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They stood there for what seemed like hours before Draco lifted Hermione into his arms bridal style and took off up the stairs. As Draco kicked the bedroom door shut behind him Hermione realized just what she implied when she told him she was his.

"Draco, put me down." She began to struggle out of his grasp only to have him sit down on the bed with an even tighter grip.

"No, please don't go back to rejecting me." She couldn't see his face as it was buried in the crook of her neck still, but his voice sounder broken and desperate.

"I'm not rejecting you Draco." He relaxed his hold and looked up at her hope shining in his eyes. "But, I'm still not quite ready to mate with you." He looked away outside the windows seeming to process what she had said. turning back to her Draco looked at her with the old spark of mischief and that trademark Malfoy smirk. She regarded him warily before letting out a surprised yelp as he rolled to the center of the bed pulling her under him. "What are you doing?" She huffed up at him.

"You said no mating, so we wont mate. That dosnt mean i cant be intimate with you. I just cant bite you." At the end of this declaration he leaned down pressing his lips to hers with such desperation you would think he thought it was their last moments. In truth Draco had become so starved of her touch that it took everything he had not to rip off her cloths and sink into her. His lips moved down the column of her neck nipping and sucking. His hands traveled up and down her sides and the weak protest on her lips died as he gripped her breast with his right hand.

"Mhh, Draco." Hermione felt as if his hands were everywere and soon she found herself lifting her arms to acomidate him as he pulled off her shirt. Leaning her up Draco unclapsed her bra and threw it to the floor with her disregarded shirt.

"Beautiful." He breathed out looking down at her as if she were a goddess. Hermione looked up at him with lidded eyes and deciding that he had to many cloths on began pulling at the hem of his shirt.

Delighted that she was participating Draco eagerly lifted his arms so she could pull the offending garment off. Years off quidich had done draco good. He was not overly bulky but did have defined muscle and broad shoulders. He sighed in content as her hands drifted over hischest down to the six pack and over his hims. He allowed this exploration reveling in his mates touch. He flexed as her hands came over his byceps smirking at her wide eyed reaction. Becoming a Veel a did absolutely nothing for Draco's vanity, Vela's worryed endlessly about atracting their mate. With her wide eyes and soft gasp the Veela in him preened basking in the praise of his mate.

"I... I've never..." Hermione trailed off looking down at the mattress not willing to meet his questioning look. About to ask what she meant Draco caught sight of her blush and realized what she meant. With a smile on his face he pinned her back to the bed showering her in kisses.

"Do not worry, you have no idea how much it pleases me that you come to me innocent." He then took a nipple in his mouth sucking gently before moving to the twin and giving it the same treatment.

"But what if I cant please you?" Draco scoffed at this, his only response being little kisses across her abdomen. "If I had been with another man..."

"No!" He interrupted her growling. "do not every speak of another man touching you. You are my mate." He softened at her scared look. "It gives me immense pleasure to know that I will be the only man to have touched you, and Iwill spend the rest of my days making sure that you want for no other mans touch." She gave a small smile seeing the sincerity in his eyes. She never thought she would use sincere and Draco Malfoy in the same sentence, But here she was lieing under his gaze feeling every bit the goddess he worshiped her as.

"Let me love you." At her little nod he bagan to pull her jeans from her body reveiling her milky thighs. He kissed his way back up her legs leaving no inch untouched.

Hermione was in heaven. His touch despite how light and reverent sent shock waves of heat through her body. She had had an unsatisfying tryst with Ron after the war and had not had a relationship since not wanting to re-experience the sloppy selfish kisses. All thought fled her mind though as Draco dipped his finngers under the waist band of her modest under ware.

"Draco..." Hermione barely whispered it as he pulled her under ware down. She closed her eyes basking in the feel of his hands, but gave out a startled yelp as he licked her most privet part. Draco Smiled up at her before moving to tong her clit. She gave a drawn out moan as he slid his middle finger inside of her. "Oh God! I... ohhh."

"Let go Hermione, Just let go. let me give you pleasure." He then addedone and then two fingers stretching her out. With one last lick to her clit Hermiones eyes shot open and her back arched as she came. Removing himself from the bed Draco remover the last of his cloths.

Hermione opened her eyes finally calming down and watched as Draco got back on the bed only to have her bliss be replaced by fear. To put it bluntly, he was HUGE. Seeing the look in her eyes he layed down in between her legs and began kissing her again.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle." He wispered to her.

"W-wiill it fit?" she asked shyly.

With a chuckle he nodded his head and went back to kissing her to distract her.

Just as Hermione got lost in his kisses again he sank into her ripping past her barrier in one smooth thrust. A tear escaped her tightly shut eyes causing Draco a wave of guilt. He wiped away the tear and nuzzled her neck staying absolutely still despite the urge to move.

After a few moments she said, "Ok, I'm ok." He looked at her and she gave him a small smile nodding her head. Moving as slow as possible he pulled out halfway before slowly thrusting back in. They moaned in unison at the feeling of oneness. This continued for a few minutes with draco slowly pulling out more each time.

"Uhh.. Draco, please." She wimpered. He stoped afraid that he had hurt her.

"What is it love?"

"Faster." That one simple world put a giant smile on his face and he began to move again now pulling out almost all the way before swiftly thrusting back in.

"Yes! So tight, and wet... fuck." Draco could barely contain himself and with her whispered command of harder he leaned up pulling her legs to rest over his arms and grabbed hold of her hips and thrust back in.

"Ahhh!" Hermiones head was thrown back as he drilled into her driving her higher and higher before she finally screamed out his name falling of the edge. He came not moments after her not able to hold onto it with her sheath milking him. He fought the urge to mark her and finally claim her as his mate but won before collapsing next to her and pulling her to spoon his front. Neither being able to form a coherent thought fell immediately into a deep sleep.

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