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Eight years later…

"I'm home Mrs. Bass" Chuck greeted his wife holding her from behind kissing her neck once he found her in the kitchen their kids MIA.

"That's great news Mr. Bass… I really missed you" Blair said resting her head against Chuck's shoulder and pushing away the empty thrash and the spoon.

"Good because I missed you too" Chuck relented still kissing Blair's neck making her moan "where are the kids?"

"Oh you know, they took off after their father and they really enjoy being in the rooftop" Blair complained.

"Well I think the swimming pool has more to do with that fact than really just have a thing for rooftops" Chuck explained.

"I think that's more likely" Blair whispered biting her lips trying not to groan at Chuck's ministrations.

"Was that ice-cream?" Chuck asked noticing the thrash for the first time.

"Yes it was... is that a problem?" Blair mumbled.

"No, not at all… I was just trying to remember when was the last time you ate ice-cream and you ate hamburgers?" Chuck exclaimed.

"Yes after I left the office and went to pick up the kids from school I was craving this huge hamburger so we went to eat them" Blair informed "and how do you know? Did your princess call you?"

"No my 'Queen', this time it was one of your precious boys… Chester" Chuck said, now his hands were exploring Blair's body

"Oh! He was really fond of the fries" Blair articulated… barely.

"Yes he was absolutely fascinated by them" Chuck commented. "Is Dorota with them?"

"Of course, our kids decided to throw a party and invited all of their cousins" Blair said now turning around to properly kiss her husband after all the previous foreplay.

"So Serena really brought little Anne Lillian?" Chuck exclaimed grabbing Blair and lifting her on top of the kitchen counter and she quickly hooked her legs around Chuck's waist.

After pulling away for air she answered "You know Serena can barely move, Nate brought her, poor S this second pregnancy really has her all exhausted thank god she can go into labor any of this days" working with the buttons of Chuck's shirt.

"I really think my mom is right and they're having a boy this time… I still find ridiculous they want to be a surprise… again" Chuck exclaimed while removing Blair's garter, he adored Blair's stockings but in moments like this they were really annoying.

"You know S, she loves this, she says it's fun not knowing… I could never do that" Blair groaned feeling how Chuck was pulling off her thong and she hurried up to unzipped Chuck's pants "I like to be in control".

"I can see that" Chuck chucked noticing the lust in Blair's eyes "and Eric brought the twins?"

"Yes on his way to the gallery he brought little Taylor and Tyler… isn't it wonderful they could adopt the babies after all?" Blair asked, but her mind was really concentrated on Chuck kissing her neck and his grand grabbing and rubbing her tights.

"I'm so glad for my brother, Elliot and he really deserve to have those kids with them… and Anna is with them too?" Chuck whispered in Blair's ear giving her a little love bite making her moan.

"Yes, yes, yes" Blair groaned feeling Chuck's finger touching her most secret spot "Yes Chace asked Dorota to bring Anastasia too" Blair could finally add.

"Looks like someone's ready" Chuck observed.

"Stop teasing me you Basshole" Blair playfully smacked Chuck's chest then grab him and kissed him wildly.

Chuck had no choice so he relented and plunged into her. They used to make love all over the penthouse, of course when the children weren't there, but something about Blair's urgency left Chuck questioning himself. This time their love making was wild, rough, full of passion and electricity, no that other times weren't like that it was just this time for some reason it felt different… better, more especial. After a few more thrusts, moans, love bites, and possibly some scratches on Chuck's back, they both reached their picks and came together resting their heads in each other's shoulders, they wait to recover their breaths.

"Wow that was…" Chuck began after he found his voice again.

"Incredible" Blair sighed.

"Yes… and different" Chuck continued.

"You felt it too?" Blair exclaimed.

Chuck nodded "What was that?"

"I don't… know, it reminded me of something but I can't remember what" Blair said, Chuck tried to pull away but Blair didn't allow it "Where are you going?"

"To collect evidence" Chuck responded looking down at Blair's missing thong scared on the floor, Blair unhooked her legs and let Chuck go "we don't want the kids or anyone else seeing this right?" Chuck added toying with the thong and waving it before Blair she tried to reach for it but Chuck put it on his pocket winking at Blair.

"Fine" Blair hissed pushing him away and climbing down the kitchen counter then added "Do you want something to eat"

"Why? I already had dessert" Chuck affirmed "no thank you, today we finally signed the deal with…"

"Mr. Abrams said yes!" Blair exclaimed.

"Yes we closed the deal, my dad was there so went out to eat to celebrate" Chuck explained.

"Congratulations Mr. Bass! I knew you would do it" Blair murmured and then kissed Chuck again with wanton.

"Mmm… someone really missed me" Chuck mentioned before lifting Blair again, she hooked her legs around his waist like a natural reflection "why don't we take this to the bedroom? I'd hate to be interrupt…

Blair didn't even bother to answer she was so busy kissing more like ravishing Chuck.

"How was your day?" Chuck finally asked, they were enjoying the bliss of their post coital glow in each other arms, three rounds on a row mind you.

"Exhausting" Blair sighed playing with Chuck's chest hair "Leyla and I are seriously considering hiring two more people for our Law Firm" Leyla was a good friend of Blair during law school after she finished Columbia and now they were partners on their new law firm.

"Even though I hate seeing you so overwhelmed with work" Chuck commented holding Blair closer if that was even possible "that's great news, you ladies are expending".

"Tell me about it, after last month that we won the Moore case, we got buried on more papers and cases than ever, we surely need the help" Blair explained, her hand kept her way down Chuck's body.

Chuck was drawing little nothings on Blair's back "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"You're doing it right now" Blair confessed her hand now more close to Chuck's low abdomen.

"Mmm… someone seems insatiable tonight" Chuck mumbled rolling Blair underneath him.

"Are you… complaining?" Blair groaned Chuck was sucking that spot on her neck that set her on fire.

"Not at all…" Chuck whispered then he suddenly stopped.

"What? … what's wrong?" Blair immediately exclaimed noticing Chuck going rigid.

"I just… I think the last time you were this insatiable… you were pregnant with the triplets" Chuck said.

Blair didn't say anything for a few seconds, she was contemplating the idea, trying to remember when was the last time she had her period, though Chuck seemed pretty sure about her condition and then she spoke "Do you… do you think I'm pregnant?"

"Why else would you explain your cravings?" Chuck chuckled reminding his beautiful pregnant wife about her previous junk-food immersion.

"O.M.G. I'm pregnant" Blair almost yelled looking at Chuck's eyes they were sparkling, happy, she was kinda shocked still.

"I think we're pregnant Mrs. Bass" Chuck stated kissing Blair's lips with passion.

After they had to break their kiss for the almost need oxygen to keep breathing "Chuck we can't be sure until I take at least one pregnancy test…" Blair protested she didn't want to get her hopes up and then be disappointed, they weren't planning on getting pregnant again, at least not right now, but she certainly would be sad now if she really wasn't and she knew Chuck was feeling the same way.

"There's only one way to make sure you really are pregnant love" Chuck mumbled between butterflies' kisses all over Blair's body and like that he buried deep inside her.

"I'm_going_to_make_an_appointment_with_Dr._Mayfair_first_thing_in_the_morning..." Blair managed to say between pants and groans and moans keeping up with Chuck's pace and rhythm.

"Omg I can't believe it! I can't wait to give the news to everyone" Blair said facing Chuck once they got out of Dr. Mayfair's office once again.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you" Chuck said kissing Blair then he lifted her and span her around.

"Chuck!" Blair exclaimed "put me down"

"No, I just want everyone to see how happy I am we're having a baby" Chuck mentioned putting Blair down, maybe she wasn't feeling well "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Chuck" Blair assured him kissing his lips sweetly "you just got me by surprised…" Blair took Chuck's face between her hands "I'm perfectly fine I swear" she remembered now how overprotective Chuck could be regarding her health.

"Okay…" Chuck kissed Blair again and the added "we have to tell the triplets first"

"I know" Blair agreed "I was thinking maybe taking them to the zoo, if they don't take the news too well, we could always bribe them, I think your princess might not like it"

"I'm sure she's going to love the news as well as your little angels, but someone is totally going to use this to her advantage and get the pony she wanted" Chuck expressed.

"Oh, 'butterfly' is going directly to the Hamptons house, is the barn ready?" Blair pointed.

"Yes since last week, now her highness can ask for whatever she wants" Chuck assured his wife.

"Good, I don't want my baby girl "fake-sobbing" for butterfly again, how did she even picked that na…" Blair was telling Chuck about the last time they went to the zoo and Chelsea saw the pony and named her 'butterfly' and throw a tantrum because she couldn't take the animal home when someone interrupted them.

"Chuck? Blair? How do you guys got so fast in here? I just talked to Lilly and Dorota" Nate asked them.

"Blair thank god you're here, I'm scared" Serena said hurrying to hug Blair.

"S, calm down, I'm here, what's wrong?" Blair murmured holding the blonde back.

"My water broke and we came here as soon as possible, but I didn't remember the contractions being this pai…" Serena stopped talking feeling a contracting hitting her again and turned to talk to Nate and scream "this is the last time you idiot".

"Of course baby! You mentioned that twice on our way here" Nate calmed relented taking Serena's arm to support her "come, they are waiting for you" helping her to move.

"Blair aren't you coming?" Serena turned back after a few steps noticing the brunette wasn't by her side.

"Yeah, yeah of course" Blair responded smiling at Serena, then the blonde began walking away again and Blair turned to see her husband "Shut up!" smacking playfully Chuck's chest trying to erase the grin on his face "that's going to be me in seven months" Blair groaned.

"And you're going to be the most beautiful grumpy pregnant woman I've ever seen" Chuck assured her "I love you".

Blair couldn't help but melt to her husband's sweet words "I love you too" kissing him again passionately.

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