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"Morning Miss Blair, you're late for breakfast" greeted a female voice with a strong accent.

"I'll be down in a minute Dorota. Is daddy still here?" asked Blair.

"No he already left, but he said you meet him for lunch." responded Dorota.

"Thanks Dorota that would be all" replied Blair.

Yes. Life couldn't be more perfect, she was queen of Constance the most prestige school for girls on the UES, she had two best friend Iz and Katy who absolutely adored her, I mean how could they not, they've had known each other practically their entire lives, she had minions who would do anything for her of course, yes Hazel, Nelly, Emma and yes even Little J would kiss the floor she treads, and also she had the most doting and loving exchanged student boyfriend every girl could ever ask for. And yes her mother was a very well-known fashion designer Eleanor and a father Harold Waldorf who loves her more than anything in the world who is also a prominent lawyer in Manhattan. Yes her life was perfect, that was what Blair was thinking while adjusting her headband over her fabulous chocolate curls in front of her mirror. She was 18, in her senior year, and the world was at her feet. Yes 3 more months at Constance, the summer break and then YALE, and her perfect fairytale would be complete. Then she applied some gloss over her cherry lips and head for school.

When she got to the steps at the Met all the girls were already waiting for her. So she took her spot at the top of them obviously.

"So, who is going to be our victim this year?" Iz asked.

"Who did you invite B?" asked Katy.

"Well if you must know, I invited Eloise this year to my Annual Soiree, I just hope is as funny as it was last year with that girl Amanda, was it?" said Blair.

"Oh yes, I remember" said Iz, and Katy added "Poor girl, she had a beautiful hair, well before it vanished, that was". Then all the girls burst into laughter.

"What happened with her anyway?" Jenny asked. "I think she moved to Vermont" Nelly Yuki whispered.

"Well she better, and that must be a reminder for any little slut who thinks can try to flirt with my boyfriend and get away with it." Said Blair with a fake smile on her face. "Enough with the talk, Iz, Katy let's go, girls I expect you 6 o'clock sharp" and with that B, I, and K left for Constance.

When the last bell rang that Friday announcing she was school free for the next couple of days, couldn't be happier. She went to her favorite Sushi restaurant to meet her father before he left for Washington for the weekend.

"Blairbear, here" said Harold waving his hand from a table on the back of the restaurant.

"Daddy" said Blair, while greeting him she asked "how are you? I didn't see you this morning".

"I'm fine dear; I went to the office early, just to make sure everything was ok before I left for the seminar on D.C." kissing Blair's cheek.

While they were finishing their meals, Harold asked "and what about you Blair, everything ready for your sleepover"

"Soiree daddy" said Blair "and yes everything is ready, thank you, although I can't believe this is my last Soiree at Constance, I can even feel that I'm in Yale already".

"Oh I know Blairbear, for me it was yesterday when you were my little princess and I used to read you fairytale stories every night to put you to sleep" said Harold taking one of Blair's hands in his.

"Daddy" in her sweetest voice said Blair "I'm always going to be your little princess".

Harold just laughed and then asked "And talking about princess how is that prince charming of yours?"

"He's not a prince daddy," Blair couldn't help but rolled her eyes, "he's a Lord and he's fine, his father is still doing business in here but the Duchess wants to go back to London and wants Marcus to go with her, but he's not going anywhere, at least until I say so" affirmed Blair.

"Yes princess I do believe that" said Harold.

Then Blair asked "So, do you want me to drive you to the airport daddy".

"No it's ok Blairbear, don't you have an appointment with Doctor Mayfair, I heard something Dorota said in the morning" asked Harold.

"Oh yes daddy, you're right, I totally forgot about it, I mean I had assignments and the Soiree, it slipped my mind completely. Ok so see you on Sunday night right?" asked Blair.

"Yes honey" assured Harold.

"Dorota, why are they taking so long? Where is Doctor Mayfair?" asked an angry Blair.

Dorota was re-entering the room and told Blair the news "They said Doctor Mayfair no here, but they're sending a new Doctor".

"What? No, I don't want a new Doctor Dorota, I mean Doctor Mayfair is the only one who has ever treated it me, and knows my clinical story and about my problem, well ex-problem, because I'm fine now" said Blair.

"Yes Miss Blair" whispered Dorota "I know".

"Well the find someone who can tell me why isn't here my Doctor" ordered Blair.

Dorota was on her way to the door again when a nurse came in and collides with Dorota and all the files the nurse had on her hands fall to the floor "I'm so sorry" said the nurse while Dorota and her collected the paper.

"Where is Doctor Mayfair?" asked Blair.

"I'm really sorry Miss Waldorf, but Doctor Mayfair had a decease in the family and she's not coming today, and we asked another Doctor to take over her previews appointments, I can assure you that Doctor Perruchoud is as good as Doctor Mayfair I even said better, just between us, I can tell you that a very powerful business man in Manhattan brought exclusively Doctor Perruchoud from Switzerland to treated his wife so is only the best" said the nurse.

"Well in that case who am I to refuse such generous opportunity, right?" said Blair thinking if this Doctor isn't from here anyway there shouldn't be a problem just one this time, and it's not like this Doctor would be telling everyone about her former condition, right?

"Hello, my name is Doctor Adele Perruchoud, how are you Miss Waldorf?" introduced herself Doctor P.

"Hello Doctor, I'm great, thank you, can we just hurry up, I have things to do before 6 o'clock and we already waste some precious time" said Blair.

"You're so young, you really sure about this?" asked the Doctor a little concerned.

"Of course, can we just do it" pleaded Blair.

"Ok, this might hurt just a little, but it's normal, after the procedure you have to rest in here for an hour ok Miss Waldorf, then you may go" the Doctor informed Blair.

Blair just nodded, and started thinking, a little pain, why? I mean it's not like I'm an expert on these things but it never hurt before, and then rest? It's just a simple check up. Why swisses have to complicate everything?

"Miss Waldorf, we finished, remember you have to lay down here for an hour is that understood? Just an hour the you can go, please come back in 15 days, just to make sure the procedure went fine, and if you feel something is wrong or if you don't feel ok call me please" said Doctor Perruchould.

"Thank you so much Doctor, but I think I'll wait for Doctor Mayfair returns for my next appointment though" Blair would rather wait than have Doctor P with that big needle even if she was the best Doctor.

"Don't worry Miss Waldorf, next time I won't use that needle, I promise" said Doctor P with a big smile in her countenance.

A week passed by and now Blair was in her room visiting the past. Her Annual Soiree last week was a successes as always and little Eloise only stood an hour all things Blair put her through.

"Miss Blair, Mister Marcus for you" said Dorota entering Blair's room.

"Oh Dorota, you scare me" responded Blair while putting in the box before her the headband she was wearing in a brunch 10 years ago. "Tell Marcus I'll be down in a minute, no wait, send him up please".

"Miss Blair" warn Dorota.

"What are you staring at, go polish something" said Blair.

Within two minutes Marcus was inside Blair's room.

"Hello beautiful, what are you doing?" asked Marcus watching Blair organizing a box on her walk-in closet.

"Hi, honey" said Blair putting her arms around Marcus neck and brushing her lips again his sweetly leading him to her bed.

When Marcus notice where things were heading he stopped Blair "Blair I told you that I want to wait, I want this to be special like you".

"Yes and so do I, but we're been dating like two years now, and I think is time to take it to the next level" said Blair in her most seductive voice.

"Me too, but right now it isn't happening" pulling Blair away of their embrace.

"Fine, let's go to the movies then" a resigned Blair said.

Next Friday was already here, Blair, Iz and Katy were at a bench in the middle of Constance courtyard chatting.

"Enough, yes or no B" asked Katy for the ten times.

"Yes B, you have to spill it, did you guys do it already?" said Iz.

"Ugh, I'm so not answering that" angrily Blair said.

"OMG, you did it" said Katy

"Of course not" replied Blair.

"Huh, I knew it!" said Iz.

"Well, I… ok, we want to wait and make it special, so I was planning something for prom, maybe something involving a suite at the Plaza" said Blair in a lower tone.

"Do tell" said Katy

That's when the bell rang announcing their next class was starting interrupting Blair's thoughts.

When Blair got to her penthouse felt something was wrong.

"Did some die?" asked concern, examining Eleanor and Harold who were sat one opposite to the other. Her mother was barely around home anymore, she was always traveling and it was too early for her father to be at home right now.

"Doctor Mayfair called this morning, and said that our presence is required, so go upstairs, change so we can attend other plans already scheduled" said Eleanor without looking into Blair's direction.

"Of course mother" looking at his father, and he only nodded.

God, she really hated that woman, she had been just two days in Manhattan after being absent for like a month, and everything was more important than spend some time with her family. Of course she had the fashion show in a week but right now she could be nicer with them, couldn't she?

"With pearls" said Dorota.

"What?" asked Blair when Dorota broke her rambling about her mother.

"This dress looks better with pearls" repeated Dorota.

"Thanks Dorota and please remind me to call Serena Van der Woodsen and her friend with the last details of the upcoming fashion show for Waldorf's Designs" said Blair.

"Yes Miss Blair" answered Dorota "Is she the blonde girl blue eyes?"

"Yes Dorota the one and only Serena Van der Woodsen" said Blair.

6 months before…

"OMG, I can't believe this is our final university destination" said Iz.

"Neither can I" said Katy.

"I'm really going to miss you girls" said Blair. "I mean, we still be in touch, but you" pointing to Iz "are going to Princeton, and you" directing to Katy "are going to Harvard, and me going to Yale is going to be hard".

"I know, and me too, I'm really going to miss you so much" replied Iz.

"Ok, stop it, you are going to make me cry, and I'm not gonna let that happen, so B, open the champagne so we can ride this properly" said Katy, and the three of them start laughing inside the limo.

"So New Heaven, be ready, because here we come" affirmed Blair.

The three inseparable friend went to Harvard and Princeton already to visit each other's new alma maters for the next 4 years, and now they were in Yale, Blair's dreams school, because she wanted to follow her father's footsteps by becoming a lawyer just like him and putting her plotting and scheming to good use she figured.

"Now, what do we do? We already took a class, went to the library, OMG everything is excited, and I'm not even attending Yale next fall" said Iz.

"Well, now we can go to grab something to eat, daddy said that there was a nice little café nearby" offered Blair.

"Yes we should totally go I'm starving" said Katy.

While they were on their way out, they ran into none other than Serena Van der Woodsen, the "it" girl, well according to Gossip Girl anyway.

"OMG, you're Serena Van der Woodsen" said Katy, "I cannot believe I read everything about you on Gossip Girl".

"Ah, ok, is Gossip Girl still alive I stopped reading her when I graduated Constance and who are you?" asked Serena giggling.

"I'm Katy Farkas, this is Isabel Coates and this is Blair Waldorf" answered Katy.

"Nice to meeting you guys, OMG, you're Blair Waldorf, as an Waldorf's Designs?" said Serena.

"Yeah, my mother" responded Blair, taking Serena's hand.

"OMG, OMG, OMG, come you have to meet my roommate" said Serena pulling Blair with her and Iz and Katy in tow.

Serena entered her dorm and said "I have a surprise for you… Poppy this is Blair Waldorf, Blair this is Poppy Lifton my roommate and best friend".

"Waldorf?" asked Poppy "OMG, Serena you did really surprise me. So why are you doing here?" directing to Blair.

"Well, Iz and Katy came with me to visit Yale before I attend here next year" answered Blair.

"OK, that's great Blair" said Poppy.

"Yay, OMG, I have a great idea, why don't you guys come with us tonight, we have a party at a friend place, you should have the whole college experience" said Serena "this is our senior year here too, this deserved a celebration".

"Yes" said the three inseparable friend.

"That would be great" repeated Blair. "Text us the address, and we will see you there".

"Ok, I already put my number on" said Serena handing Blair her cell phone back "you should totally meet our friend, you would look great together".

"Yeah, I don't think so; I have a boyfriend and a good one I might add" offered Blair.

"It's ok Blair, it doesn't matter, just be there, this is going to be so much fun" responded Serena "oh, and maybe next time I come to Manhattan we should go out shopping".

"Yes, that sounds like a plan" Blair and Serena hug just like there were friends for life. "See you tonight Serena" and with that Blair, Iz and Katy went to the little café.

"Are you ready? We have an appointment remember?" asked Eleanor.

"Yes mother, we can go now" said Blair.

"Well, I don't even know how to even begin to explain this…" offered Doctor Mayfair.

"The beginning should be a start" said Eleanor.

"Eleanor", "Mother" said Harold and Blair at the same time.

"Hello Miss Waldorf, remember me Doctor Perruchoud, how have you been feeling?" asked Doctor P.

"I'm great, why?" answered Blair. "Is something wrong?"

"Mr. and Mrs. Waldorf" began Doctor Mayfair "Blair, I don't know how to say it, there's been a mistake, a horrible mistake, well horrible doesn't even describe this situation"

"What happened?" asked Eleanor.

"Is something wrong with my daughter?" asked Harold.

"I… well, we… we believe that Blair might be carrying Mr. and Mrs. Bass baby, we thing you're pregnant Blair." Said Doctor Mayfair.

All that Blair, Eleanor and Harold could say was "What".

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