Author's Notes: I suppose many of you will cheer at this, but today's scenario is a classic:

A Starfire/Terra/Raven threesome! :D


Terra had a problem.

A big-ass fucking problem.

Let's start from the beginning; Terra wanted Starfire.

Starfire was perfection itself. She was beautiful, so beautiful that the very Sun itself paled in her beauty, so wondrous, so kind, so lovely, so sweet, so powerful, powerful enough to bench-press whales and skyscrapers. Her crimson hair was an inferno of awe and wonder, her eyes were jaded emeralds that held unstoppable energy, her skin a magnificent pledge of orange and copper, as hard as metal, yet soft as silk. She was the kind of girl who could always make you feel better about yourself, the kind of girl you would give anything to be with.

Terra wanted this perfection. Terra wanted Starfire for herself. Terra wanted to be the one that Starfire blushed at when the geomancer whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Terra wanted to be the one that Starfire would snuggle up to and look up to. Terra wanted to be the one that would remove those purple garments, see the Tamaranean in her exotic, alien, naked glory, see Starfire stare at her with half-lidded eyes, woozy and awestruck from the pleasure that the blonde would bring her.

They should be together, with each other, like the Earth and the Sun.

But there was an eclipse. The Moon.

Raven wanted Starfire as well.

Fucking Raven. The half-demon sorceress. The purple-haired, meditating, ashen-skinned girl.

Raven wanted her Starfire.

Terra had no patience for competition. Starfire was hers, nothing else said. Raven didn't deserve her. Raven never really spent time with her, entertained her, made her feel so special, like nothing else.

The geomancer cared for Starfire. She would never hurt the Tamaranean. Unlike that damned Raven, whom had to meditate every day so her powers wouldn't kill everyone. The blonde would never hurt the red-head. She would rather condemn herself to an eternity of Hell then even lay a harmful finger on the alien. And, despite herself, Terra knew Raven would as well.

But, oh boy, they could hurt each other.

Maybe that's why they hated each other so much, both before Terra's betrayal, and now. Because they had their eyes on the prize. Okay, Robin did as well, but the traffic light was way too uptight to make his own moves. The geomancer made a mental note to herself to thank the Batman for effectively taking Robin out of the race with his "No-team-relation" crap.

Starfire herself seemed torn. Terra was far more open to her about her love, but Raven had the advantage of a longer relationship with the alien. The geomancer hated to admit it, but the sorceress knew much more about the alien, even once being in her body. Starfire seemed unsure about them. She loved them, true, but with such tension between the blonde and the half-demon, she was nervous when both of them were around. The Tamaranean's pleas for peaceful "Girl-Sleepovers" were redundant in face of her friend's livid rivalry.

What could Starfire do to placate her friends?

It was obvious that, well, how to put it... They wanted her. Starfire would admit that. Raven and Terra loved her. Terra made it obvious, with all her soft flirting and socialising with her, and Starfire was flattered. But the alien also knew of Raven's desire for her. Raven showed it with her spending time with the Tamaranean, always smiling softly at her, doing things for her she would never do for the boys or Terra. And Starfire was flattered.

But what to do?

If she chose Terra, Raven would hate her, and vice versa. She couldn't placate both of them. And this is why Starfire was now preferring to hang out with the boys or doing solo stuff.

She couldn't have both.



Raven was currently feeling awestruck and proud. She had come across Starfire at the kitchen, and was greeted by the alien fastening her lips to hers.

It had been Heaven, to feel the malleable metal of her lips pressed against hers, her warm arms wrapped around her. Starfire loved her! Hell, she'd blown up a lamp in the sudden burst of desire and happiness

Best of all, the alien whispered to her: "Meet me at my room in the minutes of ten."

The sheer passion and lust behind that whisper drove the normally stoic and calm Raven insane with impatience. She was stalking around her room presently, waiting for minute nine to pass, sop eager to get to the alien's room. The only reason Starfire would tell her to go to her room in such a lustful fashion-

Oh fucking Hell, don't work yourself up now. Let Starfire's moans and touches do that particular job.

Finally, gloriously, the time was at hand.

Raven was literally bouncing, quite odd for her, her way to Starfire's room. Oh, Azar, what would she find-


What the fuck?

The blonde looked just as shocked to see her as well, outside Starfire's door. Then, shock turned to annoyance.

"What are you doing?" The sorceress snapped.

"I could ask you the same thing." The blonde retorted.

"Visiting Starfire." This sentence was simultaneous, and both Raven and Terra glared at each other, the half-demons eyes flaring white, her hair and cape billowing threateningly, the blonde's eyes and hands glowing a crackling gold.

"She wanted to see me personally. Go away." Raven snapped angrily.

"She told me to meet her here!" Terra hissed. "So get lost!"

"She told me to meet her as well, bitch!" Raven snarled, about ready to slap the traitor right in her face.

"What did you say to me?" Terra growled, her eyes surging a deeper shade of gold-

The door opened, and a strong pair of arms grabbed the arguing girls, and pulled them inside, the door snapping shut and locking itself promptly.

Inside, Raven and Terra was promptly deposited, both with shocked expressions, on the pink circular bed, sat on the edge to be specific.

"What the-"


Raven and Terra quickly shut up at the sight of a glowering Starfire in front of them. Thankfully, they never saw her truly mad, like when she'd first arrived in the city, but this was the kind of disappointed anger that forced you to choke down guilt until you died of it.

Terra flinched slightly, while Raven better restrained herself, as Starfire spoke to them, in a cold, disappointed and not-amused tone;

"You two should be most ashamed of yourselves."

Raven felt like a little kid caught stealing a cookie from the jar. How she hated to see her love talk to her in such a tone. Rage told her to shag that tone out of Starfire, but a bit more tact and patience was needed here. Fucking Terra. It was all her fault, as always.

Terra felt actually kind of terrible for arguing with Raven right outside Starfire's door. Starfire hated arguing, and Terra now felt like an idiot who could have avoided something so simple. Fucking Raven. It was all her fault, as always.

"You two are always performing the arguing with each other." Starfire said sternly. "We are supposed to be friends and team-mates. Yet you two are so mean towards each other. It is most, as Beast Boy would say, un-cool."

The other two girls exchanged a glance, both guilty at Starfire's lecture, and angered at the other.

"But that's not why I have called you here."

Both girls looked at the alien, whom know bore a soft look of contemplation.

"Both of you love me, correct?"

"More then anything." "Of course!"

Starfire smiled, allowing herself a small giggle, as Raven and Terra exchanged glares.

"Very well. But with such unfriendly feeling towards each other, how can I love you when the other simply feels hate?"

The other two had no answer to such a question.

"But, I do have a solution that can hopefully perform the sorting of out!" Starfire declared cheerfully.

Terra raised an incredulous eyebrow, while Raven merely stared at the alien like she was crazy. Her and Terra? Get along? Out of the question; So long as Terra pursued her Starfire, Raven would never tolerate her-

Holy Shit, Starfire was unclasping her neck guard!

Both the sorceress and the blonde stared wide-eyed with sudden awe, wonder and arousal as the alien turned her back on them and- sensually, of course- moved an arm back, which promptly undid said clasp to said neck guard, the smooth metal clicking open, and being unceremoniously tossed away.

Terra and Raven stared, hungrily drinking in the sight of Starfire's exposed neck and shoulders, as sensually tanned as the rest of her.

"If I may not have one of you-" The alien cooed softly, turning around to stare at the other two with lustful emeralds "-Then I shall merely have both of you."

The geomancer and the half-demon were both turned on and shocked at this; The sweet, innocent Starfire, practically asking for a threesome?

The two exchanged looks, both disgusted at the thought of doing anything to each other-

-And turned on as well.

"But I shan't let you have me yet." Starfire stated casually, as she idly fingered the hem of her skirt, earning lustful stares from the other two. "First, I wish for you to kiss each other."

What a downer.

Raven and Terra, instinctively at this point, glared at each other.

Starfire shrugged. "I suppose we shall not commence in the love-making then."

Terra was not stupid. She promptly grabbed Raven's head and gave her a kiss, both chaste and passionate, the latter only from the geomancer's current lust for the Tamaranean. Raven accepted it with surprising dignity, even drawing one hand up awkwardly to stroke at the yellow hair. In all honesty, Terra didn't taste bad, quite experienced in her kissing, tasting rather sweet. For a stuck-up bitch, Terra wasn't bad to kiss. And her hair was so lovely and soft.

Terra, meanwhile, was noting Raven's delectably soft lips and the sweet taste of the herbal tea. For a rather bitchy perfectionist

Starfire gave a nod of approval, smirking that delightful smirk of hers.

"You are getting better." The alien mused cheerfully, taking a step forward towards the kissing girls. "Perhaps your rivalry may- EEP!"

Starfire had moved in too close. Now, with evil smirks, Terra and Raven were upon her, grabbing the alien and flinging her onto the bed. Starfire bounced once, letting out a small squeak as she took in the predatory smiles of the other two.

"Maybe we shouldn't fight." Terra purred, sapphire eyes taking in the shivering alien, whom was looking at them with aroused expectation.

"We should just fuck." Raven chuckled darkly, violet eyes raking across the Tamaranean's chest, before both girls nodded and dove in.

Against her two predators, Starfire stood no chance, only letting out a pleasured squeal as Raven's skilled hands tore off her top, exposing her copper breasts, but Terra was already wrapping her arms around Starfire's chest, hiding the alien's cleavage.

"Keep it hidden for later." The blonde scolded the annoyed half-demon, whom shrugged and also wrapped her arms around the writhing Tamaranean, sandwiching the alien between them. The duo smirked at each other, feeling a new sense of understanding- And power over their beloved- before Raven clamped her lips onto Starfire's neck, her tongue instantly assaulting the sweet flesh, so tender and warm, while Terra clamped her lips onto Starfire's, both girls groaning as their lips locked, Terra's tongue forcing it's way into Starfire's deliciously warm and tangy mouth. Oh, God, she tasted so wonderful!

The two girl's hands were eagerly at work, Raven's left hand curling around to clench Starfire's left breast with devoted vigour, her other arm slinking around Terra's torso, pulling the blonde tighter against their shared love. This was Heaven! How long had she lusted after Starfire, patiently waiting for the time when she could claim her? Oh, too long, just too long.

Terra's arms were wrapped around Raven, pulling her against Starfire, effectively trapping the moaning alien between their heated bodies. Terra, grinning into Starfire's sensual mouth, moved one arm around and tugged at Raven's belt, which came undone surprisingly easy. The half-demon sort of hissed in Starfire's neck, muttered something in an unknown language, before tossing her belt away and moving one arm to tug at Terra's shirt.

The geomancer and the sorceress both giggled slightly when Starfire got an arm loose and started twisting it around, trying to touch them both. It was quite cute. But this futile attempt was ignored, as Raven and Terra continued kissing, licking and touching their trapped lover. They had waited for this for so long, to have Starfire writhing and moaning for them. Albeit, without the other, but still.

Regardless, Raven soon had had enough of the mere act of kissing her long-time crush, and pulled away, along Terra to roll on top of the alien and continue their lip-lock, Terra occasionally breaking away for air and a lick of the tanned cheeks. With a small smirk, quite rare for her, Raven closed her eyes and allowed her powers to take hold of the tiny zip on her back, pulling it down to strip off her black leotard.

The air against her skin felt nice, and Raven sighed softly, before quickly pulling off her shoes and wristbands, though keeping on her cloak for... she didn't know. She just liked her cloak.

With a rather devious smirk, Raven moved forward and tugged off the geomancer's shorts with ease, the material sliding down the muscled, but thin limbs. Terra turned her head round to investigate the loss of clothing, as her shoes and socks met the same fate, before letting out a loud moan as both Starfire leaned up to capture her throat in desperate, moist lips, and Raven's tongue descended upon her exposed ass, skilfully and swiftly licking at her pale flesh.

"You naughty birdie..." The blonde ground out in pleasure, moving a hand to feel at Starfire's breasts beneath her, as Raven's tongue swept down the left cheek, down to the beginning of her thigh, before slipping back up and crossing the abyss to the right cheek.

The geomancer's skin was sweet, not as sweet as Starfire's, but with a stronger feel to it, most likely from a rough living. Regardless, Raven was learning to appreciate the blonde more.

But her lust for Starfire was not to be abated. Her demonic side demanded the red-head writhe under her, and so it would be.

Moving up and shoving Terra aside, Raven took the magnificent cleavage of the alien. Combined with the thin hourglass figure, the breasts looked large and strong, naturally, yet did not feel out of place. Absolutely perfect, with the cutest little pink nipples, and more then a handful. Heck, probably more then two handfuls. Raven gazed at them hungrily, one hand drifting up to feel her own pair, smaller, but more firm then the obvious softness of Starfire's, feeling a most erotic wetness between her legs.

Ignoring Terra's grunt of annoyance at being pushed aside, Raven licked her lips as Starfire's eager eyes took in her ashen chest, before she dove in , her lips clamping onto the right bud. Oh, Azar, the taste! So sweet, so warm, so firm! It was wonderful! She had to have more! Raven opened her mouth wider, struggling to take in more of the orange beauty, her tongue eagerly wrapping round the erect nipple. It was amazing how human Starfire was, her reactions to the feelings Raven was inflicting, one hand coming up and grabbing Raven's violet hair, clenching tightly as the other gripped Terra's thigh, the geomancer on her knees next to them.

Out of the corner of her eye, Raven noted Terra slip her shirt up, not entirely off, but enough to show a perk chest, uncovered and sweet, the nipples already erect. Terra smirked as she noted Raven's observing eye, revelling in Starfire's sweet moans, before, with a lick of her lips, she too moved in and took the other breast into her mouth.

Dear fucking God, Starfire's tits tasted AWESOME! Terra could do this forever!

Starfire, of course, was having the most glorious time, feeling the most wonderful things! Raven and Terra's mouths were warm and wet against her grebnacks, their tongues eagerly licking at her, suckling hungrily (A small part of her wondered why they suckled on her glands. Perhaps they were thirsty? Or mere human sexual rituals?) Regardless, it felt so wonderful on her sensitive skin, one of her hands curling around the half-demon's hair, the other around the geomancer's back. Hopefully, they would allow her to return the favour and allow her to suckle on their glands.

"R-R-Raven, T-terra, terra, pl-pl-please, more, more!" The alien begged softly, groaning at the two working at her chest.

Raven smirked, before detaching herself from that lovely boob, a trail of saliva dangling form her mouth onto the perk nipple, before she moved over and kissed Terra's cheek. The blonde's sapphire eye flickered up at her with amusement, before returning it's attention to the alien's suckled breast, the geomancer's hand coming up to knead the now-free right mound.

Raven moved downwards, as Terra again clambered onto Starfire, where she was greeted by Terra's behind, still wet from Raven's previous administrations, and Starfire's lower region, clad in a purple skirt and leggings of course.

Raven had no trouble pulling off the offending attire, tossing the skirt and leggings away in a small pile of purple. As expected, Starfire wore no pants, and Raven was delighted by the sight of that beautiful groin; The sweetest curve of tanned skin, with two ovals of crimson hair bordering a deep pink slit, which dribbled a golden fluid. Above Starfire's slit and amazing legs was Terra's thinner, but easily as wet region, her slit more reddish then Starfire's.

Raven smirked, before she moved in, her mouth and tongue diving for Starfire, her hand moving to secure the tanned thigh, while her other hand jammed two fingers into Terra's vagina.

Both Tamaranean and geomancer moaned in unison at the glorious assault upon their woman-hoods, the blonde releasing Starfire's breasts to rear up in pleasure as her back arched as Raven's fingers jammed within her. Oh, how they moved and poked and twisted! Amazing! Who knew Raven could touch so well?

Starfire shrieked in wonder at the most amazing feeling upon her most precious of treasures. Raven was applying her mouth to her in such a wondrous way! Her body was twisting and writhing under Terra and Raven's touch; It was all so glorious!

And Raven was taking in the almost burning heat, the most wonderful taste, the thick fluid satisfying better then even the best of teas! She was just so hot and sweet, like fruits melted down, the gold staining her hungry lips. And Terra's wasn't bad either; nice and wet, fondling her folds with amused ease. Who would have thought fucking Starfire and Terra would bring her closer to the geomancer?

No matter, so long as she could carry on making out with Starfire's sweet, sweet pussy.

"Oh, o-oh, R-Raven... P-please, don't stop..." Starfire whined softly, before reaching and grasping Terra's perk grebnacks in her hands, marvelling in both Raven's actions, which felt so good! That wonderful tongue working within her, making her feel so wonderful! And Terra's chest was warm and soft, easy to hold and squeeze.

"G-God, Starfire-" Terra groaned. "R-Raven, S-s-star, oh G-God..."

"I love you, Starfire." Raven hissed, as she detached from Starfire's vagina to stroke at it's soaking warmth (So hot, like Hell's fire, so sweet, like Heaven's fruit) "I love you. I love both of you."

"D-ditto." Terra gasped, before Starfire pulled her down, so the alien's lips could clamp onto her left breast. "Oh, G-God, S-s-Starfire!"

Raven hissed as she drank in Starfire's sweet juices, before lifting her head to taste at Terra's fluid, marvelling at it, not as sweet, but strong, like the Earth.

That was it. The balance of the Earth and the Sun and the Moon. The Sun lit both their worlds, the Earth and Moon united by this blazing power.

Raven groaned as Terra twisted round, grabbed Raven and pulled her into the other girl's desperate grasps, the sorceress groaning in delight as the geomancer's fingers attacked her core, one even daring to prod at her anus, as Starfire's mouth was at her neck and breasts. Raven screamed with pleasure as Terra continued moving, locking her legs around Raven's, until the blonde's vagina suddenly clashed with the half-demons, wet for wet, warm for warm, the naughty finger stroking at her other hole, Starfire's hands all over her, she herself clenching at the alien, forcing her clitoris to sink into the geomancer's depths.

They weren't done. Not for a long while.

But at the very least, Starfire's plan worked.

It worked perfectly.

Author's Notes: HOORAY :D

Are you happy now, James? (You know who I'm talking to, James. Headband 3, my ass! XD)