Emily sat on her back doorstep, staring at nothing. A strange whooshing noise filled the air and a blue phone box appeared out of nowhere. Emily nodded to herself, as if this were nothing unusual. A man stepped out and grinned at her.

"Hello there, I'm the Doctor." Emily seemed mildly disappointed.

"You don't have two heads do you?"

"Er. No."

"Do you have three arms?"

"Nope." Emily sighed.

"Ah well. I guess you're not Zaphod Beeblebrox then."

"Er, no, I'm the Doctor."

"I heard." Nonplussed, the Doctor stepped back into the Tardis.

"I'll er... I'll just be going then."

"Bye." The whooshing noise filled the air again and the box vanished. Emily nodded to herself again and waited. A moment later, a large, shoe-like space ship landed, and the afore mentioned Zaphod Beeblebrox stepped out.

"Er, hi there." He looked around, seeming a bit lost. "I seem to have got a bit lost. Do you know where I am?" Emily looked at him seriously.

"You're there, and I'm here. That's all I know." Zaphod frowned slightly.

"Hey, haven't I seen you before?"

"Probably. You land here most days."

"I do?"

"Mmm-hmm. Something wrong with your improbability drive I think."

"Right... I'll just find someone to fix that..." and Zaphod, too, disappeared into his ship, which took off. Emily sighed and tapped her knee, awaiting the next strange craft. Her back yard seemed to be some sort of alien-landing hotspot, whether they meant to land there or not.