Running, she had to keep running. The air she sucked into her lungs in desperation felt like fire in her throat. How had this happened? The war was over, and yet here she was running through the forbidden forest for her life.

"Hermioooneee?" He called out her name. She nearly screamed in terror at how close he had gotten. She couldn't though, run she thought, just run. She wasn't afraid of facing him, far from it. She had fought all manner of death eaters and magical terrors worse than him. No What scared he was every time she heard his voice she wanted to turn and through herself in his arms.

She could no longer hear him and collapsed against a tree with nothing left. In a last minute attempt to save herself she cast a disillusionment charm. She watched as he broke the forest line. Her raised his head seeming to sniff the air and when he opened his eyes they were staring strait at her. His muscles seemed to ripple in the most primal manner as he walked, no, stalked, towards her. How could he see her?! It didn't matter, he could, and so she began to run again on wobbly legs that she knew would not carry her far.

Their was a flash of blonde hair as she felt and arm snake around her waist lifting her strait off the ground. She Looked up into steel blue eyes that seemed to penetrate her very soul. "Mine." He growled out. That was the last thing she heard as everything went black.