It could be any day in the Wasteland for them, the time blurring together from week to month, month to year. Of a pair, they range over all, sometimes with others, sometimes by themselves but never alone.

You can hear them a mile wide when they sing, and she doesn't care because every moment is golden, he doesn't care because his world is smiling at him, and he will devour anything that threatens it. She carries it forward with her and he follows.

"There's no more to be lost that you can't find; there's no right to be wrong if you ain't riiight! And all my wishes one day will be true, I don't mind dying and then I just think of yooou." Her face is to the sun and she spins, him circling like an adoring moon.

"When you're like the sky, and I'm like the ground, and nobody's right or wrong, well yooooooou..." And she looks down to prompt him, but he's sung this song forever, writing it into the cracks of the earth.


"Ease my mind, well yoooooooou..."


"Ease my miiind!"

He's hoisted up in one stride, faces buried into each other's necks as she walks with him and there's eternity in an age of seconds. He's set down pacing, the motions repeated so much they became seamless, and laughs up at her, waiting for his favourite question, the perfect words.

"Who's Momma's best boy, huh?"

She's new and fresh and old and hard, ancient wounds and recent scars, and he's black and sleek and grey and wise. Their time together never ends, even when they've gone, her in the dust, carried by his wind. It makes the dark places shine when they breathe.

Orion has her Dog Star and he has the sky.

Song excerpt is from "Ease my Mind" by Big Wreck. Listening to it today made me think of Cort and Dogmeat, and I daydreamed this up while working on my busted tub.