naruto couldn't help but find that he's staring at her time to time. "How long have you been a doing this kind of work?" She looks back at him with a smile.

"I been doing it for seventeen years now and just made jounin." He looks at her but once they get to the house and she lets them inside. They put kids down in her daughter room before moving over to the kitchen.

"How about I get you something to drink?" He nods his head against but once she brings the drink she trips causing the drink to go all over him but that isn't what shocked both of them the most. What shocks them is how she falls down on Naruto with her lips forced on his causing him to look at her.

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