Chapter 1 - Trespassing

"Jovi." "Jovi." "Jovanna Marie Miller."

Jovi's violet eyes opened and she said, "Sorry...I'm up dad."

Her dad was a pill sometimes. Jovi moved around as she slowly rolled out of bed and got herself woke up. She bounced into her wrangler jeans, while slipping her boots on and pulled a sweatshirt over her head...It was 5 am, she had to go out and let the mustangs run on the land for exercise and food. Her dad had already made sure there was hay for them...Jovi pulled her hood up on her sweatshirt as she stepped out onto the porch of the house she'd called home for the last 6 years. She stepped down into the mud...The rain was really starting to get on her nerves. She walked out and climbed over the fence and went over and opened the big double doors to the barn and let the mustangs out so they could run and get exercise while she was at school. Knowing once she got back home she'd have to get them back in the barn, but that wasn't in any way difficult for her.

Once she got back into the house, her dad said, "Now don't forget, today is Friday I'm gonna be in Seattle for the week so I won't be home, till Next Friday...I made sure there's plenty of food stocked in the fridge and freezer, I'll also leave a hundred bucks on the table in case you need it for whatever." Jovi smiled as she pushed her 5'8" frame up and kissed her dad's cheek and said, "I'll be fine dad...Don't worry so much...You go through this every time you leave to take the mustangs to auction for sale." Mike hugged his daughter to him and kissed the top of her head and said, "Okay go get ready for school and you have a good day today." Jovi smiled as she headed up for a shower and said, "I will dad...And I'll lock the front door so the undesirables don't get me." Mike said, "Is Alice Cullen gonna come see you over the weekend?" Jovi smiled and said, "Of course...Doesn't she always?" Mike nodded and said, "She's a good girl...Her dad raised her right."

Jovi showered and got herself dressed in jeans and a black cotton shirt with long sleeves and a red hooded t-shirt over it...She stood in front of her dressed blow drying her long brunette hair that had blonde streaks in it which her dad said looked so much like her mothers. She couldn't remember her mother much. Allison Miller had died from breast cancer when Jovi was 10. Her dad was doing a good job trying to make sure she's being raised correct. Once she was finished she grabbed her cell phone making sure to turn it on vibrate and her backpack and ran out the front door and jumped in her red jeep and took off into town for school.

They had a 25 acre ranch in Forks Washington, but it was right on the border of Forks and La Push. La Push had the Quileute Indian Reservation on it. All of their children attended school on the reservation...They wouldn't send their kids to the schools that the pale faces attended, but only because they thought public schools were too violent. Which was completely true, there was always some new news report about a kid going into a school and shooting their classmates...Forks was relatively quiet...The occasional hiker would go missing, but not nearly the same amount o violence like in the bigger cities.

Once she got into class, She looked over at Alice and said, "So the parental unit is audios until next Friday." Alice smiled as she golden colored eyes twinkled. Alice said, "Great...I'll come over tomorrow and we can work on our Junior project." Jovi said, "Sweet...I'm going for a ride when I get home...I haven't been able to take Sarge for a ride in a couple of days and I'm scared he's getting restless." Sarge was her huge male black mustang her mom and dad had bought for her 10th birthday before her mom got really sick. His coat was so black it looked like it had a blue tint to it in certain light.

True to her words, once Jovi got out of school she drove home and was thankful the rain had stopped as she pulled into the drive way, she sat at the top of the fence and put her pinkies in the corners of her mouth and let out a loud whistle as the horses that had been out running all day came running as she shooed them into the barn and then into their own individual stalls. After counting, she nodded with a smile as she had gotten all 15 back in their stalls. She opened Sarge's stall and got him brushed off as she threw the blanket on his back and then saddled him. She held the bit up for the harness and reigns and Sarge walked up and put it in his mouth, he knew no bit no riding...Most horses fought putting the bit in their mouth, not Sarge. She got the harness on all the way and then got on as she called for her Bullmastiff Hades...He could use a work out too he was looking a little on the tubby side.

Sarge ran through the woods at a nice gallop with Hades following closely. Once they got to a clearing in the woods, Jovi stopped Sarge near a stream so he could get some nice cold water. Jovi leaned down and wrapped her arms around the horses neck and said, "Yea...I needed it too big boy...Love the freedom." It was nice and quiet in the woods...

"Hey...You're trespassing!" Jovi looked over and 5 guys walking through the forest in cut off jeans and sneakers...No shirt...How odd she thought. They came walking up as Hades fur stood straight up and he started growling furiously. A tall guy said, "Muzzle that mutt lady." Jovi said, "Hades...No." She watched as Hades sat down but was still kind of growling, but trying to keep it quiet not wanting to get yelled at again. "What are you doing trespassing on our land?" Jovi said, "Sorry I wasn't aware I was trespassing." The tall guy said, "What's your name?" She said, "Jovi...Sorry Jovanna Miller...Jovi for short." The guy said, "My name is Sam Uley...You're on the Quileute lands right now." Jovi said, "I do apologize...Sarge was getting restless he needed the run...I didn't realize I was trespassing. I can assure you it won't happen again." Sam said, "See that it doesn't Miss Miller."

Jovi nudged Sarge with her heels and he turned and headed back to the ranch...Jovi looked back and said, "Hades come!" The dog growled once more at the 5 guys and then took off with the horse. On the way back Jovi contemplated...She had ridden out that far before why was she just now being told she was trespassing? Interesting...She'd have to ask Alice if she knew anything about it.