The lionesses were coming back from their hunt with a new cub trotting along with them. The new cub's name was Luna and she had light brown fur and blue eyes.

"Mom!" Simba and Nala shouted rushing over to the lionesses.

Simba and Nala nuzzled their mothers. Simba was the first to notice Luna.

"Hello, I'm Simba," he said trotting over and sitting down in front of her, "And I'm going to be king one day."

"I'm Luna," Luna said and smiled, "Do you want to play?"

"Sure," Simba said then looked at Nala who was now sitting beside him, "Nala this is Luna. Luna this is Nala."

"What were you going to play?" Nala asked and Luna jumped to her paws.

"Let's play Tag," Luna said and touched Simba with her paw, "Tag you're it!"

Nala and Luna ran away from Simba but he quickly ran after them. They played Tag almost all day until lunch. After lunch they played Pounce. They pounced on grass, twigs, falling leaves, and even each other. They played so many different games and that night they watched the starry sky.

"Look that one's a bunny," Nala said pointing her paw at a shape in the sky.

"That's one looks like Dad," Simba said pointed his paw at another shape near the horizon.

Luna for a shape but could never find one. They were called in for bed time by Mufasa. They slept together in a pile between Sarabi and Mufasa. The next morning Luna was the first awake. Simba was biting on her ear in his sleep.

"Simba wake up," Luna said but Simba didn't wake up.

"Nala," Luna whined and Nala opened one eye to look at her.

"What's up Luna?" Nala asked yawning.

"Simba's biting my ear and he won't wake up," Luna whined and Nala looked up at Simba.

Nala stood up and pounced on Simba. Simba screamed waking up Sarabi.

"Nala!" Simba said and tackled her.

Luna watched as they tried to pin each other and then she got ready to pounce. She waited until Simba and Nala were in front of her and then she pounced on both of them.

"Pinned ya!" Nala and Luna said pinning Simba to the ground.

"Two against one isn't fair," Simba mumbled and tried to push them off.

After awhile they let Simba up and they ran outside for breakfast. After breakfast they played Hide-And-Seek and Kick Rock. At noon it was too hot and they had to stop playing. They decided to go swimming in the watering hole. They splashed and played completely forgetting about lunch. After dinner they watched the starry sky again. They tried to find more shapes then the others.

"There's a zebra," Simba said pointing at the shape.

"Well I see Rafiki," Nala said pointing.

"I see the best thing of all," Luna said Simba and Nala looked at her, "I see three cubs playing Tag."

She pointed up at a shape in the sky. Nala and Simba were amazed by it. It actually looked by Luna, Simba, and Nala were playing Tag in the sky.

"Luna!" someone called and Luna jumped to her paws.

"Malka!" Luna shouted and ran to Malka. Malka was her older brother.

"We've been looking for you everywhere Luna," Malka said and Luna smiled up at him, "I'm glad to see you're safe."

"Hey Malka," Nala and Simba said walking towards Luna and Malka.

"Hey guys thanks for playing with Luna while she was here but we've got to go home now," Malka said and looked down at Luna, "Our parents have been worried about her since she disappeared."

"Okay but don't forget to come back and play with us," Simba said as Luna and Malka walked towards their home.

"I promise to come back and play with you guys again someday," Luna said and waved back at Nala and Simba before running after her brother.

Up in the sky another shape appeared. It looked like three small cubs and one bigger cub were playing together.