This is an idea I had for a scene in Q Who, when Q and Picard are in the shuttle. Wouldn't really have fit in the episode, but hopefully it'll make a good drabble.

"So tell me Picard, what have you been doing since the last time we met?" Q tossed his rubber ball against the wall. "More adventures, more strange encounters? How is your crew? The android, for instance?" The ball hit the wall with a thump and came back to Q's hand.

"He's still trying to learn about being human." Picard answered absently, pressing buttons on the navigation panel as he spoke, attempting to turn the shuttle back toward the Enterprise.

"What of Geordi?" Q asked with another toss of the ball. Thump.

Picard's eyes never left the control panel. "He's the chief engineer now."

"And the Klingon? Worf?" Thump

Picard still did not look up. "He's my chief of security."

Q raised his eyebrows. "Oh? Whatever happened to Tasha?" Thump.

Picard abruptly stopped pressing buttons and swiveled around in his chair to face Q. "Tasha was killed several months ago."

Q stopped in mid throw. "Oh I'm terribly sorry to hear that."

Picard snorted. He stood and began pacing. "I have a hard time believing that, Q, given that you yourself," he stopped and pointed an accusing finger at the entity. "nearly killed her on two separate occasions."

"Au contraire, mon capitaine," Q protested. "I never had any intention of allowing her to die on either of those occasions. I was merely testing her, to see how far she could be pushed."

"Why?" Picard demanded.

Q leaned forward so that he was mere inches from the captain's face. "She intrigued me." He whispered.

"Intrigued you?"

"Quite so," Q said, leaning back against the wall. "You see, when you and your crew learned of my powers, you spoke to me with a sort of….grudging respect, wariness."

He paused and tossed the ball to himself a few times. "Tasha was different." He mused. "When she became angry with me she lashed out at me. She was the only one who wasn't afraid to stand up to me."

He caught the ball and gestured toward Picard with it. "I can tell you, that intrigued me to no end. The way she….fearlessly stood up to me, it was quite remarkable, especially for a human."

"No," Picard turned to stare out the front viewport. "Tasha never was afraid to face an unknown adversary. That's…how she was killed."

"How did it happen?" Q asked.

"A malevolent being known as Armus attacked her when she tried to walk past him to rescue two officers in a crashed shuttlecraft." Picard replied solemnly. "She…died instantly."

The captain shook his head sadly. "It was such a meaningless death."

"Human beings are always dying meaningless deaths." Q replied. Picard's eyes flashed angrily. He opened his mouth to protest Q's insensitivity, but the entity held up a hand to stop him. "Tasha's death was not one of them." He added.

"Armus attacked her, unprovoked!" Picard argued, his temper rising at the memory of the incident.

"The creature's motives have nothing to do with it." Q replied with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Tasha died in an attempt to save two fellow crewmembers. Surely that's meaningful to them."

He leaned in close to Picard's face again. "Remember this, Picard: No good deed done for the sake of another is ever meaningless."