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So here I give you 'The Epilogue' of The Beauty of His Eyes.

EPILOGUE: A glimpse into the future...


8 years later...

Some people may think I'm an unlucky man; an incomplete and disabled person.

They may be right in the disability part, but not in the incomplete and lucky part.

I can definitely say I'm one of the luckiest men in the world. How could I not be? If I have everything I dreamt of, a family and they all make me immensely happy, complete. I have a job that makes me feel accomplished, what else could I ask for?

I sat on the piano bench waiting for one of the most important persons in my life to speak. He told me to stay quiet and let him introduce me, I, of course, agreed.

"Hello, I'm Charles Masen. You all know me by Charlie," my son spoke. "I want you all to meet my dad, his name is Edward Masen."

Charlie, my wonderful five-year-old son. Everyone said he looked just like me, he had my same hair, my same eyes, but in personality he was more like Bella. I could testify to that. He wasn't as shy as her, but he was a book-lover, and the kindest kid I've ever met.

Bella and I married just a couple of months after I proposed. We couldn't wait to make it official and we wanted to do it before she came to live to New York with me.

My mom, being the wonderful and creative woman she is made it all happen. Within a couple of months she had helped Bella and me find a condo to start our lives together in New York, a generous wedding-gift from her and my father; and she had planned the entire thing.

Our wedding wasn't big, but it was beautiful nonetheless. There were happy tears, laughs, music, celebration, and the most important thing it was the day Bella became Mrs. Masen. We got married in Seattle, at the beach, right next to our bench, the bench we shared our first kiss at.

My mom had made sure that the tents were heated, which was good as the weather had become colder by the day. Everything was just so perfect. I couldn't have asked for more really.

Unlike many people would have believed, we didn't have a honeymoon right away, instead deciding to fly to New York the very next day and spend the couple of days I had free in our new place, making it ours, decorating and just being lazy and in love.

Two years later, right after Bella finished her degree she decided she was going to stop working at the studio she had been at and became a freelance photographer, which was a good idea as ten months later Charlie was born. I was there by Bella's side when I heard his cries for the first time. I felt like I was going to burst in happiness, and when the doctor placed him on my arms and I got to touch him for the first time, make sure he was all complete, ten fingers and ten toes, eyes, nose, ears, lips, I was the happiest man alive. I was a father; and when I cooed to him he stopped crying and in return it was me who cried, I was over the moon.

"Say hello to Mr. Masen kids," The teacher said softly, taking me away from memory line.

"Hellooooo, Mr. Masen," The kids all said in unison.

"Hello." I waved and chuckled.

"My dad is a pianist. That means he plays the piano. He makes his own music too and orchestras around the world play his compositions. Right dad?"

"Yes." I nodded.

"Ohhhh..." All the kids said at the same time.

I chuckled again. These kids were just too cute. I knew some of them. Charlie was a friendly kid and would invite a friend or two to our home, from time to time.

"What's wrong Julie?" The teacher asked.

"Can I ask a question to Mr. Masen?" The voice of a little girl said.

"Is it okay, Mr. Masen?" the teacher asked me.

"Sure," I agreed. "Ask away."

"Okay Julie, ask Mr. Masen your question."

"Mr. Masen, is it true that you can't see?" she asked innocently.

"Julie..." The teacher started saying.

"It's okay Mrs. Summers, I don't mind," I said honestly. I knew children liked to ask a lot of questions, Charlie was a big example of that, and me being a little different than their own parents made them be curious, so I didn't mind.

"I'm blind Julie," I said slowly. "So I can't see anything."

"Why?" The voice of a boy asked.

"Because..." I was starting to say until my son interrupted me as he tugged on my button-up shirt.

"Can I tell your story dad?" Charlie pleaded.

I nodded. "Go ahead son."

"When my dad was little, like me, he sneaked out of his home," Charlie said seriously. "He crossed the street without looking and was hit by a car..."

"Ohhhhh..." I could hear the surprise on some kids.

"...he was in the hospital for a long time! Like a lot! He didn't wake up for weeks!" Charlie continued.

I shook my head. Charlie always liked to put extra drama in his stories. I had been in a coma for a week, I had told him the story many times, but he liked to stretch the truth a little bit, and I was not going to put him out in front of his classmates.

"So when he woke up," Charlie said. "He couldn't see anymore."

"Ahhhhh..." The kids sighed.

"My dad learned to play the piano after that, and now he is a really wonderful piano-player! He is a teacher at Julliard too, he is awesome."

And I had to smile at that, it always made my heart bit faster when he spoke that way about me.

My boy was proud of me, and I couldn't even begin to explain how good that made me feel. I'm not going to lie, I worried about being a dad; not knowing if I would be good at taking care of my children, or if they would even look up to me or they would be embarrassed that they had a blind dad.

I had to thank God all my worries were unfounded. If I was sure of something it was the love and respect of my children towards me. They and their mom were my everything.

"That's why I brought him here today so you could all meet him. And we are in the music room because my dad is going to play something for all of us too," Charlie ended his story.

"Very good, Charlie," the teachers said. "Now kids would any of you like to ask a question to Charlie's dad?"

I could hear the teacher chuckling. "You're a popular one, Mr. Masen I hadn't seen so many raised hands in a long time."

I smiled and so the questions began.

They were kids and of course they were more curious about me being blind than me playing piano. They asked me if I could drive, if I could walk alone, they were surprised to know I could cook and laughed when I told them that I could clean too but faked I couldn't so I wouldn't have to do it.

At the end I did play them some songs, they were all so encouraging, clapping and telling Charlie how 'cool' his dad was. I couldn't see it, but I could feel Charlie's happiness, and that made me happy.

"Thanks for going with me to my school, dad," Charlie said as we made our way home.

"No problem baby, anytime," I said

"I'm not a baby dad!" Charlie whined.

"You will always be my baby, Charlie. Always," I said while I ruffled his hair, he chuckled and tighten the hold his hand had on mine.

New York was a big city, but with the years I had been able to learn how to travel by myself, the public transportation system was really good and I found myself traveling in the subway more times than not, cane in hand. But whenever I had any of my children with me I had to be extra cautious making sure to have them by my side at all times. Thankfully they were good kids and always followed the rules.

Charlie and I walked towards home, as it was actually only a five-minute walk from his school. As always Charlie begged me to let him open the door and as always I relented and waited patiently until Charlie was able to unlock one of the locks that lead to our town-house.

After Bella got pregnant with our second child we decided to move from our condo. We needed a bigger place, besides we knew just as when Charlie was born, that my parents would be here for a couple of months enjoying their new grandchild, we really needed the extra space. When Bella was in her second trimester we finally found our five-bedroom, four-bath, two-story town-house, in the upper-east side of New York. It had been pricy, but so worth it.

As we walked inside our home I heard Bella speaking softly. "He is here, B."

I heard her footsteps before I heard her voice. They were so small but so clear I knew she was coming straight towards me.

"Dad...ddyyyyyyy..." My baby girl hiccupped as she wrapped her arms on my leg.

"What is wrong princess?" I asked as I quickly unwrapped her arms from my leg so I could pick her up in my arms, making sure she was okay. I touched her hair, her face, which was all wet with tears, her arms and legs making sure there was nothing broken, she was fine as far as I could tell, so I knew whatever happened was not physical.

"Mo...mo...mommy!" she sobbed as she placed her little face on my shoulder.

"Awww B, what's wrong?" Charlie asked and I could feel his hands in his little sister's back.

"Chawwyy momma is m...ad... wi me..." Beth cried some more.

"Hello my beautiful men," Bella said, her voice sounded more tired than ever, my poor Bella.

"Hey mom!" Charlie said and I could hear him running towards her.

"Hey sweetie, how was school today?"

"It was so cool mom! Everyone loved dad," Charlie said excitedly and I had to smile at that.

"I bet they did, your dad is awesome," Bella said, a smile in her voice. "Now go to your room and get changed. You can tell me everything about school at dinner, okay?"

"Okay mom!" Charlie said as I heard his steps walking towards the stairs.

"Hey baby," Bella said softly.

"Hey sweetheart," I said as I puckered my lips.

Bella giggled and made her way towards me and placed a chaste kiss on my lips. I then placed my free hand on her swollen belly and smiled; another baby girl on the way. I couldn't be more excited about having another child with my Bella. She was just the most wonderful mother and wife. I loved her and my children more than anything. They were the light in my heart.

Bella still worked freelance, but as of lately she had been more involved with some charities, doing volunteer work for them in their ad campaigns. I was so very proud of her, she was doing something she loved and that was all I ever wanted her to do.

"Love what happened?" I asked motioning towards Beth, who had already calmed some but still kept whimpering.

"Beth is in one of her moods," Bella said as she moved and I knew she had gone to take a seat on the couch. I wrapped both my arms on my little girl and cautiously started walking towards the love-seat.

"We were coming back from the grocery store when we passed the music store around the corner," Bella sighed.

I nodded so she knew I was paying attention, while I sat down.

"Beth asked me to go in for a minute and I agreed. We were looking around, she was so excited. But then she saw this guitar and started asking me to get it for her. I asked the guy to take it down for a bit and he did."

"Okay?" I still didn't understand where this was going.

"But when I told Beth it was time to go home and the guy grabbed the guitar to place it back in the exhibit, Beth started crying, she wanted me to buy her the guitar Edward and of course as soon as I said no she started screaming and asking for you."

"But she has her guitar-toy," I said. "It's her favourite."

"Well," Bella sighed. "It looks like is not enough for her anymore, she wants the real deal."

"You want a guitar princess?" I cooed to my little girl.

"Y..yes," she hiccupped. "Mommy say noooooo..." She went into bawling mode again, it broke my heart to hear my baby cry.

Elizabeth Joy Masen, my little musical girl. She was three years old, and she had Bella's brown hair, that's what everyone said anyways, but she, as Charlie, had my eyes. Bella and I had named her after my mom, who of course burst into tears when we told her about it, but we called her Beth so we didn't mixed the names. She was a total daddy's little girl. Mostly my fault, I spoiled my kids rotten. But what could I say? I loved them so much and sometimes I went overboard.

Something Bella and I agree on though, was that if one of us made a decision the other one had to respect it, or at least not discussed it in front of the kids. So even though I would have gone and bought the guitar for my baby girl right at that time I knew Bella would pull my hair out one by one if I did. So the only thing I could do was just hug my baby and calm her down.

"By the way, Beth is grounded," Bella added. "She can't hear you play tonight."

Beth, that had been quiet for a bit, started crying again and clutched my shirt in her tiny hands. "Daddy," she hiccupped between sobs. Every night before going to sleep I would play a song for her in the piano my granddad had given me, it was our daughter-dad-thing, not tonight though.

"I'm sorry baby," I said softly to Beth as I placed a kiss to her head. "But you have to remember to be a good girl for mom. You have to listen to her, and if she says no, its no. Understand?"

She nodded her little head and said a soft. "Yes."

I had to smile at that, my kids, though small, where so good to me. They knew I couldn't see and they had learned to always say the things out loud, not matter what, because I couldn't see their expressions, body language, signs. I needed to touch it or hear it to be able to understand it. Same with the house. They knew not to leave things around, at least not on the floor. They had a designated play-area where they could have everything scattered. Sometimes I felt bad with the restrictions my kids had to live with, but Bella assured me that they were extremely happy kids, which made me feel a little bit better.

Life though full of joy hadn't been always easy. The time right after my surgery had been really hard, but being honest I had never regretted going through with the procedure and I doubted I ever would. I knew now that I had done everything I could, it hadn't work though, but at least I didn't have to live with the 'what if's'.

Every two years or so Carlisle would do my check-ups back at Seattle, but everything was just as it had always been and little by little I had learnt to live with it. I don't think I really started living as much as I did after the surgery failed, after I knew I had to suck it up and keep going or else. I think before that I was just holding onto the hope, waiting for the right time. That time had come and gone though and it didn't return me my sight.

And Bella, my wonderful love, my sweetheart, always by my side, her unconditional love right along with the support of my family and friends had helped me shaped into the man I now was and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Soon enough I was able to feel Beth's chest raising and falling with a steady rhythm, she had fallen asleep.

"She fell asleep," I said softly to my Bella.

"Why don't you go and put her in bed while I cook dinner. I'll let her sleep for half an hour, it has been a long day," Bella sighed.

"Sure love." I smiled.

"I hate to do this, Edward. I don't like her to be mad at me, but..."

I interrupted her before she could continue. It was not her fault.

"Bella, love, you know what Angela said when you called her. Beth is used to being the only girl around. She is acting up a bit now that we know we will have another girl. But she will get use to it, don't worry."

Bella still kept in touch with Dr. Webber, and sometimes when we went to Seattle for a visit she would go and talk to her, have a session of sorts. Sometimes I would go too, talk about what was going on in our lives. Sometimes I would go to talk to Dr. Cheney too.

"I'm just scared that Beth won't get along with her baby sister," Bella said softly, and I could hear it in her voice, she was in the verge of tears.

"Everything will be okay, love," I tried to calmed her down with my words, as my arms were occupied at the moment. "Come on, I'll help you with dinner as soon as I place this princess in bed."

"Ok, baby." Bella sighed and I could feel her coming towards us. I heard her placed a soft kiss on Beth, then she placed a kiss on my cheek.

"I love you, Edward," my love said.

"I love you too, sweetheart, with all my heart." And even though I couldn't see it I knew she was smiling.

"...so Chawy say I can ask Santa!" Beth said excitedly.

"Good idea princess." I nodded.

"I think that's great, my baby," Bella chipped in.

When it was dinner time Bella asked Charlie if he could go and wake Beth from her nap, he agreed and when they both came downstairs 10 minutes later Beth was all overjoyed.

Charlie, being the great big brother he is asked Beth why she was so upset and when she told him he gave her the idea that she could ask Santa Claus for the guitar she wanted. Christmas was just a couple of months away and now Beth couldn't wait.

"By the way kids, guess who is coming to spend Christmas with us?" Bella asked.

I had to smile at that, it was a surprise we had been keeping for a few days, waiting for the perfect time to let the kids know.

"Who coming?" Beth asked.

"Who? My grandpas?" Charlie sounded excited.

Bella had to have nodded because I soon heard Charlie cheer in happiness and Beth clapping her little hands.

"And not just them," I added. "Uncle Em, Aunt Rose and Jackson."

"And aunt Alice, uncle Jasper and the twins," Bella said with joy.

Just a few years back Alice and Jasper had adopted a set of twins that had been taken away by the state when they discovered they were both being neglected at home. Alec and Chelsea were both 4 years old now, and they had been the reason Alice and Jasper finally had decided to get married; if just to be able and adopt the twins. Alice and Jasper never cared for the 'marriage-thing' as they used to call it. They said they loved each other and were committed to be together forever, that a paper didn't mean a thing for them. That of course had changed the day of their wedding when they both confessed that they finally felt more of a unity.

"Are they staying here with us?" Charlie asked.

"Yes." I nodded. "So you and your sister will have to share a room or sleep in our room for a bit, we will arrange that later. We still don't know if Esme and Carlisle will be able to make it, so we'll wait and see," I said.

I, in no way was going to put my family in a hotel, they rarely came to New York at the same time and I really wanted to enjoy them. Most of the time we would just go to Seattle to spend the Holidays, but due to Bella's pregnancy I really didn't want to strain her with the traveling arrangements, besides it was nice to have my family in my own home celebrating Christmas for once.

"Yay!" Beth clapped. "Sleepwover in daddy's and mom's woom!"

"Yeah," Charlie said. "It's going to be so much fun!"

I couldn't wait. Charlie was right, it was going to be really fun.

"She is moving so much tonight," I said as I softly caressed Bella's bare tummy.

"I know, maybe she will be a dancer or something. Maybe a ballerina." Bella sighed, her face in the crock of my neck.

I chuckled. "Maybe, as long as she is healthy and happy I don't mind."

"I'm glad Beth is not mad at me anymore." And I could feel the smile on her lips.

"Of course not, she loves you too much," I told her.

"I know she does," Bella said softy. "And I do too. Charlie, Beth, Lily and you are the most important people in my life."

Lily Hope, that was the name we had chosen for our unborn baby girl.

"I feel the same way love." I placed a kiss on her forehead. "You and my children are my happiness."

"I love you, Edward."

"I love you, sweetheart."

"Forever?" she teased.

"And always," I answer.


"Together," I agreed.

And even though I will always be blind, I know that my future is brighter than the sun, it would always be as long as I have my family, and the love of my life by my side.


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