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Services Rendered.

Chapter one.


Did you ever look back over your life and wonder when exactly it got so screwed up? And you tried to pinpoint the exact time and date?

I know where. I know when. I know how.

September 13th, 1990 at precisely four fifteen in the afternoon.

That was the date and time I was pushed out into the world. The day my life started to fuck up monumentally.

You may ask how an infant's life could turn to shit in less than a mere hour after birth.

Well, that's easy.

I killed my mother.

All because she kept me safe in her womb for nine months, loved me and protected my being, put her life at risk. My mother had undergone surgery on her uterus a few years prior, to remove a big ass benign tumor, and had been warned by doctors on numerous occasions that getting pregnant could cause a rupture. So, for nine months she suffered for me; spending every waking moment worrying that one sharp, wrong movement could take me away from her and end a life not yet started. They told her she should have had the pregnancy terminated for her own safety but she stood her ground and refused; even if it meant her life could be forfeited for mine.

And it was.

The birth went seemingly well and she had been ecstatically happy to finally hold me in her arms and had cried over my tiny form, thanking God for the miracle of life.

What she didn't realize was, that fucker was looking down on her and laughing at her ignorance.

See, as the staff rallied around, tidying away bloody sheets and clearing medical instruments, they failed to notice the fresh trail of blood vacating my mother's body and she was still too high from the Demerol and cooing over me to notice, herself, that something was wrong. Only when a member of the nursing staff slipped on her ass -because of the pooling blood on the floor- did they realize that my mother was bleeding out, the flow had picked up and my mother's color was quickly draining from her face; her hold on me growing weaker by the passing seconds.

Apparently, my birth had caused too much strain on her already mangled womb, and I'd caused her to rupture as I made my escape, as predicted. The initial blood loss had been marked down as just a normal post-partum bleed as it wasn't gushing or anything to start with.

All hell broke loose soon after and I was ripped from her warm and comforting hands, and laid in a cold crib, in a strange new world to fend for myself.

I was told that not long after my mother`s funeral, my father fell ill and passed away too, but I know better. He died of a broken heart, or, at least I`d like to think so. But, then again, what would I know? All I had to go by were a couple of dog eared, faded photos that showed their obvious adoration for each other.

I had no family other than my deceased parents, and so, that is how I got introduced to the system.

I think I must have been an ugly baby or some shit, because no one seemed to want to adopt me. Then after a certain age you just have to kiss thoughts of that shit happening goodbye and are stuck being passed from pillar to post.

I was a good kid. I did as I was told and settled into a routine with my first foster parents, until they split up due to infidelity on his part and my foster mother decided she couldn't cope with a foster kid on her own. I was sent back to the group home, until they could find me some other poor schmuck to take me in. I tried my best to be good and remain optimistic, but I kept getting sent back for reasons that I never quite understood. I quickly learned my glass to be half empty; never half full.

Then on my 12th birthday, I woke up to see the world for what it really was, Hell on earth where no one cared for anyone but themselves.

How did a child so young have such an epiphany?

One of the grown up care givers had sneaked me a fairy cake with a single candle and told me to go out of the way of the others so I could enjoy it myself.

I found a quiet spot behind the outdoor play equipment and hid out of view of the other kids. I held the little cake in my hands as if it were some treasured possession as I prepared myself to make a wish.

I closed my eyes and silently made a wish in my head; that one day I might be happy and have a loving family around me, that loved me for who I was and not just because of the monthly check they got for keeping my sorry ass around. Just as I was about to blow out the candle, Billy Chambers jumped out at me from nowhere and smacked the cupcake from my hand before jumping on it.

It might have been just a stupid bit of confectionery, and I might have been twelve, but that cake had represented my future, my hope. I looked on at the crumbs for a moment, allowing a rage to build within me. I pulled my hand back and clenched it, before allowing it to fly at his nose.

I was labeled a trouble maker after that, and home placements became even fewer and far between. So I lived up to my rep; I got into a few fights, smoked some pot, drank whenever I had the chance and slept with most of the older boys in our care facility.

But nothing made it better, so I saved up some money from selling my stuff -not that I had much- and landed myself the odd job clearing the communal garden or scrubbing graffiti off of the side of the house, and by the time I hit sixteen, I'd had enough saved up for a red eye through to Chicago, with a couple of hundred bucks left to get by on until I could find myself a job.

I ran away from everything I'd ever known.

Things didn't get any better after that.

My money soon ran out; I couldn't get work because I was a high school dropout and had no permanent address, so I had resorted to begging for change just to eat. I found a good spot to call my own in an abandoned town house and let my mind start to accept that this was just my life, my lot in this world. The place had been empty for years, from the look of things, and there was no power, obviously, but the water supply had never been shut off, and I was able to shower and keep myself relatively clean, though I was only afforded the luxury of stone cold water...It was better than nothing, that`s for sure.

Then I met James.

I'd seen him around with a few girls over time and had looked at them with envious eyes. They were always dressed in high end fashion -even if it was kind of sluttish- and always strutted around with an air of confidence that I longed to feel.

James had passed me by, on more than one occasion, with a wink and a 'how you doing'. On occasion he'd handed me twenty bucks and told me to go get a hot meal. I always had the good grace to blushed and thanked him profusely before scampering off to the nearest place I could to find nourishment.

His generosity didn't keep my belly full all the time though, and sometimes I would have to go a few days without a hot meal. Oh, but when I sat down with a steaming plate of food in front of me it was like I had died and gone to heaven.

Then one day he offered me a job.

I had been sat in the local park, watching all the normal people in the world pass me by; following the path of children running around the open space.

I could have been happy like they were, if only I had been given the chance.

I had been so lost fantasizing about my life that could have been, that I didn't notice him sit beside me.

"Hey." His voice had been soft and friendly at the time so I returned the greeting.

"Hi." I blushed and pushed a loose strand of hair back behind my ear.

"You're not from around here are you?" He smiled when I shook my head no. "Let me guess...Parent-less...shoved in the system...passed around like a rag doll...Am I close?" He lowered his head to meet my now lowered eyes.

"To the letter." I let out a single, humorless chuckle before allowing my eyes to sweep the vast expanse of greenery in front of me.

"Thought so. What did you do, run away from your foster home?" His eyes were gentle and I found myself easing into his company.

"Something like that, yeah."

"So, where are you staying?" he asked, effectively changing the subject.

"Around." I kept my answer vague. I wasn't stupid enough to give a stranger that many details; especially in a city like this where all types of rapists and murderers roamed.

"You look like you could use a good square meal, come on." He stood and stuffed his hands in his-very expensive looking- jacket pockets to protect them from the cold late autumn air.

I looked at him like he'd grown an extra head.

"What? You telling me that you're not hungry?" He chuckled and rolled his eyes as my belly growled, as if on cue.

"Come on."

I followed him to a quaint little diner and scarfed down a big plate of lasagna with a side of garlic bread.

"Jesus, when was the last time you ate? You just inhaled that!" His eyes were wide and staring at my empty plate.

"Three days ago," I answered ashamedly as I realized I must have looked like a ravenous wolf.

"This ain't no way to live you know." He sighed as he leaned back against the corner of his seat.

"You don't say?" I dead panned; I picked up my soda and gulped it down.

Anger flashed through his eyes at my words, but then disappeared just as quickly; suddenly he smiled and shouted over to the waitress to bring over some chocolate cream pie.

I moaned in pleasure as the bitter sweet dessert caressed my tongue. I had a weakness for pie and this was definitely the best chocolate cream pie I'd ever had -not that I'd had a lot to compare it to in the past.

He watched me shovel the pie into my mouth while sipping his coffee and eyeing me with a cautious gleam.

"Have you thought about how you're going to keep this up? I doubt you're employable right now." His eyes followed my fork from plate to mouth.

Again I shook my head no.

"Well, I know of one job, but I don't know if it would be your kind of thing." He seemed to eye my reaction cautiously again.

"I think I would take about anything right now," I replied through a mouth full of chocolate heaven.

"Hmmm, I don't doubt that you would." He took a long pull from his cup and set it down on the melamine table in front of him.

He leaned forward, closing the gap between us, and started to tell me about his amazing 'opportunity' for me.

The fork full of pie hung in mid air as I gulped hard.

"Except maybe that!" I breathed, shocked at his bold manner to just blurt shit like that out.

"Think about it. The money is unbelievably good. You'll get to go to endless parties and shit. I could sort you out with an apartment, I'm pretty sure Rose, one of my other girls, needs a roommate. She could show you the ropes, so to speak, and I'm sure you'd like to be able to sleep in a real bed for a change."

"Thank you, but no. I can't do that." I shook my head vigorously from side to side.

I was pretty sure I'd mentioned that I was a minor...And that shit was illegal!

He chuckled like he knew something I didn't and slowly slid from his place across from me. James fished in his pocket and pulled out a stack of twenty dollar bills -which nearly had my eyes bugging out of my head- licked his finger and flicked it across the notes until he'd snapped up two of them. He threw them on the table and searched his other pockets before pulling out a shady looking business card.

He put his index finger on the first bill and pushed it in front of me. "That's for you." He moved on to the second note. "That's for the bill...And that's...if you change your mind." With that he winked, turned, and left me sat there with my mouth hanging open.

I picked up the twenty he'd given me and called the waitress over to pay the bill. While she went to ring it up I picked up the card and flipped it over in my hand. There was no way I could do what he had suggested. I wouldn't. She returned with my change, and I left to go home.

There was a hard frost on the ground already -even though it was only late autumn- and I had to prepare myself for another cold night in my little squat. I snuggled up the best I could and shivered as I wrapped my arms around myself. The night would prove to be freezing, and I would be lucky to keep from getting hypothermia, or some shit, once winter finally graced us with it's presence.

Little did I know, I would be calling James and asking him for the job not even two days following our meeting in the park.

I'd conceded and rung the number on the card he'd given me after I'd returned to my little pit one day, only to find a bulldozer smack in the middle of a pile of rubble; clawing away at what was left standing of the brick building I'd been residing in.

So that's how I got to where I am now, Waiting in some grungy little bar for some guy that was going to pay me to allow him to pretty much do whatever the fuck he wanted to me.

My name is Bella Swan, and my life ain't no fucking fairytale.

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