I limped along, my only stability provided by Yuffie, the young girl wrapping an arm around my waist and allowing me to lean on her as we hobbled onward, keenly looking for any more trouble on our path, unwilling to fight any longer. We'd had enough; you can only get beat up so much before you say fuck this, enough is enough, assholes, now go away. I winced as I strained my shoulder, feeling the discomfort of the bullet lodged in my limb and wanting nothing more than to just keel over and die right then, but I couldn't. I just couldn't. That's not what Turks did, Turks fought 'til the death, plus on top of the fact that I had another person with me, and I couldn't leave Kisaragi alone, she'd die if I did. Besides, we were a team, y'know, one for all and all for one; no man left behind, never risking someone else's skin to save your own.

Stickyfingers rubbed my side as I cried out in agony, not even bothering to mask the unmanly tears running down my face. "Don't worry, Reno, it'll all be better soon," she reassured me, "trust me. I'll make sure you get the proper treatment and I'll make sure you live. Don't worry." She pressed a light kiss to my temple before adding, "I don't know if this is such a good time, but I think I love you."

"Funny," I answered through clenched teeth, trying oh so hard to stop the tears, "I was about to say the same thing, yo." She kissed my head again and we continued on, but not long after I began shivering. What the hell, it's not like it was cold out. Was I really losing that much blood that my body temperature was dropping? Shit, what a horrible way to die. "Unnnngghh…" I moaned as I no longer felt my feet on the ground, instead finding myself in Kisaragi's arms, held tightly to her chest; I curled up in pain as she picked up her pace, jogging toward the small town not too far ahead. Damn, she was pretty strong for someone who looked like they couldn't bench a Moogle. "Yu…ff…"

"Shh," she whispered, slowing down to a brisk walk and placing her index finger on my dried, chapped lips before replacing it with her own mouth; I didn't have the strength to walk, let alone press back into the kiss. It was over almost as quickly as it began, and I leaned into her touch as she stroked my cheek, thumb tracing over the twin scars I had underneath my eyes. "Don't talk, it wastes energy. Just sleep, I'll get you to the town doctor right away." Once in the town, she reverted to the best way to find the doctor in any town: yelling out for him. "Help, help! My friend is dying and I need to find the local doctor! Help!"

Some amount of time later, I found myself on what felt to be a table, a bright-ass light shining overhead as I heard two distinct voices, one belonging to Yuffie while I failed to recognize the other. "I'm going to have to pull the bullet out, ma'am, and I'm sorry to say that we don't have time to pump him full of drugs first. It will hurt," the unknown voice explained, and logic told me it was the doctor in charge of saving my pathetic life.

"You're sure that after you extract the bullet and patch him up, he'll be okay?" That's my girl, always worried about others more than herself; she could get cut in half but as long as the others are okay, all is well.

"Positive." Suddenly, a hand was touching my face tenderly and another set of hands was at my shoulder, poking, prodding, moving, adjusting. It hurt like fucking hell, but the softness on my face was soothing and helped distract me from the pain a little. Before I knew it, my shoulder felt numb and wetness fell on me from above; I could only guess that Jailbait was crying in joy.

"Reno?" she asked, running a hand through my blood crusted hair and kissing my dirty forehead. "Reno, how do you feel?" She continued to thread through my hair, which was probably an entire new shade of red by now, while I attempted to find my voice.

"F…f…" I started, sitting up with Kisaragi's help and holding my now-patched shoulder. "F…f…fuck, that hurt…" She laughed, a short, sweet sound, and kissed me again; this time, I at least made an attempt to return it. I made a mental note that if we made it out of the war alive, I'd propose to her. We'd get married, have kids, and live a long and fulfilling life.

Outside the town, we met up with Cloud and Elena, both of them considerably bloody and beat up. The doctor was able to cure my broken leg with a potion, so I was at least able to walk on my own again. My shoulder still hurt like hell, but I was alive. We peered over the hill obstructing the view, and were horrified at the scene laid out in the valley; bodies of both sides were strewn everywhere, and the brave few resistance members still fighting were not looking to be winning the battle. We rushed into the valley, guns drawn, shooting every soldier from the opposing side that we could. Cloud and Elena took the left side while Stickyfingers and I took the right. In total, the battle was about 25 against 200, but we were trained to never give up. The entire war was proof that people from different backgrounds and worlds could come together and fight for a common cause; 'Lena and I were both Turks, but different generations; Cloud was a SOLDIER, and though he should have been fighting with them he chose to join our infantry squad; Yuffie was just a teen from Wutai skilled in battle tactics and defense strategies. We'd had others, but they were either killed, wounded, or MIA; Cloud took Aerith's death especially hard, and 'Lena was absolutely torn over the loss of Tseng.

My heart may have been pounding like fucking mad, but it stopped as soon as I turned my head to see how Yuffie was doing. "Yuffie!" I screamed as I dashed toward her, jumping in front of her just as an enemy soldier fired his weapon. The bullet hit me square in the back, and Yuffie cried out in horror before firing her gun at the enemy and killing him instantly.

"Reno!" she yelled, dropping to her knees and cradling me close, burying her face into my hair and crying, tears falling like an unstoppable rainstorm. "Reno…"

"'S okay, Yuf'," I slurred, feeling a blackness creeping up onto my consciousness. "You're 'kay, tha's all tha' matters." I drew a shaky breath. "Love you…" I breathed as I gave in to the darkness and let it swallow me as my whole world went pitch black.

'Game Over, would you like to try again? Yes/No' the screen proclaimed, and I sighed in exasperation as I looked down at my lap to see a smiling teenager looking back at me with deep brown eyes. "You suck at this game, Reno," she giggled, and I leaned down to peck her quickly on the lips. "Even I lived longer than you."

"Exactly," I replied, shifting so I was lying down and she was on top of me. "Thus proving I'm too old for you, babe, accept it." She flicked my nose playfully before getting off me and standing up. "Although it seems to me that you don't care. Could this be true?"

"Perhaps…" she answered, walking towards the stairs before stopping and turning back to look at me. "I'm gonna take a shower, wanna come with?" she offered, waggling her eyebrows suggestively as I turned over onto my stomach and smirked at her.

"Meow," I purred as I followed her up the stairs and into the bathroom.