Chapter 17 - Saving Grace

Carlisle had made sure to take x-rays top to bottom on Jovi to be on the safe side and completely clear her medically speaking. Jovi sat in the interrogation room at the police station. Emmett and Carlisle were waiting outside and every once in a while Emmett would stand by the window and make faces trying to get Jovi to relax or laugh. Her hands were sitting on the table in front of her. Her right knee was bouncing up and down as the detective walked into the room and closed the door.

The gentleman sat down and said, "Miss Miller." Jovi smiled softly and said, "Jovi...Please." The gentleman smiled and said, "Jovi...My name is Detective Mark Williams...I've been working your father's case for the last 48 hours...We know you was at the crime...but you're not really a concern for us...We already got your fathers killer." Jovi's eyes snapped open wider as she said, "What do you mean you got him? Why am I here then?" Det. Williams said, "Well...We need your help deciphering the way you're dad kept records of sales at the auctions." Jovi said, "I did all the records for sales...They are on the computer." Det. Williams said, "I was really hoping you'd say that...Can you come with me real fast?" Jovi said, "Sure."

The door opened and Emmett and Carlisle stood up and watched as Det. Williams and Jovi walked out. Jovi held up her index finger and said, "I'll be right back." They both nodded at her as she followed the detective down the hallway into another room. They had the computer set all up and turned on. Jovi stood in front of it and entered the pass word and as the system loaded Jovi said, "What are you looking for specifically?" Det. Williams said, "We arrested a man named James Shipley...Apparently he bought a mustang from your father from an auction in Texas...The horse grew gravely ill and died...The gentleman was apparently pretty heated and said he was out 30 grand after all the vet bills and decided to come after your dad for it. He's also the one who attacked you a few months ago. He took your horse Sarge."

Jovi's head snapped up and said, "Sarge is alive?" Det. Williams smiled and said, "Very much so...The police in Texas weren't sure what to do with him so they gave him to a children's orphanage." Jovi had missed Sarge, but knowing he was being taken care of by orphans who had nothing was better than thinking of him being dead. Jovi smiled Sarge would be in complete heaven with all those kids. Jovi pulled up a search engine for the computer and entered in James Shipley's name and hit enter. All the sales filed popped up and then suddenly more files popped up with James' name on them...Apparently he'd been sending threatening email and letters to Jovi's father. Then another file popped up and it said: To My Beautiful Daughter. Jovi looked at Det. Williams and he said, "I'm gonna walk out in the hall and let you read that." Jovi nodded as the Detective stepped out.

My Beautiful Daughter Jovanna.

If you found this letter in the computer then clearly I'm dead. I've known for a few weeks that James Shipley was going to come after me. I couldn't bear to make you worry about my safety which is why I didn't tell you about it. I just decided to make sure you was safe and looked after by the Cullen's...Please tell Carlisle and the rest of the Cullen's, I appreciate everything they did for you, by giving me a piece of mind and knowing you were safe with them when I was gone. A few weeks ago I sold the remainder of the mustangs, the ranch and land for quite a bit of money...6.5 million to be exact...Some big company is coming in to demolition and build duplexes. I'm leaving a will and it's all going to you...I've already put it in a checking account for you at the bank...all you have to do is go in and show them you're ID and they'll take care of the rest. I also know about you and the Quileute boy from the reservation...I know the hateful words I said about them is probably what broke you two up and I have to tell you I was WRONG! If you're mother was alive today she would've skinned me alive for being so judgmental and hateful to another human being. I kind of like to think you're mother brought Paul to you...And don't look so shocked that I know who he is...No daughter of mine, falls in love with a guy, without her dad sending a private investigator out to find out who the yahoo is she loves with, to make sure he is good enough for her. I think if you two can sit down and talk and show him this letter, he'll understand I was wrong and you guys can have a future together...You love him...You always have...You always will. And I love you my beautiful daughter...You're mother and I will be watching over you and we love you very much...Take care of yourself.

Jovi printed out the letter and then helped the detective print everything up that would be needed to be used as evidence against James Shipley. Jovi signed the papers to press charges against the creep as she folded the letter up and stuffed it into her shirt pocket. The hospital had taken her clothes for evidence and gave her a pair of scrubs, Emmett his sweatshirt on her and laughed because it was about 4 times bigger than her. Once they got Jovi back to the reservation, and pulled into Sam and Emily's drive way, Carlisle and Emmett got out, Carlisle stepped up and hugged Jovi and kissed the top of her head and said, "If you need anything you make sure and let me know." Jovi hugged him back and said, "I will...Thanks for everything Carlisle." Emmett was next making sure to hug her tightly, but not so tight he crushed her...Jovi loved his hugs...Emmett's ice cold lips pressed a soft kiss to her forehead and said, "Call if you need anything, beautiful." Jovi smiled and said, "Thanks handsome."

Jovi waved bye, once they were out of site, she turned around and Mina jumped in her arms hugging her friend to her. Jovi relaxed as she hugged Mina back and said, "Mina I'm not dead...ease up." Mina relaxed her grip around Jovi's neck and pulled back and said, "You look like you need a shower." Jovi smiled and said, "Yes please." Mina said, "I went by and grabbed some of your clothes that you left at my house..." Jovi said, "Where's Paul?" Mina said, "Patrolling...He didn't want to be here when Carlisle and Emmett dropped you off...He should be here in a while." Jovi nodded as she went in and took a nice warm shower. She pulled Jean and a long sleeve hooded cotton shirt on...She blow dried her hair and left it down, she slipped on her sneakers. She walked into the living room and Mina said, "He's not back." Jovi said, "I'm going to the beach...I need to be alone for a while." Mina nodded as Jovi took off out the door.

Once she got to the beach she pulled her sneakers off and buried her feet in the sand, watching as the waves crashed into each other. About an hour or so later, someone blocked out part of the light as Jovi looked up and saw it was Paul. Jovi stood up and stared at Paul and he just stared back. Paul almost couldn't breathe. The slight breeze in the air was blowing her hair around a little. His heart was aching to have her touch him...He'd missed her so much...He felt like part of him died when he left her...Imprinting was so strong...He still had to explain that to her. Paul finally found the breath in his lungs and said, "Jovi..." Before he could say anything else to her, she jumped into his arms and he caught her as she wrapped her legs around his waist and held onto him like she was going to the electric chair. Paul said, "I'm so sorry Jovi...I love you so much." Jovi cupped is warm cheeks in her small cold hands and kissed his lips softly...He had to kiss her back...He hadn't kissed her in months and it felt so good to have her lips meshed with his. Jovi pulled back and looked at him and said, "You really hurt me." Paul said, "Yes." Jovi said, "Please don't do it again." Paul said, "I promise...I swear on my own life...I'll never hurt you again...I kind have to explain something to you though."

They sat down in the sand as Paul pulled Jovi over to sit between his legs and he said, "I imprinted on you." Jovi said, "What the hell is that?" Paul chuckled and said, "Imprinting occurs when a shape shifter finds their soul mate. The moment the shape shifter sees the one they are destined to be with, they imprint. It feels like a glowing heat; having every connection and everything and everyone else severed and instead being only connected to this earth for the person they imprinted on. After that, nobody else matters because you are only there for your soul mate. Imprinting is an involuntary reaction." Jovi quirked an eyebrow and said, "When did you imprint on me?" Paul smiled mischievously and said, "The day I phased on you after you kicked me...I didn't realize it until the night we made love the first time...The whole time we were apart, it literally killed me...Imprint can cause physical pain when you miss the one you imprinted on." Jovi said, "So imprinting was the reason why I couldn't ever get you out of my mind." Paul said, "Basically yea...We're destined to be together for the rest of our lives..." Jovi said, "That doesn't sound so bad to me...I think I could handle have you in my life forever. I mean you are my saving grace after all."

From that moment on...Everything was as it should be.

The End