Title: Boyfriend Jobs

Author: SplishySplash

Genre: Friendship/Romance

Pairing: TIVA

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I own nothing, this is super fluffy.

Summary: Tony and Ziva celebrate her birthday.


Gibbs was sick of the case already. There was a room full of sailors pointing fingers at each other in the death of their friend and the sudden disappearance of another when their ship was to leave at a moment's notice. Twenty two people to sort through and he was about to charge them all for anything to get this case to end.

As he was about to go up the stairs to deal with the director and the Secretary of the Navy when a 'psst!' caught his attention from behind the stairs. Tony waved him over and even though he didn't want to deal with him or his antics, he humored him.

"I have a super huge favor to ask." He whispered, looking around to make sure nobody was listening. Silently Gibbs had hope that Tony needed somebody whacked, which sounded exponentially more pleasing then heading up the stairs. Tony interpreted his silences as a 'no go' before he began to ramble off. "I promise I won't ask for anything else ever. . ."

Gibbs sighed, it wasn't promising at this point. "What DiNozzo?"

"It's Ziva's birthday." Tony started and since they all had been there going on twenty nine hours, taking turns sleeping in Abby's lab, he had completely forgotten. "I know we've got a time crunch on this case, but I got her tickets to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center at seven, she's been dying to see. . ."

"Okay. . ." He started before Tony interrupted.

"I promise we'll be back right after the show is over and I will work twice as hard. . ." He started to ramble on.

"Go." He answered, stopping him in his tracks. "You both need the break."

Tony broke into a large grin. "Thanks boss." He said disappearing around the stairs back into the bullpen, hopefully getting ahead. Gibbs shook his head, feeling a little lighter as he headed up the stairs to deal with the SECNAV and the director, he knew Tony was probably harassing McGee or flirting with the birthday girl.


He had finished telling the SECNAV and the director that they were still working diligently on the case and that he knew that they were holding up the deployment of the ship when he came back down to the bullpen. All three of his agents sat at their desks, probably discussing something not work related and Gibbs assumed that Tony hadn't told Ziva of their plans.

Gibbs shook his head before he breezed in and the three jumped before surrounding the plasma screen. He had to inwardly smile because they knew what he wanted without having to say 'what do we got.'

"I checked bank records for at least eleven of them and none of them seemed suspicious." McGee started.

Tony picked it up flawlessly. "Except two midshipmen Collins and Crandel, both of them are loaded. Collins was a poor kid growing up on the streets, joined the Navy to get an education blah, blah. Suddenly he has more money in his account than all of us put together and getting regular payments."

"Crandel is a trust fund baby, he's been getting abnormally large sums since he turned eighteen." McGee said with the roll of his eyes.

To save from argument Ziva filled in taking the remote from Tony. "Our missing midshipman, Forrest Tyner, has a modest bank account, no ties to well anybody. I called his mother and she says that she had not seen or heard from him in years. Nobody seems to remember him really." Her phone rang from her desk and she turned to answer it. Gibbs watched as Tony lit up, it must have been his cue. "Abby wants me."

After she disappeared, Tony turned back to his desk. "This is my cue." He announced as he pulled out a dark crimson shirt from behind his desk before disappearing towards the bathroom.

He reappeared looking fresh for a date.

No matter what they said, it was a date. The Kennedy Center wasn't a place for 'just friends' to go. "Looking fancy." Commented McGee before his face fell, realizing that they didn't have a lot of time to solve the case. "Wait…"

Tony smiled as he put his wallet into his pocket. "We won't be gone too long." He said, taking in McGee's panicked expression.

Before McGee asked who 'we' was, his jaw dropped when Ziva appeared from the depths of Abby's lab changed from her khaki's and long sleeved shirt to a calf high, cap sleeved dress that hugged her curves in just the right places. The coppery purple color made her skin glow with her makeup touched up, her hair was loose from its hair tie and flowing flawlessly in loose curls down her back. "It seems that I forgot my birthday." She said, almost self-consciously at the looks she was given by all three of them. "And Abby insisted that I put on this dress and show you guys."

Speaking of the devil, her loud clunking shoes and chains could be heard coming from the hallway. "Doesn't she look pretty, guys?"

Gibbs nodded and got up, pressing his lips to the side of her head. He whispered his Happy Birthday and she smiled brightly. McGee reached into his desk and pulled out a small box, he handed it to her and wrapped her in a hug. "Happy Birthday, Ziva." He said and took a step back. Ziva opened it and smiled brightly, it was a slap watch that she had been admiring for a while.

"Thank you Tim." She said, taking it out of the box. McGee, ever the thinker had even set the time and she snapped into her wrist. The white watch stood out nicely with her new dress.

It was Tony's turn and she figured he had something planned. He wouldn't have dressed up for nothing and it was awfully convenient that she was dressed up as well. She stepped up to him and he handed her a box, which she nearly dropped when she saw the contents.

Tickets to see the play Wicked. They were hard to come by, especially as the show was winding down and she had wanted to see it forever. A little known secret was that Ziva David loved musicals and Tony knew that, he tended to exploit it a lot when they were alone.

She leaped into his arms excitedly, nearly throwing him off balance. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." Ziva said excitedly into his shoulder.

He held her close and laughed. "I knew it would be a hit." He responded as he set her back down on the floor, he looked at his watch. "We need to go or we're going to be late."

She turned to grab her jacket when Abby peaked up. "Oh I forgot!" She said, sneaking around McGee's desk and grabbing a box on the floor. She handed it to Ziva with a big smile.

"You have already have given me so much Abby." She said modestly.

Abby shook her head with the biggest smile on her face. "Just open it already." She said and Ziva wrapped the paper to pull out a white knitted shawl. "I'm just glad I finished it, if not it was going to be a Christmas present."

"It is beautiful." She said and wrapped the woman in another hug, she wasn't used to all of the affection that surrounded being another year older. "Thank you."

The Goth returned the hug and turned her around to give her a small shove towards Tony. "Now go on your date." She said as Tony put his hands on her forearms to catch her from falling.

They didn't question anything as Tony held out his arm for him to take and walked out of the bullpen, looking like a couple. McGee crossed his arms with a pout. "Come on McGee, let's go get Gibbs and go get something to eat."

His palm went to his face and groaned. "We've got a ship full of people waiting for us to give them the okay to leave with the SECNAV breathing down our neck. . ." He started to rattle off.

Abby huffed and put her hands on his hips. "Well they can wait because I'm hungry and you need a brake before your brain fries." She said with a smile, pulling him from his chair as Gibbs breezed in. "Come on Gibbs, we're going to dinner."


He parked his car in the crowded lot and before he reached her side, he popped open the trunk to pull out a grocery bag. His smile made her lose all questions as he wrapped his free hand around her shoulders. He led the way out of the parking garage and onto the terrace of the huge granite performing arts center.

She followed without question and even leaned into him, he walked inside the hall of flags where people were lingering waiting for them to open the doors to the stage. Tony sighed in relief to see they had made it on time, well on Tony time. He led her out the back veranda with the view of the Potomac and Alexandria, before he pointed to a nicely set table with a candle in the middle.

He pulled out her chair and she tucked her dress under her before she sat down, this was what a date with Anthony DiNozzo was like. He took a seat across from her and reached in the bag for a couple of containers, paper plates and plastic cutlery. He finally looked up and shrugged. "This isn't how I planned this, but . . . "

She placed her hand on his to quiet him. "It is perfect, thank you Tony." What were in the bowls were even more surprising, a simple turkey sandwich that was almost too perfect to eat and a basic pasta salad.

They chatted happily as they ate the dinner, mostly Tony explaining his terrible twenty first birthday, which happened right after his career ending knee injury and he was in the hospital under pain medication. Ziva laughed as he described his hallucinations and just how much he missed the typical American twenty first birthday drinking party.

Ziva shared about her fifth birthday when her mother was angry because she ruined her dress fighting with a boy, her dad could not have been prouder. The crowd that gave them odd looks for their impromptu picnic started to wind down, signaling that they had let people in to the theater. Tony stood up and gathered both of their dishes, tossing them into the large trash can a few feet away, ever the gentleman he held out his hand for her to take and she stood up next to him.

Her hand didn't leave his as they walked back inside the massive marble building and kept her close to him as they met the crowd, standing in line. He looked down at her and smiled, she squeezed his hand and he could feel the excitement radiating off of her. "How did you know that I wanted to see this?"

"You told me," He answered simply. Her face scrunched up as she tried to remember when she had told him that she had wanted to see the show. It wasn't something that she spoke of often, mostly to keep her tough façade. "Last year sometime when we saw the commercial for it and I know that you secretly love musicals."

It was her turn to smile and she stood on her toes, pressing her lips to the corner of his mouth. "Thank you." She really did appreciate the gesture, a side comment that he took to heart. Tony brushed her hair away from her face and was about to bring his lips to hers when their moment was ruined by an impatient theatre-goer .

He coyly pulled out the tickets from his pocket and handed it to the elderly ticket taker, who smiled warmly and directed them in the direction of their seats. Tony spent no expense on her, not to impress her but because he that she deserved it. Her eyes widened as he led her through the large doors and down the aisle closer and closer to the stage.

Tony stopped in the middle and allowed her to go in the row of chairs. She walked and turned back to question him where they were going. "Forty two and forty four." He said and counted quietly until they found them, straight in the middle of the row.

The theater was massive and donned in red and gold, guarded by a large hanging metallic dragon above the stage. Lights in patterns littered the stage and the orchestra sat tuning their instruments, Ziva gripped his hand in excitement as she took in the scene. Tony wasn't a man of the stage arts, but the look on her face was worth sitting in a stuffy room full of arty snobs and tourists for three plus hours.

Citizens of OZ! Good News! She's dead!

Before he knew it, the music started and the curtain lifted and to Tony the real magic began. He did know the story of the play, he did do his research before this moment. Watching her light up when they started to sing and dance around the stage.

The Wicked Witch of the West is dead!

A little morbid, but okay and Tony chuckled a little, gaining a look from Ziva. He just smiled and turned his attention back to the actors.

Eventually Ziva tucked herself into him, the temperature in the room had dropped and Tony lifted his arm to allow her to get closer to him. He was the biggest proponent of body heat and she smelled good.

His attention span wasn't holding on the play, it was on Ziva. She seemed to be happy, not worried or stressed, but genuinely relaxed and amused. He couldn't remember the last time she looked at ease. With her head against him, it was hard to be discreet watching her.

The play progressed and Ziva was enthralled by the music, lights and dancing that filled the stage. She could not believe just how much thought that the man she was sitting next to her. Thinking about it, she could not remember anybody who took so much detail into her life and wellbeing. Tony was really a sweet guy under his goofy exterior.

She froze. So this was what a date with Anthony DiNozzo was like. He didn't deny it when Abby mentioned and frankly, she was having the best time of her life. Her last date, nearly eight months ago with Ray Cruz did not hold a candle to this.

At this point she sighed, Ray Cruz eat your heart out. It was over between them anyway and so she pushed him out of her thoughts.

Intermission happened and Tony sighed slightly, being cramped up for so long that he was starting to stiffen up. He stood up and Ziva looked up at him expectantly. "Well?" He asked with a bright smile and she stood up also.

She threw her arms around his neck, nearly toppling him in the small space. "Thank you." She said into his ear.

"You're welcome, Ziva." He said and nearly flushed when she kissed him on the cheek again. Their moment was cut short by her cellphone vibrating in her pocket, she looked guiltily at him. "Answer it."

She pulled it out, hoping it wasn't McGee or Gibbs telling them to come back because they were raiding a ship or something and she was a little put out. But it wasn't her coworkers, but none other than Ray Cruz himself. Without a second thought the silenced it and shoved it back into her jacket pocket. "It is not important."

He made the wise decision to not question it. "Do you want a drink or something?" He asked, she nodded and he smiled, crossing in front of her and for a brief moment they stood chest to chest. In that brief moment the world stopped moving, both freezing hoping that the other would make the leap. But it didn't happen the person sitting behind Ziva accidently bumped her. "Drinks, right."

She sat back down after he left and sighed. Her cellphone buzzed again and again she pulled it out, this time a text from Ray. Happy Birthday Love! It had said before it had buzzed again. Call me! Ziva rolled her eyes and turned the phone silent. Tony slid back and she looked up at him as he handed her the soda. "Thank you."

"No problem." He said, setting a bag of M&M's in her lap. He smiled when she lit up as he got comfortable in the small chair.

The music started and the lights flickered and her head found its way to his shoulder again, the show restarted with a bang and she jumped gaining a chuckle from her companion. She turned and glared at him, poking him roughly in the arm.

The story filled their attention and they both were enthralled by the Wicked Witch of the West and the love story that surrounded it. The duet between the male and female leads sent shivers through Ziva, enough for Tony to sit up and put an arm around her. She smiled at him and turned her attention back to the stage while eating the candy slowly.

Before he knew it the play ended and the lights turned on to see Ziva glowing with excitement. She looked up at him with the brightest smile he had ever seen. "Was it everything you had hoped for?" Tony asked.

She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. "And then some, thank you Tony."

He smiled softly as the stood up, filing out of the large room and back into the huge lobby. She held onto his hand in order to not get separated as he used his height to navigate through the crowd.

Once outside the cool autumn air surrounded them and Ziva stopped for a moment. "Maybe we should wait for it to clear a little." She suggested, looking at the line of people rushing towards their cars and honestly she didn't want the night to end, just yet.

"Okay." He said and slowly they walked towards the railing that separated the river from them. He placed his hands on the rail and she mimicked him, only to realize that moving her appendages away from herself released her heat.

Tony watched her shiver for a moment before removing his suit coat and placing it around her shoulders before wrapping himself around her. She relaxed against him and looked off towards the light clad horizon that reflected on the water, she sighed contently. "I love Washington D.C." She thought out loud.

"I would hope so." Tony commented with a small chuckle. "It wouldn't be the same if you left."

It was her turn to chuckle. "I do not plan on leaving any time soon." She said.

"Then what is with all the melancholy?" He asked, tightening his grip on her. He gazed across the river, taking in the national cathedral that stood out from the rest as the bells chimed that another hour was upon them.

She shook her head. "I was just thinking that I have not seen any of the tourist sites, this is my first time at the Kennedy Center and I have been here for a while." She answered.

"After this case is over and we get some sleep, I am going to take you to the American History Museum." He said before he added more. "I'll take you to everything that surrounds the Mall," He quieted for a second. "The botanical gardens is nice this time of year, you've got a lot of catching up to do."

"I guess I do." She answered and turned around to look at him. "I could not ask for a better tour guide."

"Then it's a plan." He said and she laid her head down on his chest, closing her eyes for a moment when his cellphone rang from his pocket. Without jostling her, he reached for it and would bet anything that it was McGee wondering where they hell they were. Score one for Team DiNozzo. "Hello McGee."

"Where are you guys? The play ended twenty minutes ago." He said, his voice coming out a lot higher and a lot more stressed. "Don't even try to tell me that you are almost here, because I am tracing this call."

Ziva chuckled against him, but didn't lift her head up. "We are stuck in traffic, coming out of the parking garage. We'll be there in twenty minutes." Tony said as his free hand went through her curls.

"Don't lie to me." He growled. "I have your geographical coordinates. . . "

"Woah somebody is grumpy." Interrupted Tony to halt a full on verbal lashing, Ziva tilted her head back to glare at him lightly, basically telling him to stop teasing McGee. "We are on our way."

He hung up the phone and smiled sheepishly at the woman who was resting against him. "Be nice to him." She chided. "We did abandon him."

"Timmy can handle it, I promise." Tony teased and gained another glare. "I have been training him from the moment that I first met him to be me, should me not be there."

She scoffed. "Just what the world needs, another Anthony DiNozzo Jr." She commented with the roll of her eyes as she moved out of his embrace and he obediently followed her into the still crowded parking lot. "He could not handle being you."

It was Tony's turn to scoff. "Only because being me is a complete work of art, I just showed him my superior investigative skills." He commented.

Ziva looped her arm through his and she shook her head with a laugh. "I am going to leave it at that." She said, gaining a laugh from Tony. His arm went around her shoulders as they walked through the garage that had started to empty until they got to his car, ever the gentleman he opened her door and waited for her to get inside the car before he walked around to climb into his side.

A calm silence filled the car as he pulled out of the stall and patiently waited to exit the concrete jungle. Ziva leaned her head back and closed her eyes for a moment, this was probably the best night she had ever had, ever.

With a shaky sigh, she realized that she could get used to this. "You okay?" Asked Tony, interrupting her thoughts and her eyes opened to see him glancing at her in concern.

"Yes, I was just thinking." She answered with a soft smile. "This has been the best birthday and I want to thank you for it."

He took her hand in his and glanced quickly at her. "I'm glad that you enjoyed it, you deserved something special." He said with a modest shrug. She smiled and looked out the window, giving his hand a slight squeeze.


They arrived at the Navy Yard some twenty minutes later, having stopped for coffee and treats as a 'thank-you-for-covering-us-while-we-went-on-a-date' sort of peace offering. When they got out of the car, the pair walked side by side and before they got into the building Ziva stopped. Tony looked at her questioningly, but much to his surprise she pressed herself to him and brought him down to place her lips on to his.

He wouldn't let her know that she surprised him, he took the upper hand and deepened the kiss before she could cut it short. It was an end of date kiss , that had it been a REAL date where they didn't have to work a case right after and he can show her what an evening with Anthony DiNozzo was like.

They broke apart when his cell phone vibrated awkwardly between them. He backed up sheepishly and pulled it out, pressing it to his ear. "Stop sucking face and get in here." McGee growled into the phone.

Ziva poked him gently and pointed to the window where Abby, Gibbs and McGee stood watching the pair make out. Tony rolled his eyes and shut his phone before turning back to his partner, instead of moving, he captured her lips again. If they were going to talk about this, then might as well give them something to talk about is what he always said.

It wasn't as deep, mostly because Ziva lightly pushed him away. "As much as I have enjoyed this, we have been gone long enough." She said quietly, placing another nipping kiss on his lips. "Maybe next time?"

Tony smiled as they walk in the door. "Definitely next time."