Hot Summer Nights

Chapter Twelve

August 2010

Derek jumped inside of his pool. He was completely nude. Penelope stood on the concrete that surrounded the pool with a white terry cloth robe on.

"Come on, hot mama. Drop that robe."

(Hot blooded, check it and see.

I got a fever of a hundred and three.

Come on, baby, do you do more than dance?

I'm hot blooded.

I'm hot blooded.) (Foreigner)

Giving him a look filled with heat she slowly slid one shoulder off. He let out a wolf whistle.

Derek went on "Mmm, give me more, baby!"

Penelope let her other shoulder show.

He called out, happily, "Don't be a tease, Garcia! I showed you mine now show me yours!"

She left it drop enough to see the top of her breasts.

Derek called out "Whoa, so fine! More, Hot Stuff!"

Penelope smirked, as she always did when he called her that, and turned around. She shimmied so that the robe dropped down and exposed her back. Looking over her shoulder at him she asked "Have you been a good boy?"

"Hell no!"

She pouted. "Then no sugar for you. Sorry, Charlie, you've been re-routed to the office of Better Luck Next Time." She put back on the robe.

"Wait a minute, mama! Now that I think about it.......I have been a good boy."

Turning around she walked closer to the deep end of the pool and onto the diving board. "I don't think I believe you."

He chuckled. "That's because you're so brilliant. But if I'm a bad boy I'm your bad boy."

"Oh, when you put it that way," she purred and slipped off the robe.

"There's the hottest angel on earth! Get in here, girl. I'm getting lonely for you already."

(Hot blooded- every night.

Hot blooded- you're looking so tight.

Hot blooded- now you're driving me wild.

Hot blooded- I'm so hot for you, child!)

Penelope dived into the pool. When she came up her red hair was plastered down and water slid sexily over her face. Derek swam over to her. He led her to the more shallow end so they could stand but they were still in deep enough water that her breasts were covered, because otherwise they would get chilled.

He admitted "I wanted to do this with you last night but I didn't have the nerve to ask you."

"Good thing because before we hooked up, if you would have suggested this, I probably would have passed out. Just the thought of seeing all this chocolate goodness and not being able to touch," she reached out and took hold of his dick "would have been more than I could handle. A woman can only take so much, you know!"

He chuckled but it was a low sound that was mixed with a moan as she stroked his dick.

"God," she said after a moment "you have an amazing Junior Morgan. I love how thick you are, baby. You can't even imagine how good it feels to have you inside of me. It would feel good no matter what because its you but with this," she ran her thumb over the tip "it's a completely out of this world fun ride."

"Fun ride?" He chuckled again. "Garcia, you're too much....mmmm, baby, I love your magic fingers."

"Come here, lover," she said and led him to the stairs by the shallow end for him sit down. She kneeled on a stair in front of him and started to lick at his dick. Dropping lower she sucked his balls, which were resting in water.

He bucked up and choked out "Damn, girl!"

She kissed up the underside of his dick and then took him in. For long minutes she sucked and licked him, her head bobbing and her eyes closed, until he was fighting the urge to fuck her face. Penelope eased off him, got out of the pool, shivered in the cool night air and ran over to the patio table. She grabbed a towel and put it around her, cause the contrast of the warm water and air was making goosebumps rise on her, then she grabbed a condom and came back to the pool. Derek was stroking his dick. She opened the condom and put it on him, threw the towel onto the concrete, faced away from Derek and impaled his dick.

Penelope leaned back on him as they started to move together. One of his hands cupped her breast. The air had her nipple budded into a tight peak and his hand warmed it as he massaged her. His other went to her clit, which was slightly in the water that was lapping over them.

He grunted out "Fuck, baby girl. Damn, you feel perfect. Oh, Penelope...." and then he let out more grunts and moans.

She couldn't get over how much he filled her and how good it felt to have him thrust into her. Her body was like an inferno every time they fucked. With other guys she was in her head and worrying but with Derek she was animalistic. Nothing mattered but riding his dick till she just about passed out. Or having him pound into her till she was lost in multiple orgasms that only he could wrench out of her.

"Uh, uh, uh," she let out gasping breathy moans. "Ohhhhh, sugar, so good. Ohhhhhh!"

Her body tightened- warning of her impending orgasm. She gripped Derek's thighs tightly as she shook with the force of it, screaming out his name as she came.

When she calmed down he whispered in her ear "Sweetheart, get up and brace yourself on the top stair for me."

They shared a kiss first and then she did as he asked. He slid into her from behind and started to slowly stroke in and out, as she moaned deeper and more forcefully because it was so good. After a couple of minutes, when her body was trembling again and about to explode into another mind numbing release, he jerked her back against him and leaned over her then thrust in harder and faster, the fit even tighter like this.

"Yes, Derek, yes! Oh God, baby, make me come! YES! FUCK ME!"

She clenched around him and that pressure pulling on his dick started his hot, wet release shooting from him. He pumped into her three more times roughly and with no grace- but it felt just right anyway- and then he was laying over her panting for a moment. Derek slipped out and slid down to sit on the stairs, completely spent. Penelope slid deeper into the water to stay warm, laid her head back, and tried to catch her breath.

She purred, after a little while, "You are my own personal sex God."

"You got that right! And you better use and abuse me for the rest of our lives."

"You don't gotta ask me twice. Consider that mama's first priority from now on."

A chuckle from him floated through the air.

That summer turned into the best one of either of their lives. It was the start of their new chapter together. The chapter where they ended up taking vows and making two babies with curly light brown hair and big brown eyes who got cute little nicknames like Wonder Baby and Rainbow Bright.

Their story didn't start that weekend but it did take everything to that next level.

Derek always thanked God he bought his new house because it allowed his home to become their home from the first weekend he owned it. And in their home there was always lots of hot sex, cute pet names, and wonderful memories from every room in that house.

Memories they made while loving each other. And, boy oh boy, were some of those memories too hot for words. Some things their kids never would hear about when they heard the story of baby girl and her Hot Stuff.

(Hot blooded- I'm a little bit high.

Hot blooded- you're a little bit shy.

Hot blooded- you're making me sing.

Hot blooded- for your sweet, sweet thing)


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