He sat on the cold asphalt, cold, hungry, wet from the rain. How long had it been since he had lost his home? Since he lost the only warmth and comfort he had ever known and had been froced to live out on the streets? A month? Two months? A year? He was'nt sure anymore. All he knew was that he needed to start stealing again, or he would starve, if he simply didn't die of exposure first.

He was a verteran. He had served his country during the past two wars, giving everything he had to his people, and getting what in return. Thrown out on the streets. Looked down on. He could'nt even work because of his current state. It was'nt that he didn't have skills, he did. Just none of them that he could use in a normal environment. He was a hunter, tracker and killer, reduced to a scavenger, who slept in alley's in cardboard boxes, using newspapers to keep warm.

He was a little bitter about the drastic change in his life. A little bitter that he had been discarded, and forgotten. He clenched his teeth and curled up in a ball as his stomach started to cramp painfully, reminding him that he was just a hairs breath away from taking a dirt nap due to starvation. He looked up at the people passing by his alley and felt the need to yell. To rant and rage at them for walking by and not offering a helping hand.

He was a person just like them! He had been born, and raised, had once been someone's son. He sighed tiredly, he didn't want to die. Not in a dark place alone. Not like an animal in the cold. He wanted to die in a warm place, with someone holding his hand and speaking to him in gentle tones. He wanted to feel loved again. Like he had when he had been a child, before his father had drank himself to death from sorrow.

He sighed again and leaned his head back against the brick building behind him and wondered if he would ever have those things again. And that's when he saw her....

Shayera Shilo Uzu Naru Namikaze, was walking down the street in the pouring rain with her closed umbrella in hand. God it was cold out today. The temperature having dropped to thirty or thirty five degree's making the wheather outside utterly miserable. She pitied anyone who was stuck in such wheather. And for the hundredth time in so many minutes wondered why she was out in such wheather herself.

She kept coming up blank. But then that was'nt really unusual for someone with so little phycic ability. All she really knew was that she was supposed to be out here. The persistant almost nagging feeling in the back of her mind had been driving her crazy for the past week. That and the wierd dream she had had last night. Normally her dreams were'nt so vivid. But then again all she really saw was the slightly dark siluete of a male body, the color of his hair and skin was unknown to her. But the sound of his voice and the color of his eyes...such lovely unusual things.

He had had mis matched eyes like the pet wolf she had once had after she had been adopted by the old man that had lived just outside of town. And his voice, such a wonderful sounding voice. Slightly soft, slightly raspy, it had reminded her of black velvet. She had heard it so clearly, she would recognise the sound anywhere. She paused in mid step when she felt a pair of eyes on her and turned to see a figure huddled in the mouth of the alley just ahead of her and cocked her head.

Was that him? She walked forward and stopped right beside him and opened her umbrella and held it out over his head. "You okay?" She asked gently as the man's head turned so that he could look at her. He had a suprised look on his face as he stared at her with his...mis matched eyes. It was him! She suddenly felt like clapping her hands and laughing, she was'nt crazy!

She might have done just that if he had'nt looked so damn sick. He was wearing a thin worn wife beater, and some torn jeans, no socks, and shoes with holes in them. His skin was an almost snow white, and he was suffering from starvation and cold. "Ma'am?" He rasped as she dropped to her knees beside him on the cold ground and shrugged off her jacket and did the most peculiar thing, she wrapped it around his shoulders and he could automatically feel the differance.

He felt a so much warmer. What was she doing? Why was she helping him? He wondered as she brushed his long dirty, shaggy looking hair back from his pale face gently. "You look like you need some food and a nice warm place to stay. Would you like to come with me?"

He frowned a bit and turned his head as she ran her hand along his cheek and could'nt help but lean into the warmth. He was so cold. And she was so warm. At that moment he didn't really care that she was just a kid, that she might be toying with him, that she could be as dangerous to him as he could be to her. Desperation drove him to nod his head. Yes he wanted food. Yes he wanted a nice warm place to lay his head. He wanted to live. To feel human again. He wanted those things so badly the very core of his being ached.

"Okay. Can you stand up?" She asked gently. He nodded his head again and slowly, carefully got to his feet. She kept the umbrella over his head and made sure to stay close just in case he needed her help. They would stop by the diner a little ways down the street and get him something to tide him over until she got him home and cleaned him up.

He followed her carefully, afraid that if he left her side she might run and noticed that they were heading towards a local diner. Was she planning on feeding him before she took him to the warm place that she had promised him, or was she just another bitch playing with him. He studied her slender frame for a second as she reached out to open the door to the diner. She was a pretty little thing, slightly taller than most girls her age, her head reaching his chest, her strawberry blond hair was long and soft, hanging down to the middle of her back in a loose braid.

She held the door open for him, and he walked inside while silently berating himself for not opening the door for her. He had manners after all, his dad had all but beat the damn things into his head as a child, and he silently swore that he would pay closer attention to such things from now on.


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