Kakashi was fixing one of the old wooden fences that had started to decay. He'd been shifting the wood, holding them into place and nailing the pieces together ever since he'd walked off to calm himself down after his temper tantrum this morning.

He was still a little bit upset about what had happened with Anko but for different reasons.

He couldn't believe that he had lost his cool to such a degree that he had actually wanted to beat the hell out of the vindictive bitch for attacking Shay in her kitchen. He knew better. Yet he hadn't been able to help himself. In that moment Anko hadn't been a woman to him, but an enemy that had to be dealt with before Shayera got hurt.

It was a little after noon and he was sweating like mad due to the freak heat wave they had been suffering through for the past week or so and had stripped off his shirt and tossed it aside somewhere.

He dug a nail out of the little box sitting on the ground next to his leg while he used one hand and his knee to hold the latest piece of damndable wood in place so that he could fix it up nice enough that Shayera's horses wouldn't be able to break it down when they were galloping around.

He managed to get a few nails, and put the tips into his mouth then reached for the hammer when he saw something heading towards him out of the corner of his eye.

He turned his head a little bit more and blinked as Shay came running up and collapsed to the ground just beside him and doubled over panting. He set the hammer aside and took the nails out of his mouth then reached out and put one of his hands on her back, just between her shoulders and patted her. "Did you get exiled too? Or were you chased out?"

Shay straightened her back a little bit and looked at him as she tried to catch her breath. "N-Neither... Tsunade- Questions-" Kakashi cocked his head and gave her a funny look. Not really understanding what she was trying to say.

"Catch your breath baby. I can't understand gibberish." He said as he pulled his arm back and jerked when she growled, bowed her head and tried to bite him. He gave her a wide eyed look as he rubbed the spot on the inside of his elbow where her teeth had scaped his skin.

In all the time he'd known Shay she had only tried to bite him once. And she had been particularly upset at the time. So taking her actions into account, he could safely assume that she was upset about something. But what? He wondered as she finally caught her breath.

"Tsunade was asking about my grandpa."

Kakashi blinked and gave her a slightly puzzled look. Wondering why Tsunade would ask about Shayera's grandfather. "Maybe she's just curious." He said in a gentle tone. Shay got a wide eyed slightly alarmed look on her pretty face and shook her head no, making him frown.

"She knew his name Kakashi!"

"She did?" He asked in surprised tone.

Shay nodded her head as he thought for a moment before making a 'hn'ing sound. Well, well- If Tsunade had somehow known Shay's grandpa them he could sort of understand why Shay had come running so far from the house just to see him. She was probably scared of what might happen in the unlikely event Tsunade had known her grandfather.

She was probably worried that like Anko, Tsunade would attack her. Reaching out Kakashi put his hands on Shay's hips and lifted her up off of the ground and settled her in his lap and kissed her lightly on the lips and crooned. "My poor baby..." He kissed her again, taking his time to kiss her breathless before pulling back and saying in an half teasing tone.

"Chased out her own house by a bunch of crazy people. Well- No matter, at least I get you to myself for a while." He leaned his head down to nip at her throat causing her to shriek and squirm in his grasp when a loud, horrified scream caused them both to jerk and turn to look in the direction of the house.

Shayera cringed and looked around nervously as Kakashi set her back down on the ground and started to get up, a frown marring his features. "What the hell are those morons doing over there?"

"Finding grandpa's grave I'd imagine." Kakashi paused and looked back at her, his eyes narrowed a little bit.

"You didn't tell Tsunade that your grandpa was dead did you?"


"Then what was that scream about Shay?"

"I pointed her in the direction of his grave." Kakashi sighed tiredly and sat back down next to her.

"Are you scared that she'll blame you?"

"If it was you then wouldn't you blame me?"

Kakashi thought for a minute, unsure of what to say when Shay said. "She doesn't know me Kakashi. And people tend to jump to the wrong conclusions when they don't know someone well."