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"So what did the doctor say?" asked Penelope watching Georgina entering the living room.

"He said I'm fine now" responded Georgina "I don't have to use this hideous medical collar anymore" putting said article over the couch "thank God it's been two and a half torturous months"

"That's good news G" replied Penelope "but… what are you going to do next? You think Bart can be more dangerous that this?"


"… and now" explained the Doctor "all that we have to do is to put this Miss Sparks" arranging the collar around Georgina's neck "and you're all set, then you have to rest for the next couple of weeks until our next appointment, it shouldn't be a problem but if you feel any pain you can take this" said the Doctor extending a prescription "if that doesn't work out give me a call"

"Thank you Doctor" intervened Penelope grabbing the paper "I'll help her" then Penelope waited for the Doctor to leave the room and continued "What happened?"

"I don't know exactly but I have a pretty good idea who is behind this" explained Georgina.

"Oh… you don't think this was an accident?" exclaimed Penelope.

"Please this has written Bass all over it" began Georgina "I was on my way to see Chuck, it's been a week and he hasn't even look for me so I decided to pay him a visit so I was driving then out of the blue a car hit me on the back, nothing big… though my cervical is in so much pain and I can't move…"

"Mr. Bass" interrupted Penelope observing the man entering Georgina's room "what are you…"

"It's ok Penelope, I was expecting this anyway, leave us alone" commented Georgina.

"Sure" whispered Penelope emptying the room.

"I'm going to say this once Georgina" said Bart threatening "Stay away of my business and my son, you'd find I can be very persuasive when I need something to be the way I want… and if you ever tried to contact Charles or any other member of my family again… well you know accidents do happen, do they not?"

When Bart was reaching the door Georgina mentioned "You can't hide it forever Bart" before the senior Bass exited the room.


"Of course he can be more dangerous than this, that's why I need to be extra careful in my next move" informed Georgina.

"Do you… have a plan already?" probed Penelope.

"Yes, and Chuck won't even see me coming" responded Georgina.

"What are…" started Penelope but

Georgina interrupted her "You know perfect timing is everything… right now little Snow White it's being guarded on bed rest by her dwarfs taking care of her and neglecting Prince charming, it's time for me to steal him, this should be easy"

"Whatever you say G" retorted Penelope looking at Georgina's smirk.

"I'm assuming everything went well yesterday with Doctor Mayfair's appointment or we wouldn't be here right now" pointed Serena now that she and Blair where about to enjoy lunch at The Russian Tea Room.

"Yes everything it's fine like it was the first appointment, and the second, and the third and the…" hissed Blair.

"Ok I take it Chuck's been a little overprotected" mocked Serena.

"A little?" exclaimed Blair "And it's not only Chuck, my mom too, both of them are driving me crazy S, I swear the triplets will be born with a serious case of neurosis if they don't stop now" assured Blair.

"That's only because they care" affirmed the blonde "because all of us care"

"I know and I really appreciate it" retorted Blair "but last month Doctor Mayfair said I could do stuff, I could go out cautiously though but no, nothing, they haven't allowed me to do anything, how am I here today it's still a mystery to me" grabbing the menu.


"What are you doing? Where do you think you're going?" exclaimed Chuck seeing how Blair was trying to sit up from bed.

"I need to go to the bathroom" informed Blair "What? Are you planning on doing that for me too" fumed Blair taking Chuck's offering hands to stand up.

"I'm sorry I know I've been a little bit overdoing" relented Chuck "but Doctor Mayfair said you need to rest and do not even the minimum effort"

"Yes you're right, I shouldn't have…" mumbled Blair but her voice was becoming weak.

"Shhh" replied Chuck now hugging her kissing her hair, then he pulled away to put a butterfly kiss on her lips sweetly to silence her "now go" murmured Chuck freeing her pointing to the bathroom.

Moments later Eleanor crossed the door with a platter on her hands "Where's Blair? What's wrong? Did something happen to her?" asked Eleanor alarmed now that she noticed Blair wasn't on the bed.

"No of course not" responded Chuck promptly "she's in the bathroom"

"Good" retorted Eleanor "I just brought her this" informed him putting the tray over Blair's dressing table with some fresh fruit, cranberry juice and Blair's pre-natal vitamins.

"Oh mom you shouldn't have" mentioned Blair emerging the bathroom.

"Nonsense darling, it's time" said Eleanor handing Blair the medicines.

"Thank you" murmured Blair after swallowing the pills.

"How are you dear? How have you been feeling today?" requested Eleanor watching Chuck helping Blair getting into bed again.

"I'm great mom" replied Blair "though I'm not hungry" eyeing the bowl of fresh fruit.

"What do you mean you are not hungry? Blair darling, you have to eat this is good for you and the babies sweetie" explained Eleanor her voice sounded concerned not reprimanding.

"I know mom it's just that Chuck…" began Blair.

"Yes Eleanor" intervened Chuck "I made her eat an omelet just half an hour ago, I made sure of it"

"Well that's wonderful news" contested Eleanor "in that case I will have Dorota to make that 'kotlet schabowy'* you love so much for dinner, after all it would be a waste not to open that brut rose you brought Charles" because let's be serious that was her favorite.

"Thank you Eleanor" mentioned Chuck watching her leave the room then he added "I think she's starting to like me".

"Please" scoffed Blair "I hope you're not buying her, she doesn't like you" continued Blair with a huge grind on her face "she's just happy she doesn't have to carry me herself downstairs now that you do all that work for her, you're aware I can walk perfectly fine, right?"

"Oh I know" conceded Chuck "but why denied me the pleasure to carry you around"

"Everywhere?" asked Blair.

"What?" frowned Chuck "I didn't take you to the bathroom" added on his defense.

"No, but you carried me to downstairs and back, to Doctor Mayfair's office, to the Lamaze classes and…" pointed Blair.

"Hush… now what movie are we going to see?" asked Chuck.


"So what's next? Roman Holiday or Charade?" asked Chuck pulling out Breakfast at Tiffany's.

"Ugh nothing" hissed Blair "I can't watch anything anymore" continued complaining Blair from her bed "I just want to go out, to breathe some fresh air"

"Blair" said Chuck walking towards her bed "you know what Doctor Mayfair said" now lying next to her on bed.

"Yes but she also said" replied Blair "I could go out if I didn't walk much, please… just a round to Central Park… on your limo and I won't even complain when you carry me this time, please, please, I can't be on this bed anymore" pleaded Blair.

"And what about…" offered Chuck kissing her lips "if (putting a kiss on her jaw) I (placing another kiss down her throat) make (another kiss) you (kiss) a (kiss) better (kiss) offer (kiss)"

"Mmm… I think I like this option more" relented Blair holding him closer to her now ready to kiss him on the lips.

"See" began Chuck after they had to pull away to take some air "I knew I could convince you" then he kissed her again but this time they were interrupted by someone clearing its throat and Chuck tried to sit up swiftly.

"Ahem" exclaimed Eleanor "I just wanted to see if you need anything" explained Blair's mother to the couple caught red handed on the bed.

"Oh no thank you mom, I'm good" expressed Blair.

"Yes I can see that" replied Eleanor serious.

"And I think" intervened Chuck "that trip to Central Park it's not such a bad idea after all, I'll bring the limo around" informed Chuck walking out of the room to make the call.

"Blair darling" started Eleanor now taking the place Chuck was sat just seconds ago "I know Charles and you are close, I just never realized how close you were, I think we need to talk"

"Ewwwww, mom, no, please" yelled Blair "and I think we had that conversation a few years ago"

"I'm aware of that… it's just I wouldn't like to see you get hurt or doing things you're not ready for…" explained Eleanor.

"Mom, don't worry" said Blair "we are taking it slow, besides Chuck would never press me to do anything I wouldn't want to" and it wasn't needless to say she found herself very horny these days and she did want things to happen but Chuck was refusing her he explained her this was for hers and the babies' sake although not completely thank God Chuck was very experience and had magical finger and that tongue, ok Blair stop that thought or you're getting yourself horny in this moment…

"The limo is waiting" informed Chuck re-entering Blair's room.

"Good, I think it's nice for you to take some fresh air darling" conceded Eleanor observing how careful was being Chuck lifting Blair into his arms.

"Are you ready?" asked Chuck now that he had Blair up, he didn't want her to do anything not even walk if with that he could prevent whatever might happen.

"Oh yes I'm ready" offered Blair looking into his brown eyes with all the lust she was feeling now after remembering how he could make her feel.


"Blair" admonished Chuck they were on the limo and the sight of Central Park long forgotten from Blair's mind she was kissing his neck "stop it now" seriously he was starting to lose control.

"No I want you" demanded Blair.

"You know we can't" tried to explained Chuck but Blair wasn't hearing any of it instead she was pulling him closer to her.

"Please" whispered Blair and that was all it took to convince him, so he kissed her passionately on the lips, and take a trip down her body, first her neck, her arm then he let himself to lose under her skirt…


"Oh Blairbear, what's wrong? Why are you crying? Are you in pain?" asked Harold entering his daughter room and seeing Blair with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"No it's just…" began Blair turning the tv off "Katherine was in love with Stephan but now he's in love with Elena, and also Damon, Stephan's big brother was in love with Katherine but she rejected him and then he was starting to fall in love with Elena and went to look for her and she rejected him too, it's just so sad, damn vampires why can't they just make up their minds"

"Well sweetie" offered Harold "love is not something you can control, either you feel it or not… and the heart wants what the heart wants"

"I guess you're right daddy, I just don't get why loving someone has to be so difficult" replied Blair.

"Are we still talking about vampires?" questioned Harold.

"Daddy…I…" whispered Blair.

"You know he loves you… even I can see it, you sure must feel it" affirmed Harold.

"I know how he feels about me, but why he can't tell me" mentioned Blair.

"Maybe… because someone ask him not to do so" provided Harold.

"That never stop him before" retorted Blair.

"Sweetheart, both of you have been under a lot of pressure and stress this past months, now the Doctor Mayfair said everything was going well as it should be, you both can relax and talk about it, perhaps he's probably waiting for the right time to say it" explained Blair's father.

"I suppose you're right… why are you always so wise daddy?" expressed Blair.

"Oh Blairbear" exclaimed Harold.


"Stop it" said Blair.

"Stop what?" asked Eleanor, both of them were watching a re-run of Project Runaway but since the last commercial Blair could feel her mother observing her instead of the tv and that was very unusual on the eldest Waldorf.

"All the staring" informed Blair.

"Why? Is it wrong for a mother to observe her beautiful daughter? Since when is that a crime?" responded Eleanor.

"No it's not… wait… did you just say I'm beautiful?" articulated Blair.

"Of course you are" assured Eleanor "I'm so sorry darling if I never told you this before… you're absolutely the most beautiful and marvelous girl I've ever seen"

"Thank you mom" replied Blair with her eyes watering.

Then they continued to watch the rest of the episode with Eleanor looking now at the clock every two minutes.

"Mom is there something wrong? Do you have some errands to do?" asked Blair.

"No darling of course not, I told you I'm not going anywhere" contested Eleanor.

"Mom I get it, if you have things to do you can go out, just because I can't doesn't mean you…" commented Blair but they were interrupted by Dorota.

"Mrs. Waldorf, Miss Laurel for you" informed their maid.

"Thank you Dorota please send her up" ordered Eleanor.

"Yes Mrs. Waldorf" answered Dorota leaving the room.

"Laurel is here?" questioned Blair "I thought she was in Milan getting everything ready for the fall-winter fashion show"

"Well she was… until two weeks ago, I had an important task for her then so she came back to help me so I could take care of you dear" explained Eleanor.

"Oh…" whispered Blair "so what was so important you have to bring her from Milan"

"You'll find out soon I guess" responded Eleanor as in cue Laurel was crossing the door into Blair's room.

"Eleanor, Blair, so good to see you" mentioned Laurel.

"It's good to see you too" said Blair while behind Laurel two girls were entering the room carrying what Blair presumed were dresses inside the black bags "what's with all of this? Mom what's going on?"

"This…" started Eleanor "it's a surprise for you" grabbing one of the bags and opening them to show Blair the new designs she made for her daughter.

"Mother" exclaimed Blair while Laurel and the girls were doing the same "this dresses are amazing, they're incredible"

"What can I say? You have always been my best advertising darling, so I got inspired and here they are… just for you" assured Elenaor.

"Oh mom thank you, thank you, thank you" yelled Blair hugging her mother on appreciation "I love you mommy"

"And I love you too baby" returned Eleanor "now it's time for you to put on show for us, don't you think?"


"Hello Earth calling Blair" exclaimed Serena trying to grab Blair's attention.

"Oh sorry I was just…" began Blair.

"Yeah, yeah, I know" finished Serena.

"May I take your order?" asked them their waiter.

"Yes please" contested Serena "I want the Kulebiaka without the mushrooms"

"I'll have the Boeuf Stroganoff" added Blair.

"Right away ma'am" replied the waiter walking away.

"So I heard you gave Eric the green light on the photoshoot thing" commented Serena.

"Yes of course, Doctor Mayfair said it shouldn't be any problem, so I told Eric yes, besides next week I'm reaching the seven months mark so I figured it was time to do so before this babies pop out of me" answered Blair.

"Wow so soon? Are you sure?" exclaimed Serena.

"Yes S, Doctor Mayfair explained us yesterday that in this type of pregnancy the babies are expecting to be born around week 32 and I'm around 30 so you do the maths" informed Blair.

"OMG I can't wait for the triplets to be born now" giggled Serena.

"Yeah me neither" relented Blair.

"Oh Serena, Blair darling, how was your lunch girls?" asked Eleanor when the BFFs climbed out of the elevator into the Waldorf penthouse.

"It was great Eleanor but since we can't do shopping we just settle for a movie instead" replied the blonde girl.

"Yes apparently it's all I can do now" commented Blair a little bitter.

"Oh dear don't make that face, and I have good news for you, Charles is already on the media room waiting for you" informed Eleanor.

"Thank you mother" responded Blair pulling Serena with her towards the media room.

"Hello beautiful" greeted Chuck the instant Blair crossed the door and put a kiss on her lips.

"Hello to you too handsome" mumbled Blair after their kiss.

"Nate? What are you doing in here?" exclaimed Serena noticing the blonde boy on the couch.

"I told you I would bring something" said Chuck contesting Blair silence question.

"What? You ran out of pop corns?" mumbled Blair against Chuck's lips.

"Oh you two cut it out" screamed Nate "let's watch the movie"

"So which one did you bring?" asked Serena since both brunettes were ignoring them.

"Well since I know you have a thing for Robert Downey Jr. I brought 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'Iron Man 2' so take a pick" offered Nate.

"Why thank you, and since I also have a thing for Jude Law let's start with 'Sherlock Holmes' then we can watch Scarlett Johansson kicking some asses" relented Serena.

"That works for me" articulated Nate.

Then the four of them had a great time watching the movies, and Serena being Serena started a pop corn battle, then Dorota make for them some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the girls finished with the last box of Godiva's truffles Blair had.

"Mister Chuck, good you here, Miss Blair bad mood" informed Dorota the moment Chuck stepped out of the elevator the next morning.

"Thank you Dorota, let me see what I can do about it" replied Chuck taking the stairs.

"What are you doing here?" hissed Blair coming out of her bathroom watching the intruder seating on her bed.

"Well good morning to you too 'pumpkin'" replied Chuck.

"Don't call me that, and seriously what are you doing here?" repeated Blair with the same angry tone.

"Wow someone got off with the wrong foot this morning" commented Chuck.

"Well in order to do so I would have to be allowed to get off the bed on the first place, wouldn't I?" retorted Blair coldly.

"Blair" exclaimed Chuck.

"Is there something you wanted it?" intervened Blair before Chuck could lecture her again.

"Yes I noticed how my little sis finished your stash of Godiva, so I brought you something" explained Chuck while offering Blair a familiar box.

"Mmm… I noticed too" mumbled Blair still annoyed.

"Ok, I'll go I have a meeting and I can' be late" informed Chuck standing up in front of Blair.

"Do I look like I care?" murmured Blair unanimated.

"Fine I'll go now…" began Chuck walking away then he turned back coming near Blair.

"Did you forget something?" asked Blair kinda upset.

"Yes I forgot to tell you…" then he grabbed her and kissed her passionately and when he felt Blair starting to relax he pulled away "I'll be back later" hearing Blair whining about the abrupt separation of their lips.

"Whatever" yelled Blair watching Chuck leaving the room but now a huge smile on her face.

"…thank you Matthew, now Brandon how are we going with the new night club?" asked Chuck.

"Good Mr. Bass, we got the deal, we're signing the papers next Friday" responded Brandon.

"Ok, now Alysson how are the negotiations with Mr. Aranda?" demanded Chuck.

"We're doing fine Mr. Bass, in fact next week I'm flying to Madrid to settle things with Mr. Aranda" explained Alysson.

"That's great Alysson, and Freddy what about the new contract with Mr. Amato the contact from Egypt?" commented Chuck.

"Well Mr. Amato is thrilled to make business with you again Mr. Bass" expressed Freddy.

"Good so am I" relented Chuck "So Ben, what about…" but he was interrupted by the door opening showing his secretary.

"Cindy I remember telling you not to disturb us" said Chuck.

"I know Mr. Bass, but this is an emergency" replied Cindy swiftly before her boss got the chance to rip her head off.

"Is there something wrong with Blair?" asked Chuck while his heart started raising its beats.

"No this has to do with Victrola" said Cindy "it's been a fire on the VIP room Mr. Bass"

"Thank you Cindy, now get the limo ready I'll be out in five" order Chuck.

"Of course Mr. Bass" conceded Cindy leaving the room.

"So you sure nothing else happened" demanded Chuck while talking to the person responsible of the fire department.

"Yes Mr. Bass the fire has been controlled, we have yet to determine what cause it" informed the man.

"Thank you, I'll be in my office so when you found out please let me know" replied Chuck before walking away.

"What are you doing here?" hissed Chuck opening the door to his office.

"Hello to you too Charles" responded a female voice.


* Kotlet schabowy is a typical Polish main course for the Sunday dinner. This traditional breaded pork cutlet is a tasty choice anytime and anywhere in Poland. Quite similar to Austrian Wiener Schnitzel, it is usually served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. In some restaurants it can also be accompanied with pickled cucumbers (gherkins) or beetroot salad.