Just something I started around four minutes ago. XD Probably the shortest thing I'll ever write.

"England…hey, England…"

England heard the door squeak open and a small voice reach his ears. Smiling, he opened one eye to see his little charge standing at the door, a terribly frightened look on his face. "Hey, there, America," he greeted softly. "What's the matter?"

The blond colony looked down, and England could see his expression was a mixture of embarrassment and fear. He sighed. "Come on, you can talk to me."

America looked up, and his bright blue eyes were filled with tears. "I-I had a bad dream," he mumbled, and had England not known him for as long as he did, he would not have understood what he had said. "I-it was scary."

When you see a face like that, one that just tugs at your heartstrings, you can't help but smile and want to hug them. "Aw, come on." He smiled and opened his arms wide. "Come here." America obliged, and England embraced the younger nation. "Shh," England whispered softly, "Don't cry. It was just a dream. It's not gonna happen, okay, America?"

The boy hiccupped, and England laughed.

"H-hey, England?" America piped up.


"C-can I tell you what the dream was about?"

"Sure, if it makes you feel better."

America took a deep breath and stared at his caretaker with serious eyes. "I-I think I was in this big field," he began softly, "And i-it was raining, and muddy, and I-I was standing there, and I was all grown up too, and there were lots of guys behind me." He paused for a few seconds, then continued. "A-and you were there, too, England," he continued, and England felt his eyes widen. "An-and you were holding this gun thingy at me, and y-you were crying, and – and…" America hiccupped again. "I was scared."

England gave the boy a sunny smile. "Hey, now, that's never gonna happen," he said cheerfully. "I'm never going to do that." He gave America a squeeze. "Just remember, I'll always be here for you, all right?"

America grinned brightly. "Hey, England," he said, tugging on the taller nation's sleeve, "Can I sleep here tonight? 'Case I get 'nymore nightmares, of course."

England laughed and squeezed his nose. "Of course." He scooped up the younger nation and walked over to his bed, already thinking of bedtime stories to tell the boy in case he couldn't sleep.

And he had no idea what the dream really meant.

Yes, probably the shortest thing I'll ever write. Review~