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Chapter 4

Bella's POV

"Bella, you done in there? I need to get ready, too, you know." Rose banged on the door and startled me out of my own thoughts.

"Give me a sec'," I called back.

I got ready with a heavy heart. I didn't really want to be going out there and doing this shit, but needs must be met. I still had some saving to do before the great escape.

"Can I borrow your curling iron?" Rosalie shouted from the bathroom before coming to join me in my room.

"Sure, it's on here," I blandly replied; gesturing to the table I was sat at, staring at my reflection in the mirror that was attached to it.

"Something wrong?" She sat by my side and took in the image reflected back at her; her eyes shifting from herself -as she twirled the heater in her hair- and me, with a glum expression.

"No," I sighed. "Just having one of those days where everything reminds me of the things I can't have." I twisted my own hair up and pinned it out of the way, so I could put on my wig.

I know it might have seemed stupid to wear it, but to me it was just another method of dealing with what I did for a living; like if I put on the wig, the fake lashes and a shit load of make-up...I could pretend to be someone else: that it wasn't me going out there.

I pulled the wig into place and secured the underside with a couple of pins before pulling at the dark locks to get some kind of order to it.

"You were out most of the day; did you go anywhere nice?" She unrolled the now perfect curl; letting it bounce around her face while she started to set another strand.

"I found this cute little coffee shop over on Forks Avenue," I answered absent mindedly as I started to apply the glue to my lashes. "It kind of reminded me of one of those bookshops where you can get coffee and curl up in a corner to read." I concentrated on the lashes in my hand, as I offered them up to my own; prodding and pulling at the corners until they were in the right place.

"A book shop?" She rolled her eyes. Rose was never one to stick her nose in any kind of literature -unless it was some kind of gear head magazine or a car manual.

"It wasn't an actual book shop. I just said that it reminded me of one." I applied lashes to my other eye and blinked a few times to get used to the weight. "And it was nice. The coffee's good and so is the food. The scenery wasn't bad either." I grinned.

Rose spun to face me.

"The guy that owned the place was kind of...hot. Okay, he was a lot hot," I giggled and bit my lip.

She gave me her 'you better start talking girl and fill me in' look, so I did.

I told her about his amazing green eyes and the pie fiasco.

When I finished, she bumped my shoulder.

"But you're going to go over there again though, right?" she enquired with a raised brow.

"What would be the point?" I sighed dejectedly.

Work crawled by that night, along with my skin, as I got stuck with some overweight, sweaty palmed executive from some law firm. He paid for five hours and spent the entire time heaving above me. I played my part and secretly pretended to be somewhere else. I'd hoped that his size would cause him to tire quickly, but I was wrong. He was like the fucking Energizer Bunny, but not as cute or as talented. He rammed himself into me repeatedly from behind while sweat dripped down from him face and onto my back. He smelled bad, too, and I wanted to throw up. He'd asked me to ride him at one point and the experience was not a pleasant one. His body was so wide that my legs hurt like a bitch with having to stretch over him.

A couple of clients later and I was finally heading home.

I'd made nine hundred dollars, meaning another three hundred and fifty to my college fund. I would have to start looking at where I wanted to go soon if I wanted my 'out' it would be better to have all that stuff sorted out before hand.

When I got home, Rose was sat on the couch; her knees pulled up with her arms wrapped around them and her head buried.

"Rose?" I approached her cautiously and laid my hand on her shoulder.

Her head lifted up and she looked at me with heavy eyes.

"Honey, what is it?" I knelt on the floor in front of her.

I waited while she wiped her tears on her sweater sleeve and licked the damp salty tracks from her lips.

"Kate's dead." Her face scrunched up as a fresh wave of tears fell.

"Oh shit! What happened?" My hand shot out to take hers.

Kate was one of the other girls that worked for James. I had only met her a dozen or so times, but Rosalie was really close with her.

"She was turning a trick and it looks like it went bad." She slumped back against the back of the couch, and I got up and sat next to her, pulling her frail form towards me. "She was found, face down, under the bed in a motel room. Cop's said she had ligature marks around her throat and some bruising to her torso. Someone fucking beat her up and then strangled her."

A cold shiver ran through me. I knew the risks of this job- had known them all along. And sure I'd heard of a few cases of this kind of thing, but it had never been someone I knew before. That fact somehow seemed to make it hit home.

After making sure Rose was okay and I tucking her up in bed, I took my usual shower. I don't know what I must have looked like when I was done -maybe a lobster- seeing as I used a scrubbing brush to try and cleanse myself. It didn't matter how much I scoured my skin, I still didn't feel any cleaner. I curled up in bed and tried to let sleep overtake me.

I kept having nightmares.

I'd been with a faceless client and had been faking my orgasms, as I always did. He rolled us over and we fell on the floor, causing us both to chuckle. He hovered over me and lowered himself to kiss my throat. I turned my head towards the bed, to give him better access, and let loose a bone chilling scream as my eyes met with the cold, dead ones of Kate. Her body was laying there, battered and bruised, while her milky eyes bore into mine. I turned to him, only to find him looking at me with deadly intent in his eyes. They were black and burning through me. He tilted his head and shook it from side to side.

"No one can hear you scream, little girl...I struggled to get myself free from under him but his hand shot down to my face, holding my jaw locked in his grasp; his fingertips digging into my cheeks painfully. He turned my head back to face the dead woman under the bed. "They never heard her, either." An evil smile spread wide over his face as his hands settled around my throat and began to squeeze. My eyes screwed shut as I tried to pry his hands off of me. I gasped for air and hit at him fruitlessly, trying to get free. It became so hard to keep my eyes open as he applied more pressure, and, eventually, I could feel all the remaining air in my lungs leave.

That had been the point I woke up. It had felt so real that I woke, gasping and grabbing at my chest; pulling in air that I didn't actually need.

Once I had established that I had come to no harm and had just been dreaming, I sat up and rubbed my face. My hands fell into my lap, and I turned to drag my ass out of bed. I stumbled out of my room and over to the bathroom, where I washed up.

I picked out clothes for the day and made my way out of the house. Having no actual destination in mind, I wandered aimlessly around the cold, gray, city. How many hours I had walked around for, I could not say. When I finally came to a halt, I shook my head at myself. I was stood outside of The Coffee Pot for the second time in two days. I didn't really care, I needed a caffeine fix anyway to pick up my somber mood; the fact that a gorgeous stranger might serve 'said' coffee to me, was just an extra perk.

The little bell above the door dinged when I pushed it open, as it had yesterday.

"I'll just be a moment," the velvet voice called from the back.

I looked around and noticed the same space I took up yesterday to be empty, so I wasted no time in filling it. The entire place was quiet with no other patrons residing there. I took out my book again and tried to busy my mind with Moll. I looked around a few times and saw no sign of the short haired pixie that was fluttering so gracefully around the shop, yesterday, either. Maybe I'd dreamt that too. The green eyed God was busy in the kitchen. After a second, I watched as he dusted off his hands and turned to come take my order. Once his eyes met mine, he stalled where he stood and grinned at me.

I tried not to stare as he walked over with an air of nervous confidence.

"Well, hello again," he all but whispered with a crooked smile.

"Hi," I greeted solemnly. "Could I please get a strong black coffee?" I smiled back and chanced a look up at him.

"Of course," he chuckled, looking back to the door before heading over to the coffee machine.

"Rough day?" he asked.

He had no idea.

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